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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 2

    3 ABRAHAM 2

    Abram leaves the cave and is met by an angel of Yahweh.

    1. Outside the cave and the protection thereof I began to fear, for the night was dark and the sounds of the beasts were not far distant.

    2. But I set my feet forth, nothing doubting, and headed into the desert.

    3. And though I had wandered these long years in the mountains and knew them as a shepherd knoweth his sheep, yet I feared, for I had never before ventured so far from the cave.

    4. But behold, I had not long been walking when a Messenger of Light stood before me, dazzling white in his raiment.

    5. And he said unto me: "Fear not, Abram, for I am a messenger of El Elyon. And I have been sent to take thee unto the city of thy fathers."

    6. Therefore was my soul made exceedingly glad, and the sorrows I had felt at leaving my mother and nurse, and the fear of the night, soon departed from me.

    7. For my soul found great peace in the presence of the messenger, who took me by my hand and led me into the depths of the desert.

    8. And if there had been wild beasts round about, these fled, and I became no longer aware of the dangers of the night, for my soul was raptured by the beauty and comliness of the angel's presence.

    9. And for how many days we travelled I do not know, for I felt neither fatigue, hunger nor thirst. We did not pause to rest but continued onwards to our destination.

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    Author: LThE

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