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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    2 Abraham
    Chapter 15

    2 Abraham 15

    Abram destroys the gods of his father Terah by strategem. He warns his father of the consequences of idol worship.

    1. When I had dwelt in my father's house for seven days teaching the Word of life unto the believers, I went unto my father as he sat in his outer court with his servants attending to the affairs of state.

    2. And when he would hear me, I said unto him: Father, where is the Elohim who created Heaven and earth and all the hosts of them? My father Terah answered me and said: Behold, my son, those gods who created all things are here with us in the house.

    3. My Lord, show them unto me, I pray thee, I exclaimed. Whereupon my father Terah led me unto a chamber in the centre of his house wherein were twelve great idol gods and numerous smaller ones.

    4. And my father said unto me: Behold, my son, these twelve great ones are rulers among the gods, and this largest one is ruler above all; and these others were their assistants in creating all things. And my father Terah bowed down and worshipped before his idol gods and we departed from them.

    5. When I departed from the presence of my father, I went unto my mother and said unto her: My mother, there is a great evil in this place, for my father keepeth a room full of idols in the centre of his house, which thing is contrary to the commandments of Elohim. Wherefore the wrath of Yahweh shall not depart from this house until they are destroyed.

    6. Let one of the young men be sent, therefore, to fetch a kid of the goats, and make thereof sweet meat, for therewith shall I destroy these idols in which is neither life nor power.

    7. My mother therefore summoned one of the young men who was with her in the house and sent him to fetch a kid of the goats whereof she made savoury meat.

    8. When it was prepared I took the savoury meat from her and went unto the room where my father kept his gods. And I prayed there unto Yahweh my Elohim saying: O Yah Elohim of Shem and Noah, look upon me here in my weakness and strengthen my arm that I may destroy these false gods, and give me the wisdom and strength to go through all that follows and endure unto the end and in service unto my Elohim.

    9. When I had said these words the Spirit of Yahweh fell upon me, even the Spirit of prophecy, and I was led to exlaim: Wo unto my father and this wicked and corrupt people among whom he dwelleth, whose hearts are all inclined to vanity, for they serve idol gods of wood and stone, the workmanship of their own hands, which neither eat nor smell nor hear nor speak, for there is no power in them. And those who serve them shall likewise be powerless to escape when the wrath of Eloah shall overtake them in a day they think not.

    10. At this time the Spirit of Elohim fell upon me in mighty power to strengthen my arm, and picking up a hatchet which I had brought with me for that purpose, I destroyed all my father's idols, both wood and stone, by the power of Elohim which was in me, except for the largest in whose hands I placed the hatchet.

    11. Then, going to my father, I said unto him: My father, I have seen a wonderous thing, for my mother did make me savoury meat this day to offer before the gods who created all things. And when I took the meat in unto them, they all reached forth their hands to partake thereof.

    12. When the one who is ruler above all saw their works, he being angered, left the room and returned with an hatchet wherewith he destroyed the other gods, both wood and stone, and behold, he standeth there even now with the hatchet in his hand and savoury meat before him.

    13. Hearing these words, my father hastened unto the room of his gods and found it even as I had said, and his anger was kindled against me, and he said: This is an idle tale thou hast told me, and false. Why hast thou done this thing and lied unto me?

    14. These gods have no life in them to do these things, for they are wood and stone, and behold, I myself have had them made by craftsmen. Why hast thou then come into my house to destroy my gods?

    15. The Spirit of Yahweh fell upon me at this time that I should answer my father, and I said unto him: How is it thou servest these idols of wood and stone, the handiwork of the craftsmen, in which is neither life nor power to act?

    16. Can these which cannot deliver themselves from the hatchet deliver thee from the power of the enemy? Can they hear thy prayers when thou callest upon them from out of the midst of thine afflictions?

    17. Surely it is an evil thing that thou and thy people should serve these false gods, for Yahweh of hosts, He is the Elohim Who created Heaven and earth and all that in them is, and He hath commanded all men to worship Him only, and to serve Him all their days.

    18. Behold, your fathers in the days before the great flood worshipped false idols after the same evil satanic order into which ye have entered, and because of their perversions they were destroyed.

    19. Will ye also go on in their wickedness to bring down the wrath of El Elyon upon you, that ye too should be destroyed from under Heaven? Nay, my father, but repent of this evil and turn unto Yahweh thy Elohim and live.

    20. So saying, I took the hatchet from the hands of the remaining idol and smote him with it until he was destroyed.

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