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    Section 331

    Christian Meditation

    Eastern forms of meditation are very popular in the West but they involve the invocation of demonic spirits and do not recognise the sovereignty of Yahweh-Elohim of Israel and His Son, Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). Most forms of yoga are built upon pantheistic philosophy which maintains that God is in everything,man is a part of everything, and that man is "God". Some of these meditations involve the repetition of mantras. All of this is false and dangerous. Christian meditation is completely different. The following revelation, which is an expansion of a discourse, ranks as one of the longest in the 'Olive Branch', and explains what Christian meditation is. It is a typical firstborn revelation and is for those who are well-grounded in the elementary principles of the Gospel [Våler, Østfold, Norway].

    1. The Word of Yahweh unto the set-apart ones of the New Covenant who seek to commune with the Father of All across the veil, saying:

    2. Hearken unto Yahweh thy Elohim, whose throne is firm as of old, from all eternity unto all eternity;

    3. Come into My presence with thanksgiving and sing unto Me psalms of joy.

    4. For if ye desire to know Me, and will kneel before Me in perfect contrition, then behold, I shall reveal Myself unto you, yea, and unto every honest seeker after truth.

    5. Listen unto My voice, and know My presence.

    Elohim is Within Man

    6. Behold, I have told you many times that I am within you, yet ye have not learned to listen unto My voice but unto the voices of the flesh.

    7. Therefore shall I restore unto those of the Messianic Community the keys of meditation, that ye may not be deceived by the many competing voices within you but will come to discern and appreciate the Voice of He who speaketh unto you now through His servant.

    God May Be Met Now

    8. I am Yahweh thy Elohimd and I dwell in yonder heavens beyond your mortal gaze.

    9. Nevertheless I am also within you, being both far and near.

    10. There are many who speak longingly of being reunited with Me after they have laid down their flesh in death but have not understood that I am Yahweh, the Ever Present One, whom they may meet now. Therefore hearken.

    11. Behold, ye seek inner peace and freedom from everything that would bind you down in ignorance and slavery, but ye do not always seek in the right place.

    Artificial Pleasure

    12. Ye seek Me in your minds, creating artificial pleasure which is neither real nor permanent.

    13. For in the mind ye will not find true joy, neither will ye find rest and shalom (peace).

    Possessing Yahweh's Shalom is Independent of Outer Circumstances

    14. The shalom of Elohim is not dependent upon your circumstances nor upon the conditions in which ye find yourselves, beloved, therefore neither seek nor measure your peace, your hopes, your desires and your expectations in terms of outer things, for this is folly.

    15. But seek within your souls, into that centre of the Light of Messiah which standeth above the thoughts, and the feelings, and the physical flesh.

    16. Whether ye are bound in chains, or are enslaved and oppressed by the wicked; whether ye are in flood or famine or in the midst of war; whether ye are in depression or in panic -- ye may yet be free and at peace.

    17. For behold, when the soul is free, it may go wheresoever it may, in the midst of poverty or of plenty, but shall remain the same.

    The Inner is Eternal

    18. That which is inner is eternal; but that which is outer shall perish and be found no more.

    19. I am Eternal, for Eternal is My Name, and I am within you, your perfect shalom and joy.

    20. Have I not told you that My kingdom is within you? (Lk.17:21) Therefore why do some of my people still seek joy outwardly, and fail to perceive the inner reality?

    21. I am the Inner Messiah, the Master of the Light, and I have been within you always (Jn.1:9). But ye have not always perceived Me.

    The Inner Light is Modest and Gentle

    22. Now the inner Light is not boastful, neither doth it display itself, but is silent and calm.

    23. It dwelleth where few find it, because they are entrapped by their flesh.

    24. He who findeth the Light shall be enlightened and the fullness of the Kingdom shall dwell within Him.

    25. But he cannot write his enlightenment in ink, neither can he speak it in words, for this cannot be.

    26. But the one who is in Me, even Yah'shua the Messiah, can only communicate his echadness (oneness) in silence to those who are prepared to listen in silence.

    27. No man who hath found the Light can give it unto the world for it is only I, Yahweh, who giveth, for I am the source.

    Christian Enlightenment

    28. But verily, verily, I say unto you, that one who hath found enlightenment, having crossed the veil of the Firstborn, can radiate that Light that those who behold it might desire it and come unto its source, even Messiah the Omnipotent Master.

    The Father is All

    29. I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me, and My power is the power of the Father.

    30. For the Father who dwelleth in Me, He doeth the works.

    31. Therefore as the Father dwelleth in Me and doeth the works of set-apartness (holiness), even so, do dwell I in you when ye are true, and it is I who doeth the good works in you.

