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    Was There Life on Mars?

    The NASA Myth Rebuffed
    by Alan Morrison

    The realm of calculated disinformation reached an all-time high on 7 August 1996 with the announcement that a piece of meteorite discovered in antarctica in 1984 holds some proof that there has been life on the planet Mars.

    The official press release (#96-160) from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) claimed that "a research team of scientists at the Johnson Space Center and at Stanford University has found evidence that strongly suggests primitive life may have existed on Mars more than 3.6 billion years ago." Although NASA administrator, Daniel S. Goldin, had put out his own press release (#96-159) the previous day stating "I want everyone to understand that we are not talking about 'little green men'", that is most certainly how the story shaped up subsequently in the media. The front page of almost every British newspaper on 7 August 1996 contained copious details of this 'discovery', which headlines such as "Life on Mars -- Official" (Daily Mirror). The Mirror article then stated:

      "A tiny fossil will today be held up as proof of life on Mars and the key to unlock the mysteries of the Universe. The amazing discovery.. could prove the existence of alien life-forms. It may well lead to a rewriting of the Big Bang Theory of Earth's beginning and help to explain where the human race came from. The fact that we are descended from Martians is also a staggering possibility."

    Other articles made similar connections; and it wasn't long before the media recognised that "the prospect of life on Mars threw religious groups into turmoil" (The Times, 8/8-96), under the headline "In the Beginning, did God also Create Aliens?" Although nobody was promoting the fantasy-style "little green men" of 'Dan Dare' comic strips, they were seriously suggesting that this 'discovery' virtually assured the existence of genuine extra-terrestrial beings (ET's). Even the normally sober Daily Telegraph (7/8-96) stated:

      "This discovery will back the suspicion of many scientists that the kind of self-replicating chemical processes that can cross the watershed between the inanimate and the living are more common than we think, making alien life inevitable."

    Since the initial announcement of the 'discovery' of this alleged fossil from Mars, the excietment has hardly abated. Even President Clinton held a special press conference to announce that he would launch an armada of spaceships

      "which will reach out into the cosmos and build on the epoch-making break-through the find represents... Its implications are as far-reaching and awe-inspiring as can be imagined. I am determined that the American space programme will put its full intellectual power and technological prowess behind the search for further evidence of life on Mars."

    As if that wasn't enough, it was then announced that the Vice-President of the U.S., Al Gore, (who is known to hold Teilhard de Chardin-influenced New Age views), will chair a special "Space Summit" in November 1996.

    However, is this 'discovery' really an "epoch-making break-through", as Clinton suggests? Surely, the whole affair is the biggest load of codswallop since the Piltdown Man hoax! There is not the slightest proof that this rock ever came from Mars and, supposing that it did, there is no proof whatsoever that it contains evidence of primitive life-forms there. One sentence in the Daily Telegraph article is a dead give-away concerning the chimerial nature of this yarn: "A meteorite that fell to Earth after POSSIBLY being ejected from Mars MAY bear the first traces of life elsewhere in the universe." What we have here is a science-fiction version of 'The Emperor's New Clothes"! Like the 'Hundredth Monkey' speculation of the New Age biologists, this entire Martian scenario is a modern myth involving a plethora of precarious conjectures concocted by the PR guys from Wishful Thinking, Inc. Never has so much been surmised from so little by so many!

    The primary reason for the publication of this paper is that this event is of gargantuan importance for Christian belief and warrants a serious response from the Church. For the past few weeks, the present writer had been composing an article for the mainstream Christian press on the subject of ET's and UFO's and their relation to the present-day Church. For the last forty years, there has been an increasing occurrence of alleged UFO sightings and, more recently, encounters with alleged ET's -- often involving abductions of people for physical examination and bizzare medical experiments, including interference with their reproductive organs and the extraction of semen and ova. These reports have now become too widespread and regularly experienced, even by normally stable people, to be swept under the carpet and ignored.

    Many university-based organisations are continually scanning the heavens in the hope of discovering 'life out there'. There is the Californian S.E.T.I Institute (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence); the Planetary Society project at Harvard (headed up by Carl Sagan); and the Serendip project at the University of California in Berkley (chaired by the author of '2001, A Space Odessey', Arthur C. Clarke). It has also been recently revealed that the U.K. Ministry of Defence (M.o.D) employed a civil servant called Nick Pope between 1991 and 1994 to investigate UFO sightings and handle policy on the subject. In a recent letter to the New Age style 'Nexus' magazine, Mr.Pope revealed:

      "My brief was to evaluate the phenomenon, looking for any evidence of a threat to the defence of the U.K. I started my tour as a sceptic, but became convinced that a small percentage of UFO's were indeed extra-terrestrial in origin" (Nexus, Vol.3, No.5, August-September 1996).

