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    Everything seemed normal in the beginning. A few people milling around the building not doing anything in particular. It seemed to be a typical suburban street and the house a domicile yet it was simplicity itself. The curtains were plain, some drawn, and others half open. I was not conscious of anybody or anything in particular. I was just "there". I don't even remember how it all began. I peered out of a window overlooking a street and to my surprise saw a stegasaurus ambling along the road away from the house. I thought nothing of it at first nor of the reality that such might be dangerous in an urban area. It came as a creeping awareness. There was something very wrong.

    The others didn't seem bothered at first either but then I wasn't too conscious of them. Then the first fear flooded into me, setting my heart apace -- the 'thud', 'thud' of something very big and the horror that the building I was in, which looked so secure, would fold like a stack of cards if something that big decided to wander into it.

    The house was elongated with a corridor facing the street and the rooms overlooking the garden. It wasn't long before I realised there were dinosaurs everywhere....including some animals from our own time. The heavy thumping sound seemed to be all around. I parted the curtain cautiously and looked out of a window overlooking the garden, half expecting a T.rex to stare in with gaping jaw and bared teeth. But there was none. Yet the house was shaking from the weight of a very large animal indeed. I went out into the corridor to see an elephant moving in the opposite direction to that which the stegasausus had earlier wandered. This was crazy. But where was the 'big one' who sounded and felt like an earthquake?

    Maybe the cellar would be safer but once down there I saw quite large windows on the garden side and knew that these would not afford much protection. 'Thump', 'thump', all around, just like in the films Jurassic Park and The Lost World. Where was that tyrannosaurus?

    Upstairs, by now very frightened, I opened a curtain on the garden side and there, to my surprise, saw a huge hippopotamus right under the window. But it was no ordinary hippo -- it was bloated -- fat, its belly hanging over like a heavy beer-drinker. And moreover, it spoke to me and, I suppose, to everyone else in the house. The substance of its message was that all human beings had to be evacuated because the animals were taking over. So far no harm had been done to anyone and there was no sign of destruction anywhere. Yet it was plain that the animals were in some way in charge.

    In a flash I was somewhere else, together with thousands of people, in a large plain with snow-capped mountains in the background. We seemed to have been rounded up. There were animals out on the periphery somewhere but I was not too conscious of them. Things were not very clear here. We were exposed and, I suppose, defenceless. People seemed mostly concerned about orientating themselves. And then I awoke, startled by what I had experienced, and still able to hear the heavy foot-falls of a beast I never saw...

    Such dreams are bound to make one think. One is tempted to just dismiss them as the accumulated detrius of day-time thinking and experience. Only a few days earlier I had seen The Lost World. I had been impressed by the animations but the story line had left me disinterested and a little bored. The novelty of Jurassic Park had worn off too. But I must admit the heavy thumps of the T.rex did send a small chill down my spine. I would not have cared to be around such animals at any time. Once again I thought how impossible it would have been for man to have co-existed with such dinosaurs save under the most primitive of conditions. Any kind of settled, agricultural life would have been utterly impossible. Even the herding of animals would have been futile. Such men, if they had ever co-existed with such monsters, must have been hunters like the the beats that hunted and ate them. So this was an area which I, as a biblical creationist, continued to have problems with. Unless I had completely the wrong picture.

    Dreams are, not surprisingly, as complex as the dreamers themselves. Reality and fantasy interface in most bizzare ways and in a state of consciousness where they cannot be distinguished. In a way, they are both realities, because it is within that we process and analyse what we experience without.

    I have been a conscientious recorder of my dreams for over twenty years. I have recorded my dreams as an atheist, pseudo-buddhist, Mormon, and Christian. Lots of analysis and reflection, coupled with my contacts with the supernatural, have led me to philosophise much and to try and make sense of what I have dreamed.

    I have studied Jungian and Freudian dream analysis, not to mention Adler and others, and I have been impressed by the observation that our world view affects and colours our dreams. Those patients who went to Sigmund Freud for psycho-analysis, after a while, all had Freudian-type dreams; Jungian patients had Jungian-type dreams...and so on. Not surprising, really, because they were getting so much input from their analysts.

