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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 6

    3 ABRAHAM 6

    Seth instructs Abram in the mysteries of the Firstborn.

    1. Now Shem was like unto his father Noah in the holiness of Yahweh and they were as one, even as all the fathers are one with the Elohim of Heaven.

    2. He was a King and High Priest in the House of Yahweh, and the King over the city of Salem according to the Priesthood.

    3. And because of his exceeding great righteousness, he was also known as the King of Righteousness, like unto his father Noah.

    4. And therefore was he called Melchizedek in the House of Yahweh, according to his spiritual stature.

    5. I remained subject unto him all my days in Salem.

    6. Never was he unjust unto me, but his mercy and loving kindness ever embraced me, and caused me to love him the more.

    7. And thus he taught me the mystery of the fathers, and their oneness; wherefore the love of one was as the love of all.

    8. Often Seth taught me alone but at other times I was taught with others of my age, that I might not boast of my special favours on account of my high and holy calling, but remember that I was created from the same dust as my fellows.

    9. Therefore I was taught somewhat concerning the grace of humility, which is the chief grace.

    10. And I could have had no better tutor than Shem.

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