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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 42

    3 ABRAHAM 42
    or Judith 34

    Judith testifies of her love for Elohim. A psalm of Judith.

    1. And now I, Judith, feel to bless the Name of Elohim Who hath visited me with such great love through the endowments.

    2. And I am bound to my lord Abram as though we were one soul.

    3. And behold, we are one soul, I and my sister-wives with me, even though we are separate.

    4. Therefore I praise my Maker, and sing unto Him the Song of Zion.

    5. Now great is the holines of El Elyon, and glorious is the radiance of His Son!

    6. I have known Him since the days of the Holy City, even unto this day in these my latter years.

    7. Therefore I write a psalm of Judith, that ye may know of my love for Elohim:

    8. "Drops of my blood fell from my bleeding heart upon parchment.

    9. "And I called it my psalm unto El Elyon.

    10. "And I offered it unto Him, and He received it in love.

    11. "He gave me in return the blood of His broken heart to drink, and the bread of His Body.

    12. "And He called it the Word.

    13. "And I received it in love.

    14. "The Saviour took my heart, as one plucketh a flower.

    15. "Yea, He tenderly took my heart in His sacred hand, and crushed it.

    16. "And from its broken petals came the sweet fragrance of my love, the perfume of my worship, and scented His hand.

    17. "But we were His children -- let us suffer for Him, O Elohim!

    18. "We spake as children -- we will never sin nor in any way forsake Him!

    19. "We thought as children -- we will never cleave but to His Light, His love!

    20. "We understood as children -- He is our Saviour and we are His elect.

    21. "But the nails of knowledge already pierced His Holy Heart.

    22. "And He blessed us with His unscarred hands, calling us to His service, His election, to Himself.

    23. "And we sang and we shouted -- and the tears of the Holy Ones fell as rain.

    24. "We left Salem for the world;

    25. "We left the fragrent, fertile fields of home.

    26. "We learned to hurt.

    27. "We learned to weep.

    28. "We learned to be deaf, blind, and numb.

    29. "We ate bitter herbs in the wilderness of our wanderings, scattered in the vain imaginings of our hearts.

    30. "And we were lost.

    31. "But He came and found us, heard our pleadings and our cries.

    32. "Yea, He came unto us in the time of love, and He covered us with the crimson mantle of His love.

    33. "He washed away our filthiness with His tears and anointed our souls with the oil of His own joy: His Holy Glory;

    34. "He names in us His Name, the Word of Love.

    35. "And He called unto His, the Daughter of Zion, the Virgin of Salem, the Bride.

    36. "O, how we loved Thee! Name of the Living Elohim.

    37. "O, how we knelt and kissed Thine unmarked feet.

    38. "We pledged that we would never cause thee pain -- the tears of the Father...fell like dew of rain.

    39. "Never forsaking, we will honour Thee -- prayerful tears fell upon Thy feet, molten tears of the Mothers fell upon Thee.

    40. "And we left Heaven's Light, and we were scattered, in the dreams of the imaginations of our hearts.

    41. "And we erred, and we suffered, and we wandered, and wept.

    42. "And we cried like little children in the night -- and the Father's and Mothers' tears fell with ours, for they knew.

    43. "And Thou camest unto us, and wiped away our tears.

    44. "And we kissed Thy feet.

    45. "And our blindness was healed, and we saw the wounds of our names written in Thy feet.

    46. "And Thou blessed us with Thy wounded hands, and we loved Thee,

    47. "O, how we loved Thee, Name of the Living Elohim!

    48. "He bade us come unto Him, the Holiest of Holies, Most High Son of El Elyon, King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

    49. "And we, seeing, saw Him.

    50. "And we, hearing, heard Him.

    51. "And we, feeling, felt Him in our hearts.

    52. "And we knew Him.

    53. "We gave ourselves unto Him as scented petals at His Holy Feet, pierced with the nails of knowledge.

    54. "And again He blessed us with hands in which our names are forever written.

    55. "And our tears fell as rain, healing the wounding of His Holy Heart.

    56. "O Lord, Husband of the Bride, the Assembly of the Firstborn, O let us come unto Thee;

    57. "O let us come and be endowed of Thee, O Living Bread and Wine;

    58. "Bid us come unto Thee.

    59. "And He said: 'Come. Come, one by one, that each may feel, and see, and hear, and become One, even with they who are forever One.'

    60. "One by one we gathered unto Him, into Eternity."

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