    At first I saw little that one could call a "dream system" though I could see generalities. Many dreamers used common symbols but this was because the collective society in which they were nurchured understood the symbols the same way. Nevertheless identical symbols -- like a swastika, for example, would be perceived differently by a Japanese Buddhist (for whom it is the wheel of life) than a Polish Catholic who experienced something of the nazi holocaust. Notwithstanding these there were many universal symbols that were perceived identically by all people from diverse cultures. Thus the snake would always be perceived as something negative (in one aspect -- like sin) or positive (in another -- like wisdom).

    I soon learned that to understand my personal dreams I needed, as it were, a dictionary of symbols. I thought about what different symbols meant to me personally and tried to understand where these associations had come from. I spoke with lots of people and persuaded them to share their dreams with me. I have notebooks full of them, though most are my own dreams, stretching right the way back to when I was at University.

    From the earliest time I was also prone to see visions in my awake state or semi-awake state and noticed how much more vivid than dreams these could often be. I also observed that they contained an element of the prophetic, often being portents of the future. I have had thousands of these in my lifetime. Many of these visions I came to understand were merely subconscious dreams filtering to consciousness in the semi-awake state and could be little distinguished from them. By far the most interessting have undoubtedly been those in the fully awake stage which differ qualitatively from dreams. Most of these have been very short indeed, like a few frames from a movie, but others have lasted for minutes and, on one occasion, for over an hour. I observed that there is an interface between these and what one might loosely call one's "imagination", the facility to fantasise, or make up imaginary stories, sometimes blending fact with fiction.

    As a believer in the Bible I am, naturally, interested in that category of supernatural activity called the prophetic dream or open vision. Through these God often communicates to man and has done so to me over the years. Sometimes they are so dramatic as to bowl one over so that one is left in no doubt that what has happened is outside oneself. At the same time I have discovered that dreams and visions come in many qualities, if you like, and that we -- our real self -- has at least three interfaces with: (1) God; (2) the devil; and (3) our own fallen Adam-nature, respectively. The interaction between the three can be very complex and hard to distinguish for those who are immature. Time and experience teach what is, and what is not, pure revelation -- what is from God, what is from the devil, and what is from our soulish nature.

    To analyse dreams and visions with any degree of certainty we need, in my opinion, three very important things: (1) a standard of absolute truth which is unchanging and completely reliable; (2) a knowledge of symbology, archetypes; and (3) the spirit of revelation.

    Having walked through many religions as well as studying them as an observer, I found a standard of absolute truth in the Bible. There I have found an abundance of symbols with explanations as to their meaning. A person who is immersed in the Word and who soaks it up into his subconscious will, before long, find that biblical symbols appear in his dreams and visions whose meaning can be clearly interpreted from Scripture. Since they are placed there by God they form a system -- God created man and the way he works, and especially his thought processes. Indeed, our brain works principally on a symbolic level -- we see and think in pictures. Words are an added level and do not convey nearly as much information as a picture...in most (but by no means all) things. God's system of symbols is logical and systematic even though evil spirits have attempted to pervert their meanings in order to take control of our thoughts and visionary processes.

    The spirit of revelation -- that is to say, the Holy Spirit -- shows us the truth of all things. Joseph of Egypt was a great dreamer used by God. Not only did God give him prophetic dreams but God used him to interpret the dreams of others. Daniel was another such gifted man, as was the apostle John. The closer a man or woman draws near to God in holiness and truth, the clearer and more penetrating his dreams will become until they become pure revelation itself and God is virtually speaking face-to-face, as it were, in our sleep and in our awake state. Purity of mind, heart and body are thus important ingredients to successful dream interpretation.

    However, we must all start somewhere, and that somewhere starts, as I have often jokingly said to friends, in the muddy river banks of our own unredeemed selves. Visionaries and prophets are not usually raised up fully-fleged -- they have to learn through a process of refinement. It all depends, I suppose, where we start. If we are born in a Bible-loving and a God-fearing environment we are going to have a head-start on those, for example, born in a Hindu or a Satanist milieu. The gifts of prophecy and seership do not just belong to the righteous, but to the evil as well. To be more accurate, God gives the gift, but it is up to the recipient whether he uses it to listen to God or the devil. And both are talking.