    32. I am your strength and your power, even as the Father of All is My strength and power.

    33. Therefore the Father and I are echad (one); and if ye are in Me, ye are echad (one) also (Jn. 17:11,22).

    The Mystery of Godliness

    34. Great is the mystery of godliness (1 Tim.3:16) but few there are who find it because they fear to tread in My footsteps.

    35. I, the master Yah'shua, am within you, even as the Father is within you, even as the whole Elohimhead (Godhead) is within you. And behold, this is the great mystery of the Firstborn.

    36. Yea, We are in each soul, from alef to taw (alpha to omega), but We are veiled because of sin and a lack of repentance and enlightenment.

    Forsake the World

    37. Now behold, ye cannot reach and touch the Father who dwelleth within you unless ye are willing to leave the world, for in the world ye cannot hear, save the dull drum-beat of coarse matter.

    39. Therefore let your reasoning, and your thinking, and your planning, and your scheming be at peace.

    40. Cease your ambitions and your commotions, and be still.

    Wait and Listen

    41. Hearken unto the still, small voice, and wait for Me.

    42. If ye have desires to meditate, then ye must develop the quality of listening. For he who cannot listen cannot meditate; and he who cannot meditate cannot hear My Voice.

    43. Behold, as ye learn to listen ye shall cross a veil where the emet (truth) crosseth over from the mind and into the heart.

    44. And by this means truth groweth up from being intellectual into a living principle.

    Elohim is Alive

    45. I am Elohim, but I am not the word "Elohim", for I am alive. I am within, not a word without.

    46. Verily, verily, I say unto you, that ye must come to know me as I really am, through your daily experiences.

    Forget Yourself

    47. And this ye can only do as ye forget self.

    48. As ye forget self, and silence your thoughts and your feelings, and every kind of commotion within, so ye will feel My presence, even that which is greater than your self. Then ye will stand in awe.

    Seek in Faith

    49. He who seeketh for Me and My Kingdom hath faith in My presence and power;

    50. But those who are not seeking Me have neither faith nor confidence.

    51. For behold, ye cannot search for Me until ye first believe that I am.

    Faith Brings Certainty

    52. Though such a soul may not know Me, yet his faith giveth him inner certainty and he may exclaim in the integrity of his soul: "Behold, I know that Elohim liveth! Therefore I shall seek Him!"

    53. Every soul beginneth his search in different places for all begin at different points, according to their several backgrounds.

    54. I am the Davar (Logos, Word), and when I take root in your consciousness, I shall bring forth a bounteous harvest.

    Be Established in the Word

    55. The first path of meditation is to root the Word so that the seeker after truth cometh unto an actual awareness of living in the Ruach (Spirit).

    56. And as ye come unto awareness, so shall ye perceive that it is I, your Master, who liveth in your life, and that ye are not yourselves independently alive.

    57. Therefore ye shall be able to do all things, for I shall empower you.

    58. Yea, My Ruach will come alive in you and by the by ye shall transcend every inclination to do evil, being filled only with goodness and a desire to serve your fellow man.

    59. Remember the lesson of the seven steps of the Firstborn, beloved, and begin to learn of the seventh step early.

    Elohim Reaches for Man

    60. Do not reach for Me, for ye will fall.

    61. For behold, if ye are in Me, what need have ye to reach for Me?

    62. There are many in the Assembly who still think after the false patterning of the churches [and assemblies] that mothered them, who say in their hearts: "I desire one day to live with My Father in Heaven!"

    The Eternal Present

    63. But by this thinking they cut themselves off from the Eternal Present, and their longing taketh them but farther and farther away.

    64. For if ye continue to think externally, ye will never find Me, but must forever be frustrated.

    65. I am the Father, and I am already within you, and though ye will live with Me one day in a world of glory if ye are faithful, even a world that is external, ye cannot find that world unless ye find it within yourselves first.

    The Eternal Spring of Beauty

    66. Though ugliness and terror may surround you in this world, yet the inward Kingdom is an eternal spring of beauty that perisheth not.

    67. But if ye see only outwardly, then ye take what is outward inside yourselves, cloaking the Kingdom of Heaven with a veil of illusion that ye suppose is your inner reality.

    68. And by this means many fail to find the Kingdom, constantly journeying outwards in search of that which cannot be found.

    69. Come, come, beloved, for the fruit is already upon the trees and Eden is already within you.

    Spiritual Eden and the Garden of Shalom

    70. Though ye have been physically cast out of Eden and cannot re-enter that state of paradise until ye have put off your veil of flesh and have received the judgment of the just, yet spiritual Eden is within you, and hath always been there.

    71. Come unto the Garden of Shalom and rest therein, for only when ye have begun to do this can ye build up a Firstborn community unto me.

