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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 40

    3 ABRAHAM 40
    or Judith 32

    Abram marries Rea and Rua. The circumstances of their birth. Their psalm of love to Abram.

    1. Now in his twenty-fifth year our lord and husband took unto himself two more wives; and their names were Rea and Rua.

    2. Now Rea and Rua were twins, and in appearance it was hard to tell them apart.

    3. Now Kadar and I were dark-haired and our eyes brown, but Rea and Rua had blonde hair; and their eyes were as blue as the ocean.

    4. Now the bond of love between them was much as the bond between Kadar and I;

    5. Nevertheless they had not entered into the depth of our love and desired it with all their hearts.

    6. Therefore they sought the love of Abram.

    7. Now Rea was the quieter of the two, and behold, she became known in the Holy City as the friend of strangers, for she was companionable with all people and a lover unto my lord Abram.

    8. For this is the meaning of the name Rea, even one who is a companion, friend, and lover.

    9. Now Rua was filled with much energy and was never still;

    10. She worked like a slave and never seemed to tire.

    11. And behold, she was always praising Elohim with her lips before friends and strangers;

    12. And this is the meaning of her name, which is one who maketh a joyful noise.

    13. And she loved to dance before us, and our lord Abram, not that she might bring glory unto herself, nor exalt herself in the eyes of Abram, but that she might worship El Elyon with all her might, mind, and body......

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    Author: LThE

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