    I have heard both. And I have had many experiences where I haven't been sure who was speaking. The latter are best put aside unless they can illustrate a useful lesson to the one trying to refine and purify his gift.

    I will illustrate an experience where first Satan, and then God, spoke to me . The contrast of this experience has served me well in my ministry. It occurred back in 1977 when I was on the edge of entering the New Birth in Christ and receiving very mixed and contradictory visions and dreams. In fact, it was on 30 May of that year, because some hours later I did receive the New Birth and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

    I was fasting and praying one night to know whether a certain man called Sun Myung Moon was the prophet he claimed to be. I was investigating all sorts of denominations, sects and cults at that time not knowing where to turn. I believed in the divinity of Christ because God had broken into my life dramatically at a Buddhist meeting, flooding my soul with a supernatural awareness that Jesus was God even though such ran contrary to my personal belief system. There were three groups that had won my interest, and one of them was Moon's Unification Church and his book of Scripture, the Divine Principle, a mixture of Buddhism and Christianity (which was about where I was intellectually at that time). I asked the Lord if this man was truly who he claimed to be.

    I saw before my eyes a beautiful sight. It was a man, whom I recognised as Moon, glowing a gentle golden colour. Light was radiating from him. I looked in wonder for I had never seen anything so wonderful in visionary form before. But as I gazed into this personage I felt an uneasiness in my bosom. Why, I did not know, but I could not accept fully what I was seeing. Remembering the Bible warning to "test the spirits" and what I had been taught by Christians, I challenged the manifestation to reveal its true identity "in the Name of Jesus Christ." I was most resolute about this for I did not wish to be deceived, no matter how beautiful to the eye the vision was.

    In an instant the golden aura was gone and in its place was a red-faced man full of anger, bitterness and naked hatred. Such evil emanated from this face that I began to shudder all over as I realised that I was looking into the very face of Satan himself. Without a moment's hesitation, I rebuked the apparition in the Name of Christ, commanding it to depart, and in a flash, it was gone.

    I was stunned by what I had experienced, my mind racing in many directions. I had not expected this. It had all happened so suddenly and without any premeditation. From that moment on I was most certainly alerted to the possibility that in this realm of spirit one could easily be deceived if one was not very careful.

    It was an object lesson in my search for truth, particularly on the plane of visions and dreams. It was not to be the last time I would challenge such manifestations either.

    Now I realise that many people look upon such phenomena as being the fruits of over-active and flowery imaginations. They have to the right to believe such if they wish especially as there are so many people with such vivid imaginations. It is possible to "force" such things, and indeed so many na´ve people are fooled into believing that their experiences are the real thing, so much so that they set them above the revealed Word of God and trust their own senses first. I fear greatly for such people, and especially Christians who imagine they have the prophetic gift when they have not, or immature prophets who think spiritual adulthood comes upon mere profession of faith. They are seriously mistaken and can so easily become the victims of soulish or satanic deceptions.

    Many religious traditions such as Hinduism, the mishmash of New Age religion, occultism and satanism all offer revelatory experiences on demand. Christianity offers no such menu. The gifts, when they are manifested, come because of God's sovereign will, and not because we have necessarily sought them. The gifts are given to meet specific needs, usually those of others. A prophet or seer, moreover, may only receive the gift briefly. He has no divine rights. In my own life the gifts of prophecy and seership have come in waves, at different times when there has been a need for them.Often there have been times of great silence. And such is good, in my opinion, because one can all too easily get hung up on supernatural things and rapidly lose a firm grip on reality. God has not called us to be dreamers lost in our own fantasies but to be the ultimate realists. A person not grounded in reality is a poor candidate for prophethood and seership.

