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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 43

    3 ABRAHAM 43
    or Judith 35

    Judith testifies of Messiah and the love of her husband Abram. The darkness of the marriages of the world.

    1. Now I, Judith, have searched the mystery of Elohim all the days of my life.

    2. And behold, how sweet is His mystery!

    3. I have seen Him with mine own eyes, and seen visions in the night, even to the beholding of the Son whom our descendants shall slay because of their great wickendness.

    4. And O, how my heart grieveth within me that our flesh should one day descend into such hatred and darkness that they would inflict such pain on Him Whom we love!

    5. For I have seen His face and gazed into His heart.

    6. And it is only because of the love that I have found in marriage that I have been able to pierce the veil and behold my Redeemer!

    7. Yea, for a husband in the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage is a shadow or type of the Messiah;

    8. And the Messiah is the revelation of the Father, El Elyon, the greatest of all.

    9. Therefore I rejoice in my husband, who revealeth the Messiah unto me by his righteousness and exceeding great love.....

    14. And I love and adore this holiness wherever I may find it.

    15. Now I have found the holiness and love of Elohim in many souls, and have been greatly blessed, for I have thereby been shown the holiness of Elohim.

    16. Therefore I have sought the holiness of Elohim on my own, as His daughter;

    17. But never have I found a revelation of the greater love save through my husband and my sister-wives;

    18. Therefore through the New and Everlasting Covenant of Patriarchal Marriage have I been able to taste somewhat of the fullness of divine love.

    19. Therefore have I sacrificed everything for it, and I will not exchange it;

    20. For what has light to do with darkness?

    21. And behold, the marriages of the world are as darkness unto me.

    22. Nevertheless, they are light unto those who know not of our mystery.

    23. Therefore I rejoice for them and for the Light of Messiah that they are able to find.

    24. Nevertheless I grieve that they cannot know our great love, nor enter into our fellowship.

    25. Therefore I am alone when I am with them.

    26. Now, after having known such a great and wonderful light, I was thrust into the world, that I might fully comprehend the awfulness of the world.

    27. Therefore when we left the Holy City and entered into the cities of men, was my soul crushed because of the poverty of Light in the world.

    28. And often I wept because of the world.

    29. And were it not for the Great Elohim above, and His Messiah, and my husband Abram, and my sister-wives in the covenant, and for all the saints, would my soul have been utterly destroyed by sorrow.

    30. For we are an exceedingly sensitive people, and will not allow the world to numb our souls.

    31. Therefore I sought out the Assembly of the Firstborn that I might be nourished in the world and not be utterly overwhelmed by it.

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    Author: LThE

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