    In June 1996, Nick Pope's book 'Open Skies, Closed Minds' (Simon & Schuster) was published, exposing, in Pope's own words, "unauthorised penetrations of heavily defended airspace by structured craft of unknown origin, whose technology is considerably in advance of our own" (Ibid.). This book received much advance publicity in the media, and there is a great deal of information now being revealed on the subject in newspapers and on television. UFO's and abduction by 'aliens' are suddenly the flavour of the month. Alien abduction was even the subject of a 'phone-in' on a recent Breakfast T.V. show; and the lines were jammed with abductee callers! What could all this mean? How are we to respond to this ET hysteria? It is the present writer's contention that the announcement by NASA on 7 August represents a major part of the strategy of the New World Order concerning the way that revelation in this area is handled. We believe that for some years there has been a deliberate drip-feed leakage on this subject to the world's population with information that the powers of government reckon it is able to handle. Three years ago in our book, 'The Serpent and the Cross' (K. & M., 1994), we made the following statements:

    "The increasing number of UFO sightings has nothing to do with genuine extra-terrestrial civilisations, but is part of an ongoing strategy of the 'powers of darkness' (Eph.6:12) under the direction of the 'prince of the power of the air' (Eph.2:2), who are engaged in convincing the minds of the gullible that 'something ou there is trying to contact us'. To those whose minds are attuned to such contact, demonic beings will actually manifest themselves as benign 'extra-terrestrials' who wish to offer help to humanity -- an offer that will, if it presents itself more openly, be avidly received as the influence of the New Gnosticism develops in world culture. If it can be 'proven' that ET's do exist, and that they are on a 'higher plane' that the inhabitants of the Earth, this will go a long way towards vindicating the claims of the Neo-Gnostics, as well as establishing the suppositions of the New Physics and the evolutionary theories of secular humanism. If this was to be supplemented by an alleged scientific 'discovery' of the secret of the 'life-force', the way would be paved for some truly cataclysmic changes on this planet. We should not be at all surprised if these developments occur in the near future as part of the advancing strategy of the powers of darkness to discredit the Gospel, debunk the Bible, and eradicate the concept of a transcendent Creator God. The world will then be ready to believe the Lie which Satan has always sought to perpetuate, and the global conditions will be in place for the revealing of the umtimate Man of Sin (2 Thess.2:3-12)."

    And elsewhere in the same book, we drew some sobering conclusions from the facts:

      "It is also surely of some significance here that Javier Perez de Cuellar -- Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1982-1992 -- is reputed to have been adbucted by space-aliens on 30 November 1989 (Independent on Sunday, 2 Jan.1994, p.10). Perez de Cuellar has persistently refused to speak about this experience. However, in response to an enquiry about the matter from the Prince of Liechtenstein -- a leading world authority on UFO's -- he did not deny that it had occurred (Ibid.). Whether or not this event really happened, its public disclosure through the international media could easily be a part of a softening-up process designed by 'security agencies' to prepare people to accept the idea of a relationship between alien beings and world government leaders. Is it possible that the putting-out of films such as 'E.T.' and 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' have also been part of the same information-feeding process, in preparation for an announcement of the 'real thing'? Admittedly, this is speculative; but there are a number of comparable intelligence reports which claim that there has been some mysterious involvement of alleged alien beings (which Christians would identify as demonic entities, fallen angels) with a shadow world government since around the time that the United Nations was formally set up in 1948.

