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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    2 Abraham
    Chapter 14

    2 Abraham 14

    Abram returns to his father's house. His reunion with his mother, Amthelo. He discourses on the true religion to Amthelo and other believers formerly of the City of Peleg.

    1. In the morning beforer entering the city, I gathered my family together consisting of my seven wives, my fifty daughters, my twelve adopted sons and three hundred and fifty menservants whom Shem had sent with me with their families, being in all six thousand three hundred and seventy souls.

    2. And I said unto them, Behold, this great city is steeped in wickedness and sin for the secret satanic order which was from the beginning doth here hold sway.

    3. Wherefore, ye shall remain here under the direction of Eliezer while I go alone into the city unto my father's house, for Yahweh, the Elohim of Shem and of Noah, hath promised me that He will protect me against the anger of the king such that I will be able to accomplish my task.

    4. I led my family in prayer before Yahweh, kissed them all, and departing from them entered into the city.

    5. Being led by the Spirit of Yahweh, I found my father's house and, entering the gate, addressed the guard who was standing there, saying: Behold, I am Abram, son of Terah, who hath spent these forty years in the house of Shem. Take me now to my father.

    6. The guard stood as one dumbfounded, knowing not what to make of such a greeting, but at length called a boy whom he dispatched to locate my father.

    7. At length the lad returned followed closely by my father who was greatly surprised to see me, but who recognised me as his son by the inspiration of the Spirit of Yahweh.

    8. By this time my arrival had caused great excitement throughout my father's household which was very large; and my mother, having heard of my coming, hastened to the place where we were, weeping and rejoicing, for she had thought that I had wandered from the cave and been slain by wild beasts in the wilderness.

    9. At length she led me away to her chamber to talk with me and I told her of all that had transpired with me since my leaving the cave -- of my being led by the angel to the City of Salem, of being instructed under the direction of Shem, of the increase of my family and of the mercies of the true Elohim of Heaven exercised in my behalf.

    10. I talked to her of the futility of worshipping idols of wood and stone made by man's hands which have no power in them, and of the order of the Covenant which was preserved in the City of Salem under Noah and Shem, which I had been sent to proclaim in the great City of Ur.

    11. My mother heard all my words and rejoiced in them for she was one whose heart had been turned from the worship of dumb idols to the worship of the unknown Elohim.

    12. Moreover, a small body of like believers numbering about one hundred souls met secretly in my father's house to worship the unseen Elohim and to pray for further light concerning His ways, among whom were my brother Haran with his son Lot and his daughters Milcah and Sarai, and my brother Nahor.

    13. Now when my mother had heard my words, she bade me remain with her until evening when the believers were to meet in her rooms. Wherefore that night I met with those who had rejected the idolatry of their fathers; and they were all of the seed of those who had come out from the City of Peleg.

    14. Wherefore I rehearsed unto them all the things I had told unto my mother and they likewise rejoiced therein. But unto my father I spake not these things at this time for he was yet privy to Nimrod and was steeped in his evil ways.

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    Authors: JB, LThE, SBSK et al

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