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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 39

    3 ABRAHAM 39
    or Judith 31

    The law of menstruation, or the Days of Preparation.

    1. Therefore was the marriage of Kadar unto my lord Abram consummated, and the light of our household multiplied.

    2. Now behold, we never lay with our clothes upon our bodies when we went up unto our beds; therefore we slept naked.

    3. And before we went up unto our beds we bathed ourselves, every one, and perfumed our bodies, even if our lord did not lie with us;

    4. And this that we might always be prepared for him, just as we are always prepared to receive the Messiah when He cometh, for we know not when He shall dwell upon the earth.

    5. Therefore were we always naked, save in the days of the issue of blood.

    6. And these days we spent alone from our husband, purifying our spirits in prayer and meditation even as our bodies were being purified by the issue of blood.

    7. Therefore it was forbidden by the law that we should be touched in a manner that would arouse the passions;

    8. Therefore the days of bleeding are known amongst us as the Days of Preparation.

    9. And these days are consecrated unto El Elyon, and unto Him alone, when we are upon our beds, that our love for our husband might never grow greater than our love for Elohim.

    10. For with so much love in our family it was often easy to forget the Giver of that love.

    11. Therefore we sister-wives came in especial remembrance before Elohim at this time each month, and at the times established by the law in the hours of daylight;

    12. For we prayed morning, noon, and night, in secret and as a family.

    13. And we also prayed as were moved so upon to do by the Holy Spirit.

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