      "We have also seen a number of documents propounding the conceit that the human race was originally the product of an experiment in genetic engineering by an advanced race of ET's from another world. Religious writings such as the Bible, Koran, etc., are said to contain a record of their ancient deeds, while the world religions themselves have been based on the teachings of the ET messengers which 'they' sent (e.g. Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, etc.) to prepare us for the time that the truth about all this could be revealed, and their 'Great Teacher' could finally come to earth to lead mankind into the next world-era (As a further twist to this strange saga, on 2 December 1993, a quarter-page advertisement was placed on p.7 of the International Herald Tribune, by a French journalist who claims that ET's took him to their planet, gave him the name of RaŽl [this is the Hebrew for "god of destruction -- ed. ], asking him tp spread the message that these beings will soon come back to earth, and that an embassy must be built for the occasion.). Even the Oxford University evolutionary biologist, William Hamilton, has proposed that our planet may be a zoo controlled by extraterrestrial beings, who have 'planted the seeds of evolution on Earth hoping to create interesting, intelligent creatures.' Every now and then, Hamilton speculates, they see things not working very well and 'so they insert a finger and just change some little things. And maybe those are the miracles which the religious people like to emphasise'" (Reported in an article entitled, 'Evolutionary Faith and the Cosmic Zoo', by Carl Wieland, Creation Ex Nihilo, Vol. 15, No.4, September-November 1993. This was a review of an article in Time, 4 January 1993, entitled, 'Science, God and Man', in which William Hamilton's views were sympathetically reported. In that article, Hamilton was referred to as 'one of the great scientific minds of our era.').

      "If this fiendishly clever idea -- which has so far only been purported in academic and neo-Gnostic circles -- was to be developed into a full-blown global strategy, then we would be caught up in the most intensive spiritual battle yet, involving deception on a universal scale. It is not at all beyond the bounds of possibility that demons posing as "highly evolved beings" from another world will be involved in the massive deception surrounding the revealing of the final manifestation of Antichrist whose "coming is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs and lying wonders" (2 Thess.2:9). Such a scenario could easily be part of the 'strong delusion' which will be energised shortly before the time of the End among those who would rather believe the Lie than love the truth (2 Thess.2:10-11)."

    The key to all of this lies in our understanding of angels. which are the only unearthly beings (ET's) revealed in the Bible. Prior to the Fall of our first parents at the beginning of history there had been a great apostacy among the angels. resulting in a vast number of fallen angels (identified as demons in Scripture) who were determined to undermine and usurp God's work with His human creation. The leader of these demons is known in the Bible as 'Satan' (from the Hebrew for 'adversary') or, in the New Testament, 'the Devil' (Greek: diabolos, 'slanderer'). After the Fall, the remainder of human history -- and the central theme of the Bible -- has involved a cosmic struggle between these powers of darkness and the works of God which involve redeeming His creation.

    In Old Testament times, this struggle was centred on the coming incarnation of the Second Person of the Godhead, the Son of God. After the Lord had announced to Satan that a human being would come who would destroy him (Gen.3:15), the fallen angel devoted himself to preventing its occurrence. First, he sought to destroy Abel through his envoy, Cain (Gen.4:8; cp. 1 Jn.3:12); but God raised up Seth in his place (Gen. 4:25). Then he tried to pollute the family line of Seth with an unprecedented outburst of demonic evil (Gen.6:1-2); but God preserved Noah with his immediate family and drowned the rest of the world's population (Gen.6:8). The demonic realm subsequently tried to have every male child in Israel killed at birth by midwives; but God made provision to ensure that this would not succeed (Ex.1:15-22). Later, Satan stirred up Queen Athaliah to murder all the royal heirs of Judah (from which the ancestral line of the Lord Jesus would come); but Jehosheba hid little Joash -- the last royal heir in line -- in the recesses of the temple for six years (2 Kgs.11:1-3). Satan then stirred up his earthly agent Haman to destroy all the Jews (Est.3:6); but they were miraculously delivered at the expense of their Gentile enemies (Est.9:1-17). In the fullness of time when the Lord Jesus was born, Satan used his lackey Herod to use an edict that all male babies under two years of age in Bethlehem and its environs should be killed (Mt.2:16-18); but that too was an abortive measure. Finally, he attempted to destroy the Lord Jesus Himself by trying to undermine His mission (Lk.4:1-13) and then, when that failed, by inciting his earthly agents to crucify Him (e.g. Lk.4:28-30; Jn.11:53; Lk.23:8-12; cp. Ac.4:27-28). However, the atoning work of Christ on the Cross and His subsequent Resurrection and Ascension represented a complete triumph over the powers of darkness (Jn.12:31; Rev.12:7-10; Col.2:15; Eph.4:8). It is a singular fact that every act of Satan throughout history to oppose God his Creator has been an abject failure, rebounding ultimately on himself, and leading to his own eventual judgment and eternal punishment (Rev.20:10).

