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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 32

    3 ABRAHAM 32
    or Judith 24

    The Temple Ordinance of Marriage, Part II.

    1. Now as we finished speaking a veil descended from above so that our lord Abram was concealed from us.

    2. Therefore were Kadar and I alone, separated, as it were, by an impenetrable veil.

    3. And a great heaviness fell upon our hearts for we felt our separation from our lord and master, he whom we loved with all our souls.

    4. Therefore we began to weep, for it was as though Abram had suddenly departed from us.

    5. And we understood that this was an allegory of our separation at birth into the world of mortality.

    6. Therefore we remembered.

    7. And we waited, as it seemed, for an eternity.

    8. And behold, all was still in the Temple.

    9. Now, as we were waiting at the veil, waiting to hear our master's voice, the part of the room in which we stood began to grow dark, until all light had departed.

    10. Nevertheless we could see that there was still light on the other side of the veil, though it was dim unto us on account of the veil.

    11. Now after that we had stood at the veil a few minutes, and seen the light depart, and felt the great burden of separation in our hearts, we began to desire to be reunited with our husband Abram with an exceeding great desire.

    12. And I, Judith, said unto my sister-wife Kadar: "Beloved Kadar: we cannot be reunited with our husband Abram unless we also enter into the world of flesh, and lose our sight.

    13. "Therefore we must take upon ourselves the veil of forgetfulness and enter into flesh."

    14. Therefore I took a white handkerchief and bound the eyes of Kadar that she was in utter darkness.

    15. And I likewise bound mine own eyes that I could not see.

    16. And we stood facing the veil, at the place where the veil openeth.

    17. And I said unto her: "Beloved Kadar, now must we wait until our lord Abram taketh us across the veil."

    18. Therefore we waited.

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