    Whether or not God intervenes in prophetic dreams, dreams continue and they usually have some sort of a message to us. Their most useful and common application is making us aware of ourselves, especially when we try to deny reality and truth. In the dream-state, all masks are broken down. Sometimes this can be a painful experience for us, particularly if we have indulged in years of denial. God has various ways of filtering the truth down to us in the dream state, particularly unpleasant revelations about ourselves, which, for the most part, is what dreams are about. A danger that we must be constantly on the alert to is the very real temptation of supposing that dreams about other people are actually to do with them at all. For the most part, the images of people we know are used by our subconscious to clothe aspects of our self. Thus if we are in a particularly brutal and nasty mode, we may dream about Hitler, as I have done on one occasion. Such dreams usually have nothing to do with the historical persons themselves but are rather moving portraits of our own character traits that match the traits historical or currently real persons. Thus in one dream many years ago I forgave "Hitler" for all the terrible things he had done -- in truth, I was forgiving myself for past acts of inflexibility, stubbornness and bullishness that had hurt friends and acquaintances.

    I began this article by sharing a dream I once had about invisible dinosaurs. Dinosaurs, because they are not contemporaneous with us, represent an unknown brutish, invisible, cold-blooded nature that -- real or imagined -- is larger than life. And, yes, dreams are very often projections of our own fears. We may think we are a "Hitler" by exaggerating our weaknesses. We are gifted in exaggeration. Or we may think we are a Prince Charming and have dreams of rescuing beautiful maidens imprisoned by the forces of evil. So intense are these dreams sometimes that we come to believe in them as real.

    The ancient kabbalists called the dream-state Yesod, which in Hebrew means "foundation". It is a word of fantastic images, a cauldron of the real and the imagined, the carnal and the sublime. Here anything goes. It is, if you like, our personal cinema where every hope and fear, joy and hurt, is acted out in dramas that very often have no ending. Most dreams, I think people will agree, do not have a "happy ending". They leave us wondering what has been going on. Even the wonderful ones disappoint us as we realise that the wonderful world of illusion is far from the reality of life.

    Not inappropriately the sphere of Yesod is often called the world of illusion. Transient images compete for attention as if they were living themselves. We can often invest these images with an artificial sort of life. A girl dreams of her ideal lover and over time builds up an image of him, combining this image with characteristics of real people she has met. The image evolves and in the end, if she us not careful, she will go searching for a person who matches this image. She will never find him because he does not exist, and it is here that the dream state can be very dangerous indeed. Yet we all do it.

    The ancient kabbalists pictured this Yesodic state as being mid-way between malkut, meaning the earth, and tiphereth, the sphere of beauty. And in this respect they were, I believe, very inspired, because we, as physical beings, have a spiritual nature which is half-way between a Christ-like nature and a fallen Adam-nature. I have tested this model over the last 20 years and have found it a reliable one. Our dream-state is indeed an overlapping world where reality and fantasy, truth and falsehood, generously intertwine. Discerning what is and what is not is a real art and takes years of experience, immersion in God's Word, and attentiveness to the Holy Spirit.

    When I first began interpreting dreams I made all the blunders that most do in trying to understand this invisible, fascinating world. At one time I was so immersed in my dreams that it seemed I was losing touch with reality. My consciousness of dreams in the awake state was influencing subsequent dreams until what I got was a kind of positive feedback and my dreams became exaggerated to the point that I was shaping a new, but illusiory, reality out of them. My interest was, at first, intellectual, and my goal was simply understanding. After a while they became an end in and of themselves and, worse, a means of divination. Dreams, if they are not put in perspective, can come to control and dominate us if we use them this way. Thinking we are receiving revelation from the divine, they can, in the end, be nothing more than a channel for the fallen Adamic soul-nature which uses this channel to supplant reason, the clear witness of God's word, and our calling to take responsibility for our lives. Our dreams can, in short, become a god and, if not properly understood, lead us into slavery, particularly if we are led to falsely believe that they are a pure means of divine communication at all times. Most of the time they are not -- depending on your state of spiritual sanctification.