    However, in spite of that victory over the fallen angels, their evil work is not yet over. Since the time of the Ascension, the Gospel has had to be proclaimed throughout the world (Lk.24:45-51). So far, this has taken almost two thousand years; but there will come a time when that work will be complete and Christ will return to the Earth with the good angels, and then the Final Judgment will take place. Throughout this Gospel Age, alongside the work of salvation (with divine permission) there has been continual harassment from the fallen angels -- an increasingly frustrated demonic realm (Rev.12:12) -- as they seek to oppose the Lord's ongoing work (Rev.12:17). This harassment involves works of deception and subterfuge, and the Bible shows that this will increase in intensity as the end of the Age approaches, gathering global government into their doomed, earthbound, pseudo-utopian vision (Rev.17:17; 20:7-9), preparing the way for the appearance of the Antichrist as the ultimate Man of Sin (2 Thess.2:3-9). Surely, the UFO/ET scenario unfolding on Earth today will provide a major platform for the staging of this world-wide demonic subterfuge.

    The recent statement by NASA concerning 'life on Mars' is the next major stage in the softening-up process which has been happening during the past thirty years to acclimatise the world to receive the Big Announcement: "They're here!" Surely we will not have long to wait for this. The NASA 'discovery' breaks the ground in a non-threatening but very effective manner, by enabling us to accept the hypothesis that there is 'life out there' while at the same time 'proving' that it is possible for it to 'come here'. After all, fossilised micro-organisms are hardly going to cause an Orson Wells 'War of the Worlds' kind of panic across the globe! -- but they do prepare the ground nicely for the next stage: the Big One.

    There is no doubt that demonic discarnate entities have become increasingly active in the religious life of this planet in the past century. We would include in this not only the 'Ascended Masters' and other 'spirit guides' of the New Age but also the apparitions at Medjugorje and other similar manifestations. We believe that thesec diabolic beings are behind the increasing accounts of UFO sightings and 'abductions' by ET's. In fact, we are inclined to believe reports which suggest that 'alien' entities have been colluding secretly with governmental powers for some years, but they could not be officially announced because the population has not been ready for it. It is doubtful that the M.o.D's UFO-watcher, Nick Pope, could have published his book prior to the present year's deliberate leakage on UFO revelations. Surely, it would previously have had a 'D-notice' slapped on it before it saw the light of day. However, a generation of 'friendly alien' space movies, coupled with announcements such as that given by NASA on 7 August, are 'respectabilising' the entire concept of UFO's and ET's, readying the world for the 'Big Announcement'.

    What is the significance of all these 'revelations' to Christian belief? Surely, the implications are enormous, as even the media has been quick to recognise. For example, the Dail Mail on 8 August, devoted five pages (including the front page) to this 'discovery' under the headline "Is this the proof of life out there?", stating -- under the heading "We need a rethink, say churches" -- that "theologians were grappling yesterday with the spiritual ramifications of the discovery". There is no doubt whatsoever that genuine Bible Christianity and the idea of a personal God will be claimed to be redundant, divisive and even destructive to progress on this planet. After all, if the human race is the product of an alien experiment, what need is there for the God of the Bible? The man Jesus Christ will be explained away as an avatar from an extra-terrestrial civilisation who came to announce the cataclysmic occurences on earth which would preceed his return with his ET buddies (the angels, in their worldview) from the other civilisation at the end of the age. All the New Age accounts of the transition into the Age of Aquarius provide a remarkable caricature (sanitised of its prophecies of divine judgjment) of what the Bible says will happen when all hell breaks loose as the end of the age approaches. (To aid the liberals, the New English Bible even obligingly says: "With these things, the birth pangs of the new age begin", Mt.24:8; Mk.13:8, NEB!).

    So where does all this leave the Church? Well, the mainstream denominations of the false church will no doubt be completely bowled over. Their teachings and their denial of true Christianity have already been laying down the red carpet for the coming Antichrist. At a time when there is a real need for a serious apologetic to be raised against scientific mythology, the responses to this latest yarn from ecclesiastical sources have been dismal. But then the mainline denominations hardly have any Christianity left to defend. So don't expect any theological responses to UFO's from that department. One spokesman from the Roman Catholic Church pathetically said: "There is no proof yet, but if there were then it would cause some sort of rethink. But we will wait until they contact us" (The Times, 8 August 1996, p.3. Article by Religion Correspondent Ruth Gledhill, entitled 'In the Beginning, did God Create Aliens?'). A Church of England spokesman responded in a similarly ineffectual manner by saying: "We believe that God created the whole universe, so I don't think there could ever be a problem" (Ibid.).

