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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 16

    3 ABRAHAM 16
    or Judith 8

    Abram takes a second wife, Kadar. The unity and love of sister-wives. Kadar placed in charge of the temporal affairs of the home and Judith of the spiritual. The unity of doctrine in the family. Judith keeps the family record.

    1. In the twentieth year of my lord Abram did my sister Kadar become my sister-wife.

    2. Now Kadar was born in the City of Shem, as were all those who were of the Seven, and it was on account of the fact that we were raised in the Holy City that there was no strife between us.

    3. And we, being sanctified by the love of our lord and husband Abram, were never led into the temptation of jealosy or fear, for we knew that Abram was an upright man without partiality toward any wife.

    4. Therefore we were one, loving each other in the pure love of Elohim, which cannot be known outside the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage.

    5. Therefore we could not be apart from one another; and when one lay with our lord and husband Abram, were the others glad.

    6. And this condition obtained throughout all our years together, and obtaineth even unto this day.

    7. Therefore are we exceedingly blessed for we have learned concerning the joy and unity of the Firstborn, even the highest mansion of our Father-Elohim.

    8. Few there are who are called thereto, and blessed are they.

    9. Now Kadar was small and comely and was continually at work with her hands, being blessed of El Elyon in all manner of arts.

    10. And because of her love of such work did my lord Abram place her in charge of the running of our household.

    11. Now I, Judith, am somewhat taller, and therefore we were different also in appearance.

    12. And behold, all the household of Abram are different, and no two are the same (save two twins).

    13. Nevertheless we are united in our love of El Elyon, and of His people, and of our lord and husband Abram.

    14. I, Judith, was placed in charge of spiritual instruction, and Abram commanded me that I should ensure that all the sister-wives and children thereof should come to a knowledge of the heavenly mysteries.

    15. And though some of these were written down upon stone, and upon clay, and upon wax, and upon parchment, it has always been our custom to write the Word of the Father upon our hearts and minds, and this by the pen of the Holy Spirit.

    16. Therefore we came to rely not on that which was written on material things but on that which was revealed by the Great Elohim of all;

    17. And thus there was never contention over doctrine and practice, for that which we received, we received from Heaven.

    18. And the more important part of our law was inscribed upon the walls of the Temple, that all might read thereof.

    19. Therefore what we do, and say, and teach, and preach, is one, for we know of only One Elohim and one doctrine.

    20. Now these things are not possible in the world, where the veil between Heaven and earth is thicker;

    21. Therefore, after we left the Holy City, we also took written records with us.

    22. Nevertheless we Seven had the Word engraven upon our souls as a perpetual memorial.

    23. And our communion with each other, and with our lord Abram, and with our children born to us in the Holy City, was by inner means.

    24. And we comprehended each other, and Yahweh our Elohim.

    25. Therefore what we write is but the smallest part of the wholeness that is within us; and only if ye partake of our spirit, which is the Great Spirit of El Elyon, will ye comprehend our love and faith.

    26. Now those who are the elect daughters of El Elyon will recognise our words;

    27. But those who are not shall scorn them and seek after lesser love, and learn to be satisfied therewith.

    28. Therefore are these words for the firstborn, and for those who will reverence the Firstborn even though they may not partake of our light.

    29. Now my lord Abram hath bidden me that I should keep this record for the spiritual children of Abram.

    30. Therefore I write this with joy, knowing that through our testimony we may enter into fellowship with those who shall come after us in the flesh.

    31. And I am Abram's; therefore is this record Abram's, for we are of one mind, heart, and flesh. Therefore is this record of us all.

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