    One very useful analytical tool in dreams is pre-programming yourself to become "aware" when you dreaming before you sleep. Most of the time when dreaming we believe we are living in reality, so much so that we interact with the people and things in our dreams as though we were awake, having no awareness that we are asleep even though incredible things occur in dreams like animals which will not die no matter how much you shoot them, or people who chase you and find you no matter how hard you flee or how ingeniously you hide yourself. You've all had this kind of dream, I know! Our dream worlds are very similar interactively, no matter how different our personalities are. Now I said we would pre-program ourselves before we sleep. I will give you an example. Often I tell myself that I will be aware that I am dreaming when I am dreaming. Once, when I did this, I found myself swimming alone in an ocean surrounded by sharks -- the stuff of nightmares! I knew I was helpless and defenceless. And then I realised I was just dreaming and decided I would fly off. So I did just that, leaving the water and flying through the air. When I woke up I had a good laugh!

    Being in control is what most of us want when it comes to our lives. We hate the unknown, especially when the unknown is parts of ourselves. For years I would dream of a small door in a wall and whenever I opened it and looked in, I was filled with the utmost fear and dread even though all I could see was an inky blackness. I knew that somewhere in my unconscious was something so painful that I had buried away with the intent of trying to forget. But our soul is not like a rubbish tip where we can bury and forget unpleasant memories. We are finite beings with limited spiritual space. Hiding and denial never solve anything, and so from time to time, when we relax our vigilence to suppress, we are troubled by nightmarish dreams.

    I remember one in which I was being pursued by a very large Korean man who wished to kill me. No matter how fast I ran he was always on my tail. He represented, as I subsequently learned, my fear of the Moon cult of which I have already spoken. The Korean was the embodiment of my fear of the antichrist Sun Myung Moon. One night, whilst being chased by this "demonic entity", I suddenly got a grip of myself, and whilst not then understanding that I was looking at a separated or projected part of myself, remembered what Jesus had taught about loving ones enemies. So I stopped, faced the man, and told him that I loved him. Immediately he began to shrink and to disappear. "He" never troubled me again. Through Christ, I had overcome my fear.

    And this is one of the wonderful applications of the atonement of Christ in dreams for in the dream state we are often able to deal with hurts and other problems that elude solution whilst we are awake. Whatever skeletons we have in the cupboard, we must be courageous enough to drag them out and bring them to the foot of the cross of Christ where they can be dealt with...for ever. I can solemnly testify that the Spirit of Christ can heal us in our dreams, bring peace and wholeness and cause our fragmented spirit to be re-integrated through the power of His shed blood. It works.

    Back to the dream of the invisible Tyrannosaurus rex which I now understand was fear itself. Fear has no substance -- it is the product of a lack of faith, and is a most effective weapon, especially in psychological warfare. Scripture says that perfect love casts out fear. What that means is when we have the love of Christ in our hearts, we need not fear man, and certainly not the impulses from our Adam-nature which wishes to supplant and rule the spiritual part of ourselves. We have three parts to our spiritual life -- (1) the Light of Christ which is given to every man and woman who is born into mortality (John 1:9, KJV) to act as a guiding beacon in leading us to do what is right; (2) the Adam-nature which we inherit in our flesh from our parents wherein lies all our sinful impulses; and (3) our created spirit which is influenced by these two. These three are with us all the time.

    Like radio-waves bombarding us from all directions, we also interface -- consciously and subconsciously -- with the Holy Spirit (when we are obedient, or when God withdraws it to show us how far we have grown), the spirits of demons (when we are not, or when God permits us to be tried to refine us), and the spirits of men and women whom we meet in everyday life, both the redeemed and unredeemed, the good and the evil -- in short, every combination or degree of light and dark you can imagine. All these forces influence us in both our awakefulness and sleep. There is a real battle being fought, even by those who do not acknowledge Christ or God, because they have a Light of Christ within them whispering the truth, and numerous dark forces without and within clamouring for attention. The soul is at war --particularly the soul without Christ -- and that war turns up in our dreams constantly. Some seek relief in drugs, elicit sex, pop music, and all manner of escape routes, but these only compound the problem. The war goes on nonetheless. Some even try to suppress all vestiges of conscience by turning to naked evil, but even as the Star Wars Trilogy reminds us (albeit in a pantheistic context) that Light can never be fully extinguished. It always breaks through in moments of "weakness" as we try to do the impossible: deny the Light when it is staring us right in the face.