    Even the Evangelical Alliance -- which has already 'wandered away with the fairies' in its support of another modern antichristian delusion, the 'Toronto Blessing' -- could only offer some fence-sitting waffle about there being "no conflict between science and Christianity" (Ibid.). Such a statement (which sounds like the kind of buzz-phrase one learns on an Apologetics-by-numbers course in a liberal theological college) is entirely irrelevant in view of the fact that the majority of the scientists seeking extra-terrestrial life are not at all devoted to the discovery of truth, for they revel in anything which appears to contradict the Bible and delight in making arrogant assertions of mere hypotheses, as if they already were proven truth. We can certainly say that there is no conflict whatsoever between TRUE science and TRUE Christianity. Regrettably, both of these are becoming increasingly scarce as we approach the close of the twentieth century. Someone needs to inform the undiscerning Evangelical Alliance that there is a world of difference between scientific mythology (which has its origins in the subjective thoughts of scientists) and scientific fact (which is firmly rooted in objective truth).

    The very heart of the matter today is the radical conflict between atheistic or pantheistic scientists and Biblical Christianity. One has only to examine the leading edges in genetics, obstetrics, astronomy and the 'new physics' to see that there is an all out war on the teachings of Scripture which will soom come to a head. There can be no doubt whatsoever that the true Church -- that is, genuine believers, clinging to the Cross, worshipping God, extolling Christ, preaching the Word, and eschewing the corruptions of the world -- will be utterly marginalised by all this UFO bunkum and the other 'discoveries' which will shortly come to light; and our churches will be ridiculed as dangerous sects which refuse to cooperate with these 'beneficial' discoveries of our times.

    It should also come as no surprise that the world's media was so obliging in this circus, with headlines such as 'Life on Mars -- Official' (Daily Mirror, 7/8-96), or 'In the Beginning, did God Create Aliens?' (Times, 8/8-96), or 'If the Aliens do Decide to Call, We're Listening' (Times, 12/8-96). The bulk of the media across the world today is controlled by a few huge conglomerates which are essentially lackeys of the New World Order. So NASA's little finger twitches about micro-organisms and we have banner headlines, four inches tall: LIFE ON MARS! -- and an article in the Times (12/8-96) states, "Once dogged by the crackpot image, the search for alien life has become credible." It is extraordinary how the world will reject the Christian Gospel as a childish myth, but yet it is so ready to accept a scientific fable about fossils from Mars!

    Surely, the primary reason so many people avidly lap up this garbage is because they know inwardly that, if true, it would utterly undermine the veracity of the Bible and the theological foundations of Judeo-Christianity. The National Aeronautical and Space Administration is hoping to achieve what Darwinism had been unable to do during a whole century of frantic propaganda. Back in 1974, NASA engineer Joseph Blumrich wove similar conjuctural fantasies in his book, 'The Spaceships of Ezekiel' (Bantam). The space research community, along with covert organisations such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), are riddled with people who have a New Age/occult world view and for whom the 'discovery' of extra-terrestrial life would be the fulfilment of a dream.

    Some readers may think all this is just the crazy ramblings of an overactive imagination. But these attempts of the demonic realm to cause havoc through deception and infiltration are confirmed in the Scriptures (Gen.6:2; Rev.12:17; Eph.6:12: 1 Pet.5:8). Nearly twenty years ago, some discerning Christian authors had also realised the demonic nature UFO's and ET's. In his commendatory preface to an excellent book on the subject, Dr. R.J.Rushdoony stated:

      "Now more than ever before in history, we are in the midst of religious warfare. Although it comes in various disguises in order to conceal the fact of war, a wide variety of cults and all forms of humanism are at war with Biblical faith. We cannot begin to understand the world of our time apart from the fact of religious warfare... The authors conclude that the UFO phenomena are real; they are demonic and they are totally anti-Christian.. The UFO mythology is a radical denial of God and of Scripture. We are given an alien view of man and the universe, and we find also that those who give themselves to this view and to the occult manifestations are marked by a disintegration of mind and even of body. Clearly UFO's are not a harmless concern nor merely an amusing case of superstition" (From the preface by R.J. Rushdoony in Clifford Wilson and John Weldon, Close Encounters -- A Better Explanation (Master Books, 1978), pp.iii, v-vi).

