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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    2 Abraham
    Chapter 27

    2 Abraham 27

    Elohim shows Abraham the extent of the Promised Land. He settles his family at Mamre. Abraham gives a great feast and blesses Yahweh.

    1. One night Elohim appeared to me in a vision and said: Go up to the top of Hazor and lift up thine eyes and gaze eastward and westward, and southward and northward, and behold all this land. For behold, unto thee and to thy seed after thee shall I give it for an everlasting inheritance.

    2. The next day I ascended Hazor as Yahweh had commanded me and I gazed upon all the land from the river of Egypt unto Lebanon and Shenir, from the Great Sea unto Hauran, the whole area of Seir as far as Kadesh, the whole of the great wilderness which lieth east of the Hauran and the region of Shenir as far as the Euphrates.

    3. And as I beheld the land, Yahweh my Elohim spake in my heart, saying: Blessed art thou, Abraham, for I have chosen thee to stand at the head of a multitude. Wherefore unto thee and to thy seed after thee I will give this land, even all that thine eye beholdeth, that ye may possess it forever.

    4. And I will multiply thy seed like the dust of the earth, for even as no man can count the dust of the earth, so shall thy seed be without number. Rise up now and compass this land. Behold the length of it and the breadth of it, for I will give it unto thee and to thy seed forever.

    5. Even so I, Abraham, descended from the high place and set out to behold all the land. I commenced at the river of Egypt and came to the shore of the lake beside which I travelled until I reached the mountain of the Ox. Thence I turned from the Great Lake [Dead Sea] which is by Sodom and walked across the breadth of the land until I reached Euphrates.

    6. Thence I journeyed even unto the Sea of Reeds (Red Sea) which I followed unto its head. Thence I went onward to the river of Egypt again, having compassed the whole land according to the command of Elohim. When I had completed my journey, I bowed down and praised Yahweh and returned safely unto my family where I found everyone well.

    7. Not many days hence, under the direction of Yahweh, I departed from Bethel and settled in the plains of Mamre on the northeast of Hebron, and there I built an altar and offered an offering unto El Elyon and dedicated that land unto Yahweh.

    8. And I held a great feast unto Yahweh and together with all the men of my household I invited Mamre, Aneram and Eshcol, my friends who were wanderers in the land as we were, and who had joined the believers in El Elyon, into the Solemn Assembly. And after this all my people ate and drank together with me before Yahweh.

    9. At this feast the Spirit of Yahweh fell upon me and, laying aside my garments, I danced before Yahweh and sang unto Yahweh a new song, saying: Blessed art thou, O Yah, who hast given unto man knowledge of Thy ways that he might understand Thy wonders and discern Thy truths and see Thine abundant mercies.

    10. Blessed art Thou, O Elohim, Who art full of compassion and grace, for the greatness of Thy power, the abundance of Thy truth, and the profusion of Thy mercies over all Thy works. Rejoice the soul of Thy servant in Thy truth and through Thy righteousness make me clean before Thee.

    11. Blessed art Thou, O Yah, for Thou hast placed in the mouth of Thy servant the sacred words of Thy Spirit that I might stand as thy minister continually, that I may confer Thy grace upon Thy children, and that I myself may return to Thy presence.

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