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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 15

    3 ABRAHAM 15
    or Judith 7

    Judith speaks of her marriage to Abram. The problems with Hagar and the conflict with Sarai. Hagar does not become a part of the Chavurat Bekorot.

    1. And now I, Judith, do testify unto the elect who shall read this work that my marriage was a time of great joy unto me; and I rejoiced in my lord Abram, who showered affection upon me, and withheld not.

    2. Yet he was also a strict husband, and would not depart from the laws of the fathers in any wise.

    3. And though later some of his wives would seek special favours of him, and employed every charm and womanly wile they could muster, he would not be moved.

    4. For he understood the souls of men; and especially he understood the souls of women, having been instructed by El Elyon as well as by the several wives of father Shem.

    5. Therefore he was righteous in all his ways, notwithstanding some whom he took to wife after we had left the Holy City who sought to entice him to follow more after the ways of the world.

    6. And behold, our greatest trial came on account of Hagar, the daughter of Pharaoh, King of Egypt.

    7. Hagar was young and beautiful; and Pharaoh gave her unto Sarai to be her maid, exhorting her to raise her as her own daughter.

    8. For seven years did Hagar dwell with us in Egypt until our departure from that land at the commandment of El Elyon.

    9. How Hagar had been given unto Sarai; therefore she was raised by Sarai like unto a daughter.

    10. And Sarai (who had, by this time, been renamed Sarah) could not conceive, being barren.

    11. Therefore, being impatient to bring forth the promised seed, and lacking the faith that would remove her barrenness, she gave unto my lord Abram her maidservant Hagar to wife.

    12. And Hagar was fifteen years old.

    13. And when our lord Abram went into her, she straight way conceived, and was lifted up in the pride of her heart.

    14. For Hagar was a wild spirit, having much zest for life, a daughter of the soil.

    15. Nevertheless she was saved from a fall by the angel, and continued to dwell with us, until the day that her son Ishmael attempted to slay Isaac; therefore she was sent to dwell in the desert of Arabia.

    16. Now I, Judith, was given to understand by the Spirit of Yahweh that Hagar was sent unto us that we might be strengthened in the ways of holiness.

    17. And behold, Hagar did not entirely divest herself of her wildness, though she settled down in her maturer years.

    18. El Elyon, knowing of the disposition of my sister-wife Sarai, sent Hagar unto us therefore for her (Sarai's) salvation.

    19. For without the opposition of Hagar, Sarai would not have learned all the secrets of Godliness, for at first Hagar was a daughter unto her, and then a sister-wife.

    20. And therefore she did wrestle with her pride.

    21. Now Hagar was faithful unto Abram, and though she attempted to flee from our camp after that she had conceived, this was on account of Sarai who attempted to abrogate her responsibility as a spiritual mother, and spake harshly unto Hagar.

    22. Now after that she had returned unto our camp, she remained faithful unto Abram and her sister-wives all the days of her life.

    23. And my Lord Abram loved her.

    24. And behold, Sarai and Hagar were reconciled.

    25. And thus peace was eventually restored unto the household of Abram.

    26. Hagar never entered into the Chavurat Bekorot, nor several of the concubines which my lord brought from the City of Ur.

    27. All remained with him and became his wives.

    28. And they were content with their lot, for this was what they desired.

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