    72. For if ye have not the inner vision, ye cannot build up the outer manifestation. Therefore Zion cannot be manifested.

    Obtain the Mind of Messiah

    73. Therefore receive ye the mind of Messiah (1 Cor.2:16), and Messiaht shall raise you and quicken you both inwardly and outwardly, for My Ruach shall dwell within you.

    Past, Present and Future are One

    74. I am past, present, and future, for I have no beginning.

    75. I am one eternal round. And behold, if ye find Me, then ye too shall partake of that eternity.

    76. Do not teach or preach or declare My Gospel until ye have the mind of Messiah; for if ye have not the mind of Messiah, then your teaching and preaching are in vain.

    A Willing Mind and Heart

    77. Now behold, how shall ye obtain the mind of Messiah? Ye must have a willing mind and a willing heart, and step forward.

    78. Ye must desire to labour with all your souls, for no blessing came without effort.

    Grace and Effort

    79. Nevertheless your effort of itself would be profitless if ye did not first accept My grace, for this is the greatest gift of all.

    80. Therefore come unto Me, your Saviour, in perfect faith, doubting not, and I will pour forth My grace upon you; and behold, my grace will enable you to accomplish the tasks ahead.

    81. If ye have not My grace, ye will not have the strength to overcome. See, then, that ye seek my grace (undeserved loving kindness) first of all.

    82. And without grace, ye can have no desire, nay, not even to one good work.

    83. Therefore first of all seek My grace, which is free. And this is the beginning, as also it is the end. But the middle ye must labour for yourselves.

    The Great Sea

    84. The centre of the Light of Messiah is the Great Sea, which is both nowhere and everywhere.

    One Place and Everywhere

    85. As a Being of form I am in only one place; but My Ruach is everywhere, even as the Ruach of the Father is everywhere, even as the Light of the Firstborn is everywhere.

    Awareness Like Enoch

    86. Behold, as ye become aware of the Light, so like father Enoch ye shall behold all things.

    87. Love will pour like a never-ending waterfall into all that ye do, and ye will never be empty.

    88. And then ye will no longer live by personal effort alone, for ye will be in Me, but will live wholly by grace.

    89. Beloved, understand this truth, that ye may not be deceived by the ignorance of the secularists who know not My Word because they live not in it:

    Imperfect Faith, Partial Grace

    90. No man can live wholly under grace at the beginning, because his faith is not perfect, but he must grow from grace to grace in similitude of the Son of Man (Jn.1:16).

    False Routes to Salvation

    91. Do not deceive yourselves in any wise, for the false doctrine of instant salvation by grace is a terrible impediment to sanctification.

    92. Ye are saved by grace in the beginning, but ye are only saved by grace at the end after ye have done all ye can to overcome.

    Forensic Righteousness

    93. Ye are declared righteous by My grace as though ye were wholly redeemed, and this because of My atonement.

    94. But he who hath found the Light knoweth that he hath not the fullness, and thus he remaineth humble, and grace worketh the more strongly in him.

    Grow in Grace

    95. He is saved by his faith because he will grow from grace to grace until he hath received everything that is in My Father's Kingdom.

    The River of Life

    96. For when ye are in the river of Light, ye are saved, if ye fall not, because the goal is certain.

    97. But if ye are not in the river, ye are not saved, and no words will save you, even if they are Mine, saith the Master.

    98. Therefore beware, and do not be deceived, for there are many false and pernicious doctrines in the churches which bind the infants to their cradles that they grow not.

    Fighting Against the Light

    99. And the reward of those who deliberately fight against the truth, holding down the children of men captive for the sake of their own intellectual dogma, is to ultimately perish, for they will find themselves outside the Kingdom which they never entered inwardly.

    The Three New Olive Leaves

    100. Now when ye have entered this Light ye will understand the message of the three New Olive Leaves (NC&C 44; 99; 214) that I have restored through My servant, and ye will cease seeking for goodness from people and things.

    101. But ye will seek righteousness only from the Light, even Messiah, who doeth all things for you if ye will but believe, trust, and labour with all your strength.

    102. For this cause came I into the world to die for you.

    103. Cease to seek that which already existeth in outward form or effect, but seek within from the Messiah-source, which is the Light.

    Alertness Brings Awareness

    104. Be ye alert, watching as your awareness of Me unfoldeth in new and richer forms.

    105. Watch as the dross of your false understanding and feeling slowly burneth away.

    106. For this is the better way, and if all the saints would do these things it would not be necessary to send fires into the Assembly to violently burn away that which resisteth the truth.

    Purging Fires

    107. But behold, I will send fires until ye come to understanding and no longer require the chastisements of the prophets, but will yield to obedience of your own free wills, and embark upon the Firstborn Way.

