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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 36

    3 ABRAHAM 36
    or Judith 28

    The Temple Ordinance of Marriage, Part VI.

    1. Now these were the ordinances that we performed in the House of Yahweh in the marriage of my sister-wife unto my lord Abram.

    2. And we observed the same pattern always, save for Rea and Rua who were betrothed upon the same day, and also married upon the same day.

    3. Therefore were the ordinances slightly changed, for behold, they entered the covenants at the same time and could not be separated, for they were twins in the spirit.

    4. And also Abram would change the words as moved upon by the Holy Spirit, for we had regard for the meaning more than the words.

    5. Therefore was every marriage slightly different.

    6. Now after that Kadar and I had entered into full covenants of marriage with our lord, Abram beckoned us to be seated around the table that was prepared in the room.

    7. And the table was known amongst us as the Table of Covenant and Love, for we were to pass through one more holy ordinance, the highest of them all.

    8. Now this last ordinance was called amongst us the Meal of Messiah, for it was a love feast.

    9. And behold, from the very beginning hath Elohim instituted this feast that those who are sanctified by His Light might know the depth of His love and joy.

    10. Therefore the fathers regularly partook of this feast, for they desired to partake of this joy and love, and share it with others also struggling to master the fallen world.

    11. Therefore is this feast especially sacred unto us.

    12. Now after that we had sat around the table, and after some moments of contemplation as to what we were about to do, our husband Abram arose and spake, saying:

    13. "My beloved ones, O my fair ones, great is my joy that I may sup with you this day, and that I may represent the Messiah in His holy ordinance.....

    22. And he explained the deeper meaning of these emblems;

    23. And then we partook of them, and were filled.

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    Author: LThE

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