    For this reason I am an optimist. People often say excessively so -- because I believe it is possible to tap into that last flicker of light in even the most die-hard satanist. I doubt such people, enslaved as they are, would care to share all their dreams, because such would expose the naked lie they espouse somewhere along the line. Even if the devil has a 99.99% hold, that 0.01% of Light is still enough to break out through faith. And God will reach out to such souls in their dreams...

    We are the stewards of potent enegies in our spirits and bodies, enegies which are sometimes hard to understand. Dreams have helped me understand many of them.

    To understand dreams we have to know something about our spiritual composition. I have indicated that there are at least three parts and pointed out the equivalents acknowledged by the kabbalists. But in truth we are more complex. Just as the plot in a good play develops in stages, unravelling as more light is shed on the characters and their situations, so we too are like an onion or a set of Russian dolls. We have the capacity to be either totally transparent to someone or completely secretive and closed. In this we actually imitate God who at times appears close and accessible and at others far away and bashful. We present different facades to different people -- thus a man will present quite a differenht picture of himself to his beloved wife than to, say, a hostile and mean boss at work. The two people will have a completely different perception of him based on what he reveals about himself.

    That multi-layered projection of self is often portrayed in our dreams. But the dream-state is more than about self-projections (which, if taken to an extreme, can lead to schizophrenia) -- it is about reality too -- and often the real you suddenly becoming discovered.

    Most people, if they are truthful, would probably admit that they don't even really know themselves, even those who say they are believers. This is, in part, intentional on the part of God, who wishes us to walk by faith and not by knowledge in this sphere. He places limitations on us so that we can develop spiritual skills not otherwise learnable in a spiritual world where sin and darkness have no place (I speak of heaven here). Memories of our life before we came to this earth (our pre-mortal spirit life) therefore remain inaccessible to us in this life, because God so wills it (though sometimes, as I have myself experienced, He permits a peek into that dimension and time). Sometimes I have seen tantalising snippets of that life, especially during times when I have been deeply troubled, or when I have become discouraged by life's trials and seeming hopelessness. Such, whether seen in dreams or open visions, are reassuring and invigorating.

    One of the most baffling and frustrating areas of human life which constantly surfaces in dreams is the matter of sexuality. This is an energy so powerful and at times so destructive that we wonder what it is all about. I have learned much about this in the dream state and come to understand why it is so closely guarded and regulated in God's Holy Law. It is a force that can bring either great joy or great misery depending whether it is rightly used or not. This issue is particularly important in our modern society where the libido has gone wild and people have forgotten what sex was given for, turning it into lasciviousness.

    Over the years the Lord has impressed on my mind in dreams, visions and direct revelations that the sexual force is holy, and must be treated with such. All of us at sometime or another will have dreams that have a sexual content and many will be bothered by it, not understanding the divine intent in giving it to us.

    In recent weeks I have been having an e-mail dialog with some satanists. It started when one of them began sending obscene pornographic pictures of sodomites engaging in orgies to my Webpage Guestbook with the intent to shock me and other Christians. I find such repulsive not because I find sex repulsive (as many misguided Christians do) but because it was being so shamelessly abused by being taken out of a holy context, namely, the privacy of marriage. One night I was praying about this, trying to understand why people are blind to the dangers of unlawful sex. That night I had a powerful dream which was very similar to ones I had seen before but not fully understood.

    About ten years ago I lost my very beloved wife to a New Age sex cult which tried to present communal sex as holy in defiance of the biblical revelation. I remember the first dream I saw at about this time. It was of a white rat. It's fur was as white as snow, clean and pure, and it was delightful to look at. But then it opened its mouth I a saw dozens of razor-sharp teeth. I knew that this was what evangelist Percy Collett called an impure "sex-rat" and immediately grabbed it with the intent of disposing it. It gnashed its razor-sharp teeth which I knew would shred my hand into pieces if it made contact with the teeth, so I held is very firmly indeed. To my surprise it suddenly transformed itself into a giant mosquito, about 1 meter across, a most revolting creature that made my stomach turn. It changed several times back and forth into this rat before I awoke, shocked by what I had seen.

