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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    2 Abraham
    Chapter 16

    2 Abraham 16

    Abram brought before Nimrod's court by Terah for destroying his idols. Abram condemns Nimrod and prophesies his kingdom's destruction.

    1. My father, hearing my words and seeing what I had done, increased in anger against me and hastened from his house unto the king, for he had access to King Nimrod both day and night.

    2. When he entered the king's presence, he bowed down before him and said unto him: My lord king, fifty years ago a manchild was born unto my wife Amthelo, and when he was ten years old, we went on the new moon to worship our ancestral god when my son wandered off into the desert and was lost.

    3. But he was found by the people of the desert and raised by them, and he hath recently found his way back into my house, and I have received him with honour as my son.

    4. Notwithstanding this, he did this day enter into the room of my gods and destroyed them, and hath spoken against our gods and against that ancient order which hath been handed down from our first father whereunto we are called.

    5. Now therefore, my lord king, send for him that he may be judged according to our law, that this evil may be put away from among us.

    6. The king thereupon sent three of his mighty men who fetched me from my father's house and brought me before the king. When I appeared before King Nimrod he was seated upon his throne in all his glory; but it was as darkness to me. At his right hand sat my father Terah, and around them sat the princes and noble ones of his realm.

    7. And the king said unto me: What is this thing that thy father saith unto me, that thou didst this day enter the room of his gods and destroy them, and that thou hast spoken against our Elohims and against that ancient order which hath been handed down from our first father whereunto we are called?

    8. I answered the king, saying: Why dost thou go on in wickedness to worship these dumb idols in which there is no power even to save themselves?

    9. Not only this, but thou hast led others to worship them and to enter into that order which is most abominable in the eyes of El Elyon, for your father whence it cometh is the devil, and is full of lies and blasphemies, and all manner of evil that men should lie and murder to get gain.

    10. O foolish, ignorant, wicked king, wo shall be unto thee forever and ever for thou art the son of Perdition, for it is he who is thy father. Thou hast corrupted the earth with thy sins and with the sins of thy people who follow thee.

    11. It was for entering into this wicked combination to get gain that your ancestors were destroyed in the flood when only eight souls were saved. Wilt thou and thy people follow in their paths? Then the wrath of El Elyon will descend upon thee and smite thee from before His face.

    12. Now put away these evil ways and turn unto El Elyon and serve Him that there might be hope for thee. But behold, I see that thy heart is hardened in iniquity that there is no repentance for thee, for the evil one hath sealed thee his; wherefore all thy ways shall come to naught. and thou and thy people shall be destroyed from off the face of the earth.

    13. Then I lifted up my hands to Heaven and prayed, saying: O Yahweh-Elohim, Thou who seest all the ways of the wicked and will bring every evil deed into judgment, look upon these evil ones and destroy them that the whole earth be not corrupted by them and brought to destruction.

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    Authors: JB, LThE, SBSK et al

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