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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 3

    3 ABRAHAM 3

    Abram and the angel arrive at the Holy City. Its light and glory. Abram is temporarily blinded.

    1. And it came to pass toward eventide that we came unto the City of Salem which sat atop a mountain and was surrounded by other mountains.

    2. And as the sun set, I beheld a light coming from the highest part of the city, toward the centre. And I knew this was the Temple of Yahweh.

    3. The Light ascended into the heavens like a pillar which grew more brilliant as the sun disappeared behind the mountain until its radiance illuminated the entire city.

    4. And the light of the Temple shone in every street and in every house, such that there was no darkness anywhere.

    5. I marvelled greatly, for I had never before seen such a thing.

    6. And behold, there were no shadows either, for the light was everywhere.

    7. Its source was everywhere, even Almighty Elohim.

    8. As we approached the gates of the city from the east (for there were four gates) I heard, as it were, the humming of bees, which sound remained always.

    9. But it was not a sound hard to the ears, for it was soothing, such that after a while I could hear it no longer, though I perceived it was always there.

    10. As we approached the east gate there was a sudden increase in the humming sound, and the gates silently swung open as we passed in.

    11. The light that greeted my eyes blinded me, and behold, I could only see, as it were, the colour of blood, so powerful and burning was the light.

    12. I stood in the city, whether alone or with the angel I cannot tell, for my sight had entirely departed from me.

    13. Yet I was without fear, knowing that I was in the City of Elohim of which I had been told in night dreams.

    14. And it came to pass that my sight was gradually restored, and I could see numerous people dressed in white.

    15. And they looked upon me, and smiled, and I could feel their love, as of numerous souls all embracing me at the same moment.

    16. My heart leapt for joy like a doe and I was filled with a burning desire to remain in the city forever, even though I had only seen the smallest part of it, and had dwelt therein for only a few minutes.

    17. Now the messenger who had brought me these many days unto the city had departed, and I saw him no more.

    18. And whether he went to another part of the city, or returned unto the heavens above, I cannot tell, for I never learned further of his whereabouts or even his name.

    19. And I was to learn this lesson many times, that the servants of El Elyon are bashful, revealing little of themselves, that they might rather reveal the Elohim of Heaven, whose likeness they wear like a mantle.

    20. They speak little of their works and deeds, and say only that which is expedient at any time.

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