    I have had at least three dreams like this. In the second one, some years later, it was a golden rat, and also had sharp teeth, but this time more like chizzels than needles. It bit me repeatedly whilst I held it in an iron grip, and I awoke. Finally, the third dream, I saw this white rat again as a result of meditating on the state of the world. I again grabbed the rat and held it round the neck this time rather than the waiste as before, so that it could not bite me. Its mouth was wide open showing its chizzel-shaped teeth. Drops of fluid were dripping like a slowly leaking tap from its teeth and falling to the ground where they made a sizzling sound like acid burning. I was amazed upon awakening to understand just how destructive impure sex is. I remembered an experience shared by Percy Collett who related, at a revivalist meeting in the United States, how the pianist was exposed by the spirit of prophecy as having committed adultery with the pastor of a local church. She immediately fell on the floor and "one rat after another came pouring out of her mouth". Whether this was literal or seen in vision I do not know but it fits with the imagery that God has given to me over the years. Her spirit had been polluted by "sex rats" -- and we all know what a rat represents.

    Having impure sex is like pouring concentrated sulphuric acid over your body. It's bite is lethal and yet the world is grovveling in it by committing fornication, soddomy and adultery. If you have been living an unholy life then I guarantee you have a sex rat in you -- and maybe plenty -- which appear beautiful on the surface (love-making is, after all, a most beautiful thing) but which is spiritually lethal -- you might as well inject acid into your blood stream. It is for this reason that God demands sexual purity --for our own sakes.

    The sexual force can be represented in many ways in the dream state -- I mention but one. Sometimes it can be represented without symbols at all. Since sex figures strongly in our lives we should not be surprised that it also surfaces in our dreams -- unless we have sublimated it or brought it under control, as Christians must, so that it does not run rampant. A life in Christ, submissive and obedient, will take care of this issue, whether we are single or married.

    I have mentioned dreams and visions so far, but what of revelations? In a way, dreams and visions (when their source is divine) are also revelations. But the type of revelation I am talking about is that which can be written down in words, like those in the Holy Bible. I have met many Christians in the charismatic movement who are comfortable with inspired and visions, and there are many who accept "a word of God" or inspired instructions to individuals, but few who would look upon such as being on par with the Bible revelation.

    Their hestitation is, for the most part, justified, and with good reason. There are many revelations claiming nto be of God. I could list many: Sun Myung Moon's Divine Principle, Levi's Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, the Keys of Enoch, the Book of Urantia, a Course on Miracles, Mary Baker Eddy's Science & Health, the New Age Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Joseph Smith's Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price, Mohammad's Koran, Hinduism's Upanishads, numerous New and Old Testament apocryphal works, etc., etc.. The list is enormous. And all claim to be a word of God.

    I shall not address this topic nin depth here as it is treated more thoroughly elsewhere save to make some key observations. Firstly, that the spirit of revelation in dreams, visions and the written word is one and the same; Secondly, there are three sorts -- pure revelation, muddy (partly pure, partly false) revelation, and false revelation; Thirdly, nowhere in the Bible does it say that any of the gifts would suddenly end - on the contrary, we are told in the New Testament that we need them all until we are brought to perfection; Fourthly, the writing of divine scripture has never ended and has continued up to this day.

    I have personally heard the voice of God speaking to me. I have also heard the voices of demons and (far too often) my own subconscience. Sorting them out is not easy. The very first time I was accutely conscious of hearing the voice of God was when He spoke a single word to me, telling me that Buddha was not more highly evolved than Jesus Christ. It was a straighrforward no. Once, when I was about 21, He awoke me three times and said: Go unto Evesham. At first I thought I was imagining it - the third time I was convinced. I went to Evesham not knowing why or for what purpose. These were, of course, personal revelations for me. But they were every bit the Word of God as, for example, the Ten Commandments. If God speaks, then it is God's Word. Period. End of discussion.

