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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 1

    3 ABRAHAM 1

    Abram is called by Elohim to leave the cave in the wilderness. His anguish at leaving his mother.

    1. And now I, Abraham, speak somewhat concerning the days of my sojourn in the City of Noah and Shem, which is also called the City of Melchizedek, for it was founded upon the principles of the Chavurat Bekorot of Elohim, which Order is after the Son of Elohim, who shall come in the meridian of time and redeem mankind from the curse of Adam.

    2. And behold, the City is also called amongst those who dwell within her walls, Salem, which by interpretation meaneth the City of Peace; for all who abide within her are at peace, each man with his neighbour and with his Elohim.

    3. When I was ten years of age Yahweh awoke me from my sleep, saying: "Abram, Abram, arise quickly!"

    4. And I arose from my bed which was in the cave in the mountains north of the city of Ur, and said: "Lord, thy servant heareth."

    5. And Yahweh said unto me: "Depart into the wilderness, and turn thou not back.

    6. "For I am taking thee unto the Holy City, that thou mayest be fully endowed after the Order of the Ancients, to arise a prophet of El Elyon."

    7. And I, Abram, did as I was bidden, yet my heart grew exceedingly heavy on account of my mother Amthelo and my nurse Edna, whom alone I had known, save for my father Terah and my brothers Haran and Nahor who were wont to visit us each month for a few hours only.

    8. Therefore my heart was exceedingly pained that I should be separated from my mother and nurse, who in loving kindness had suffered these ten long years in the wilderness for my sake.

    9. And I began to weep in my heart, for I knew not when I should see them again, or feel their tender embrace.

    10. But the Spirit of Yahweh rested upon me, and comforted me, saying: "Weep not, Abram, for thou shalt return unto them again."

    11. And I was comforted, and straight way rose as I had been bidden by the voice of Yahweh, and departed from the cave.

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