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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    2 Abraham
    Chapter 8

    2 Abraham 8

    Noah marries Naamah. Namaah becomes the mother of Ham and Adah the mother of Shem and Japheth. The Great Flood. Eight saved on the ark.

    1. When the Word of Yahweh came unto Noah, saying: Take unto thyself Naamah, the daughter of Lamech who dwelleth here in the uity of thy fathers, for she hath been faithful unto My Word, wherefore I shall preserve through her the seed of Cain through the flood -- Noah went unto his father Lamech to inquire concerning this matter, and Lamech went unto his father Methuselah.

    2. Methuselah inquired of Yahweh and returned this word unto his son Lamech: Verily, thus saith Yahweh: My handmaiden Naamah have I given unto My son Noah that the seed of Cain might be preserved through the great flood which I shall send upon the earth.

    3. Wherefore let not My son Noah fear to take her to wife, for in so doing he shall be blessed, from through him will come all nations. Wherefore say unto him: Noah, My son, I have looked upon the evils of the sons of men which have come up before Me, for they have corrupted the whole earth save only this city in which thou dwellest.

    4. Therefore I will send in the floods upon the earth, but thou and thy seed will I preserve through the flood, for I will send Mine angels to instruct thee in the building of an ark wherein ye shall be saved. Behold, I shall establish thy seed before Me forever and I will spread them abroad over the earth as numerous as the sand upon the seashore.

    5. Thy seed shall not cease as long as the earth shall stand, but through thee and thy anointing which will be preserved in thy seed shall all nations be blessed.

    6. When Lamech returned this word to his son, Noah rejoiced and praised Yahweh, saying: I give thanks unto Thee, O Yah, for Thou hast been unto me a strong wall against all that would seek my destruction. Yea, thou hast promised to shelter me from the disasters which are coming upon the earth, that the floods shall not come in upon me to destroy my seed from the earth.

    7. Thou hast set my foot upon a rock that the sons of men shall not prevail against me. Yea, I will walk in the way of the Covenant; in the paths which thou hast appointed will I spend my days, for Thou art my shield and my deliverer, and in Thee will I trust all the days of my life.

    8. Thus did Noah take to wife Naamah, the daughter of Zillah, the wife of Lamech of the seed of Cain. And she bare him a son whom he named Ham. And thus was the curse preserved in the land through the great flood.

    9. For when the patience of Elohim was ended in which He did grant a space of time for repentance unto the sons of men, the floods came in upon the earth and destroyed all flesh from off the face of the earth, save eight souls only. For Noah and his youngest wife Adah and his three sons Shem, Japheth and Ham, and one of each of their wives were preserved in the ark which the angels had instructed Noah in building.

    10. The remainder of the righteous had died or been caught up into Enoch's city prior to the time of the flood. And these eight were saved.

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