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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 7

    3 ABRAHAM 7

    The perfection of the Holy City compared with the fallen condition of the world.

    1. Now it is not expedient that I, Abraham, should write all that transpired in the City of Salem, for the days of man are short and it is not expedient that everything should be recorded.

    2. But I give unto those who shall read this record a few words concerning my family, and the great joy thereof, that those likewise called unto unto the Holy City might be similarly blessed.

    3. And I give these words unto the elect, for they who are of the world will not comprehend them, but reject them.

    4. I, Abraham, was highly blessed of Yahweh while I dwelt in the Holy City, for He gave unto me many souls into my watchcare, some who were of my flesh, and others who were not.

    5. Therefore was my family exceedingly happy, and all were wont to praise Elohim night and day.

    6. Now those who have not dwelt in the Holy City cannot ever understand or know the peace and spiritual prosperity thereof, for never was there jealosy, contention or any manner of strife that afflicteth the children of men.

    7. Neither can the world understand the purity of the Holy City, for the world is carnal, sensual and defiled, not comprehending the ways of holiness.

    8. Never in my soujourn in the Holy City did I, Abraham, fall into temptation, for there was no temptation in the Light.

    9. But when I left the city in my fiftieth year, and returned back into the world to do the work which I had been called to perform by Yahweh-Elohim of Heaven, I was subjected unto all manner of temptation, being no longer surrounded by the light of holy beings.

    10. And my judgment was not always sound.

    11. Nevertheless Yahweh prospered me and saved me from great sin because of the foundation of light that I had received in the Holy City; therefore was I saved from a fall.

    12. Therefore when ye are in the world, be ye not overly discouraged, for it is not easy to win the perfection of Elohim when ye are surrounded by trials, temptations and suffering.

    13. Nevertheless Yahweh-Elohim calleth you unto perfection; and what Yahweh commandeth, a man can do, if he will exercise true faith.

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