    Many would accept such as a personal Word of God but claim a revelation for other people and the chances are you will meet tough resistance -- for good and for evil. Why both? Well, it is good to test every word purporting to be of God. We are admonished to do as much in the Bible. The Bereans were praised in Acts because they checked everything the apostles taught them to make sure it agreed with the Torah. New Covenant Christians have brought forth many revelations which have been published as new scriptures - but we have never asked anyone to accept them carte blanche or to simply be led by feelings (burnings in the bosom, for example, the ploy of Mormons -- feelings can come from three sources!). We have asked them, rather, to be Bereans -- to check them against the Bible.

    Accordingly, we have only ever made public about 50% of our revelations which were scrutinised by a Committee over a year's period. The other 50% were deemed uninspired, muddy, or too deep for the public. These same revelations have been published since 1997 and we have invited all those who have purchased them (called The Olive Branch) to test them against the Holy Scriptures - the Bible. We also started putting them up on the Web in 1997 and have invited surfers to scrutinise them. You will find their remarks and other discussions in our e-mail archive. To date noone has been able to prove that any of these revelations are disjunctive with the Bible. About the only criticism we have received is that "there is no more Word than the Bible" even though not one of the critics has ever been able to show where the Bible ever makes such a claim for itself. The fact of the matter is that God's Word is open -- He has never stopped communicating to us, whether in dreams, visions or in revelations.

    A fourth category that I wish to finally introduce is Prophecy - the fortelling of the future. This may come through visions, dreams, an audible voice or simply a concept implanted by God in the mind. I have not had too many of this kind of revelation probably because I have been hesitant, but when I have it has been dramatic. Prophecy soon sorts out those who are led by the Spirit, those led by the soulish Adam-nature, and those led by the devil. What is important to realise, as I have already said, that prophecy is a gift from God, and it is up to us how we use it. Prophets are human beings and sometimes speak presumptuously, thinking that the gift is "for always" and not as and when God wishes it to be used. Prophets are instrumental, not accidental or incidental. By that I mean God gives a man (or woman) the spirit of prophecy as and when He will. It is not automatic or latent, ready to be used-on-demand. Many young prophets make this mistake and think that once endowed with the gift, always endowed. Such God will quickly humble...even humiliate. I have made two or three false prophecies, thinking I had the gift unconditionally. I didn't. Luckily, young prophets have space to repent. If they don't, and continue presumptuously, they will soon be abandoned by the Spirit. And the devil will fill the vacuum. There's is a sacred call, not to be trifled with. Hence the punishment for false prophecy in the Old Covenant was death. In the New, a false prophet receives the punishment of spiritual death -- of a departure of the Holy Spirit -- sadly, without him always realising it.

    My first real taste of this gift came about a decade ago when the Lord told me in a revelation, subsequently written down, that the two Germanys would soon reunite. It seemed most unlikely, and I was hesitant. But about a year-and-a-half later the unthinkable happened -- communism fell and the USSR pulled out of East Germany.

    I was also told about the demise of Yugoslavia -- that it would effectively cease to exist. Secessionist noises were being made at the time by Slovenia and Croatia but the superpowers refused to recognise them. The USA insisted that the Yugoslav Union remain in tact. It didn't, and about a year later the country was in tatters, ripped apart by war.

    There are a number of alarming and as yet (February 1998) unfulfilled prophecies which have been published. You can read about them on this site under Prophecy.

    The Christian Church needs the gift of dreams, visions, prophecy and revelation more than ever before. Many Christians and ministries are receiving them, many souls are growing up in their new and (for many) unexpected callings. We have had many nascent prophets write in to this site for advice. Some of their dreams and visions are to be found on this site. We are here to encourage all such gifted souls.

    May the Lord of Light bless you and illuminate you as you work your way through this site. Be sure to get in contact if you have any questions or would like to contribute any of your own experiences with these gifts.

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