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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 37

    3 ABRAHAM 37
    or Judith 29

    Judith sings a psalm for Kadar on her wedding night.

    1. Now after that we had partaken of the emblems of Messiah, we were filled with the Holy Spirit, such that there was not one part of our frame that did not rejoice.

    2. Therefore we embraced one another. And we were one.

    3. Therefore did we depart from the Holy Temple.

    4. And my lord and master took Kadar and lay with her, and broke the veil into her temple chamber, and entered therein.

    5. And also she became fully my sister-wife.

    6. And the heart of Abram was made glad, even unto rejoicing;

    7. And therefore was my heart made glad also.

    8. For in Kadar received my lord a greater quickening of the Holy Spirit.

    9. And therefore when I lay with him, was I also quickened.

    10. And therefore was Kadar my gain also.

    11. And as my lord and husband Abram lay with his new wife Kadar on their wedding night, so did the Holy Spirit rush into me, and this at the time that the Holy Spirit rushed into Kadar.

    12. And behold, the spirit of prophecy came unto me, and my bosom swelled for my sister-wife Kadar.

    13. And these were the words that came unto me:

    14. "O Kadar, my sister, my love for thee transporteth my soul and I am filled with light.

    15. "The Light of Messiah floodeth my house.

    16. "I am one with thee in love; thy joy is mine.

    17. "Let us be brought unto Abram with gladness and rejoicing.

    18. "And let us fall down before him together, one in worship.

    19. "For as he is in thee, I also am in thee.

    20. "As he is in thee, one flesh, thou also art in me, forever one.

    21. "I take thee in my arms and kiss thy face;

    22. "With oil of perfume I anoint thy head, and hands, and feet.

    23. "My tears of joy and glory mingle with thine.

    24. "Thou art my exultation, O Kadar, even as he is;

    25. "And we are all in the love of the Father and the Mothers.

    26. "I am in thee and thou art in me, because thou art in Abram, and I am in Abram.

    27. "Therefore we are one.

    28. "May the Name of the Great Elohim of Heaven be praised!

    29. "He is my salvation, thy salvation, our salvation.

    30. "He is the Elohim of Abram.

    31. "Therefore do I rejoice."

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