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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    2 Abraham
    Chapter 13

    2 Abraham 13

    Abram departs from Salem with his family for Shinar. The wealth and splendour of Ur, its corruption and sins. The righteous souls to be gathered out.

    1. With this blessing resting upon me, I gathered together my family, for I had taken seven wives in the City of Salem who had borne me fifty daughters. And although I had no sons of my own flesh, yet I had adopted twelve sons of those who were faithful to the order of the Covenant. And foremost among these were Eliezer of Damascus who had come to the City of Salem seeking after the blessings of the fathers and had remained as my son.

    2. Him I appointed as steward over all I possessed for this journey, for he stood as mine heir, for I loved him as my son and brother. But father Shem said unto me: Eliezer is a good and righteous man and shall be greatly blessed in life and in eternity, but he shall not be thine heir, for another shall be thine heir who shall come forth from the womb of thy wife whom thou shalt take in the house of thy father, for she is ordained to be thy queen of queens, and the mother of thine heir.

    3. Wherefore as I have said, I gathered together my wives and my daughters and my adopted sons and their wives and children, and I said unto them: Hear my words, beloved, and hearken unto my speech, for I have been sent with a mission unto the house of my father in the land of Shinar to gather out the pure in heart who are seeking after the true Elohim.

    4. Gather together all your goods and make you tents in which to dwell, and sadle your asses to travel upon; for El Elyon hath declared that we shall be wanderers upon the earth from this time forth until our seed shall come in to inherit this land by the power of Elohim and the sword of His might.

    5. Then commenced they their preparations and on the appointed day all was in readiness for our departure. And when father Shem came forth to bless us, father Noah came also with him.

    6. Now father Noah dwelt in the temple in the heart of the City of Salem and seldom came out of the holy place, for I had never seen him without its sacred precincts. But he came forth at this time and lifted up his hands and blessed us in the name of El Elyon. And we departed from his house.

    7. We journeyed slowly for the sake of the women and children, and we journeyed not upon the Sabbath day nor upon any of the holy days, for we thought it better to worship Yahweh our Elohim according to the pattern of Heaven than to proceed rapidly upon our way. And we knew that Yahweh prospered us in our journey and protected us from the power of all our enemies because we did faithfully serve Him and worship before His Throne according to the divine pattern

    8. But at length we did arrive in the land of Shinar at the City of Ur. Now the size of this city was immense. Its buildings were grand and beautiful with gardens upon the rooftops and rivers of water running down from level to level. The streets were wide and smooth and the inhabitants wealthy, dwelling in luxury.

    9. Merchant caravans continually entered and left her gates, and the great of all nations came there to pay homage to the mighty king Nimrod. Nevertheless the wealth of this great city was built upon sin, for the people served many idol-gods and offered upon their altars men, women and children after the manner of the satanic order.

    10. And they had numerous slaves who were kept down in bondage and poverty and were driven like dumb beasts to provide the luxury in which their masters dwelled. Behold, the inhabitants of the city did delight in whoredom and adultery and murder and all manner of evil whereby they might get gain.

    11. And the anger of Yahweh was kindled against them. Nevertheless He did let them go on that they might be fully ripened in inquity before the fullness of His wrath should fall upon them.

    12. All these things did Yahweh-Elohim show unto me in a dream on the night before we entered into the City of Ur and He said unto me: Abram, this city is vile and corrupt, but in it are some few souls who have not bowed the knee to their idol-gods and it is because of their prayers that I have brought you here that they might be taught to worship the true Elohim after the order of Heaven and be led out from wickedness and bondage.

    13. Wherefore go unto thy father's house; for thy mother hath sorrowed for thee these many years, and I have softened the heart of thy father toward thee that he shall make thee welcome and will protect thee against the anger of the king such that thou shalt be able to accomplish thy mission.

    14. Behold Abram, I am Yahweh-Elohim of thy fathers Shem and Noah and of all the righteous fathers back to Adam. Wherefore I will remain with thee and confirm upon thee all the blessings of the fathers, and thou shalt stand at the head of a multitude. Amen.

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    Authors: JB, LThE, SBSK et al

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