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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 38

    3 ABRAHAM 38
    or Judith 30

    Kadar gives birth to seven daughters. Kadar's psalm for Judith.

    1. Now it came to pass that Kadar conceived and bare Abram a daughter; therefore did the whole household rejoice.

    2. And Abram gathered in his family and we celebrated with song, dance, and feasting, as we had so done for my daughters.....

    7. Now Kadar grew in grace and works, and was an helpmeet unto me, and I unto her.

    8. And behold, upon the occasion that I lay with my lord after that the seven days were passed --

    9. For it is the custom of a Patriarch to lie seven days with his newly wed,.... before returning unto the usual pattern --

    10. Kadar was also filled with the Holy Spirit as he went in unto me.

    11. And these are the words which she wrote:

    12. "O Judith, my sister, the sound of thy voice is a heaven of love.

    13. "I think on thee and I am filled with the sweet tenderness of light, which sanctifieth me.

    14. "Why do I love thee in my spirit as I love our lord? -- he who is my all in all, more than my life.

    15. "For Abram is my being, his love is in me, even when he is with thee.

    16. "His love for me openeth the fountain of love within me, and he and I are one.

    17. "And yet when I think of thee, O Judith, thy love filleth me also.

    18. "And most holy mystery for me, his great love and tender passion for thee filleth my soul with ecstasy, until I am utterly overwhelmed, and my heart seemeth that it would burst.

    19. "O praise the Name of El Elyon!

    20. "Praise His Holy Name!"

    21. "Praise the Name of Messiah whose love engulfeth my soul!

    22. "For we three are one; and we are all one with the Great Father of All.

    23. "O my sister-wife, my glory, sealed unto me through his love for thee in me.

    24. "I will never release thee from embrace.

    25. "Grow in me, O Judith, my sister, and swell up within me unto the fullness, that I may also love him with thy love, and so we may love our lord Abram even more.

    26. "Thy love for our husband consumeth my soul, and in words I cannot explain, I am consumed in the Fire of the Heavens.

    27. "O may we be lifted up into his bosom as one flesh together, my sister-wife, my friend, my companion.

    28. "And may our love for him, and for each other, bring glory to He who sitteth in the Highest Heavens, Who hath so generously shed this love in our souls.

    29. "Hallelujah! Praise His Name forever!"

    30. And behold, we would often share these words with each other, that we might never lose the precious gift of love that we had received.

    31. Therfore we strove the more diligently to forget ourselves and think only of serving each other.

    32. And we met often in prayer, and song, and dance; and often we would embrace each other, and demonstrate through our works the verity of our words.

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