    Frankly, there is no place for 'highly evolved ET's' in this universe. The concept of 'advanced aliens' arriving on this planet to lead us into the next phase of human civilisation is incompatible with Bible teaching on the future course of history. Such beings could not be the unfallen angels, for they would never promote false doctrine. The idea of 'advanced aliens' rescuing the human race is also radically at odds with Bible teaching on creation and redemption. The Fall of our first parents not only brought corruption to the life of planet Earth but also the the entire universe (Rom.8:19-22). The atonement and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ are the central events in the history of the cosmos, the transformation of which is not dependent on an invasion of 'god-like' aliens but on the eschatological glorification of believers (Rom.8:21). Our hope for a perfect civilisation does not lie in this world but in the world to come (2 Pet.3:13). The new universe will not be ushered in by a weird breed of beings from outer space which are never mentioned in the Bible, but by the creative power of the Godhead of Scripture (Isa.65:17).

    Finally, let us remember that although God's people have nothing to fear from all this, it is important to be informed. Discerning Christians will keep a watchful eye on future events, as the build-up to the 'Big Announcement' develops. If the claims that we have made in this paper are for real, then the world has surely entered Satan's "little season" and the closing phase of this evil age will soon be upon us. Ultimately, these desperate tactics of the demonic realm are tremendously affirming to our faith because they provide confirmation of so much Bible prophecy! Rest assured that all authority in heaven and on earth belongs solely to the Lord Jesus Christ, whose return to the earth to bring judgment, gather His people, and transform this fallen world is the event towards which everything has been inexorably moving since the beginning of history.

    Alan Morrison is a member of DIAKRISIS which was established to "acquaint believers with the importance of Christian apologetics, to provide commentary on topical, doctrinal and pastoral issues, and to hold out a hand of rescue to those who suffer psychological and spiritual manipulation in the religious scene".
    Further information may be obtained from:
    Land Address: Diakrisis, Bordeauxlaan 41, Achtse Barrier, 5627 GR EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands.
    E-mail address: [email protected] - or - [email protected]
    Web Page: http://www.diakrisis.com

    A Comment
    by the Webmaster

    Readers of New Covenant literature will know that we have commented on the UFO/ET question on previous occasions as in our pamphlet, Unwelcome Visitors. Though we have no direct revelation on the subject we have speculated that there might be other civilisations in the universe which, in addition to the fallen angels ('Greys'), have visited this world on a 'non-interference basis'. We wish to state here that this is only an opinion which is corroborated neither by the Bible nor by the New Covenant revelations. Until such a time as further light is given on this subject, the wisest course of action would be to assume that all UFO's are hostile and to treat them as such.

    There are some who have asked whether UFO occupants are purely spirit beings and if so how come they apparently manifest themselves physically. Let us remember that the Nephilim, or fallen angels, were (and are) physical beings who had intercourse with the daughters of men and begat giants through them. Deprived of spiritual power because of their rebellion, they are nonetheless possessed of great knowledge and, we suppose, great longevity being (for the moment) immortal. The fact that they have not interfered more in human affairs can only be explained by the fact that they have been restrained by God in some way. There is strong evidence that these Nephilim are walking amongst us today in disguise.

    So UFO's almost certainly have some form of material aspect, though what form we cannot be certain. We have also entertained the hypothesis that a plan is underway to give unincarnated evil spirits the possibility of incarnation through a form of demonic technology which would explain the abduction of humans and their tampering with human reproducrive systems. The fallen angels may be attempting to breed again and thus incarnate demonic spirit entities.

    If Satan is to convince the world of extra-terrestrials then he must make a physical display -- physical aliens in physical UFO's. That he will be permitted to do this is consistent with Biblical prophecy. When Jesus said that the last days would be the same as the days of Noah this could well be quite literal. Then, the fallen angels had multiplied by mating with human women, creating giants who were the cause of much wickedness in the world. They were erradicated by the flood. Is it not conceivable that the fallen angels will attempt to do the same thing again? We read of numerous abductee accounts where women are artifically inseminated, released, and then abducted again, the embryo being removed. Could this be a continuation of the breeding activities of the first Nephilim?

    We repeat, this is pure conjecture at this point and should not be interpreted as fact by our readers. We do owe it to ourselves, however, as Morrison says, to be informed and, by extension, prepared. I am quite sure the Lord will inform us further on this subject as we have need of it. In the meantime, we caution our readers to exercise the greatest of caution and not to assume that anything good is coming out of these tales of spaceships and aliens. As Morrison reminds us, the doctrines of these beings are anti-Christian, which I can confirm as a former researcher in UFOlogy myself [I was a member of Contact International in my pre-Chrisian years and contributed to its Journal]. Let all be warned.

    This page was created on 16 October 1997
    Last updated on 25 November 2007

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