    A Rainbow of Delight

    108. Yea, watch as life becomes more abundant; watch as your joy unfoldeth into a rainbow of multi-coloured delight and as the heavens rain blessings upon you.

    109. Then ye shall delcare: "Great and holy is the Yahweh-Elohim Almighty! How wonderful are His Ways! I shall praise Him on the hilltops and in the valleys, in the low ways and in the high; for He is nigh unto Me and I have entered into His shalom and simcha (joy)!"

    110. Ye shall understand that I am the eternal storehouse of all goodness.

    111. I am your treasure-house: therefore come unto Me, and draw out what ye will, for He who cometh unto Me hath all that I possess.

    Heirs of the Kingdom

    112. Yea, for ye are heirs and joint-heirs of My Kingdom (Rom.8:17), which Kingdom was purchased by blood;

    113. But the heir must collect his inheritance, for the dead bringeth not the inheritance unto the living.

    Elohim (God) is Dead in the World

    114. I, the Master, am dead to your carnal plane of existence, but I am alive forever in that world which is above yours, and within yours.

    115. I cannot descend into your matter again until all is restored -- therefore ye must collect your prize, for I cannot bring it unto you.

    116. This is your work, yea, even to collect that which is free. And by this work are ye saved, and this only.

    Salvation by Grace and Works

    117. Comprehend ye this? Therefore ye are saved by grace and by works,yea, even the works of collecting that which is free through grace.

    Born Again

    118. Ye speak often of being born again, and behold, this hath become a popular saying with the churches. But they have only understood the smallest part of it.

    119. To be born again is to climb out of your carnal plane of existence -- your fallen thoughts, feelings, and fleshy passions -- to receive the free gift of grace.

    120. A child is born into the world from the womb of his mother when he openeth his eyes and seeth the light of the material plane.

    121. Likewise ye, when ye are born again in Me, the living Saviour, see My Kingdom for the first time, having made contact with the Light within you.

    Journey into Spiritual Adulthood

    122. Then beginning your journey into spiritual adulthood, yea, as ye see more and more the reality and truth of My Kingdom, receiving and growing from grace to grace.

    123. As a man cannot grow up in a day, neither can ye do the same spiritually, but through the trial of your faith must learn to trust in Me in all things and discern between truth and falsehood.

    The Truth Sanctifies

    124. The truth sanctifieth, and causeth a man to journey deeper into the Light;

    125. But the darkness robbeth the light, and taketh away the light a man originally had, and taketh him away from the Light and into the darkness that hath deceived him.

    Repentance Restores Elohim's Presence

    126. And repentance, coupled with a determination to do the will of Yahweh that is fixed and immovable -- which is a man's effort out of darkness and into the hands of Messiah, who is Chesed (Grace) and Emet (Truth) -- is the means of restoration into the presence of Elohim.

    Many Rebirths

    127. Ye must be [spiritually] born again many times, even as I have already told you, going from one degree of sancification to another.

    128. And for this cause I have restored the Holy Order upon the earth again, that ye might receive the keys for your inward journey, and not fall into the traps which Satan so cunningly layeth in the field of mortality.

    Read the Scriptures and

    Good Literature

    129. Now, if ye desire to commune with Me, ye must read My Scriptures (Bible), for they testify of the Light, and are a manifestation of the Light; therefore they lead to the Light.

    130. But this is not all: ye must read good literature, even that which through the life of good and holy men and women, testifieth of the Light, reading out of the best books.

    From Eye to Heart

    131. But this is not all, for unless that which entereth the eye striketh the heart also, it is profitless.

    Ponder the Word

    132. Therefore ye must ponder and meditate upon My Word until the Word pierceth the veils of your ignorance and sinfulness and entereth the core of your hearts.

    133. Only when the Word hath entered your hearts can it take root and become alive, even as the seed striketh freshly tilled and watered soil. Therefore consider what ye do with the Word.

    Let the Word Sprout

    134. When the Word striketh the heart, and beginneth to sprout, then behold, ye will commune with the Father through Yah'shua the Messiah.

    The Voice of the Elohimhead (Godhead) Speaks

    135. And then ye must fix your minds wholly on Elohim; and thus, by the by, ye will hear My Voice, and the Voice of the Father, which is One Voice.

    136. And behold, once ye have attained unto this Light and unto this consciousness, ye will have no other problems in life, for you will instantly have the tools to deal with every difficulty.

    Perfect Inner Shalom

    137. Your inward shalom (peace) and simcha (joy) will never be disturbed, even though all around you is in commotion and chaos.

    Ministering to the Restless in Spirit

    138. And thus, being constantly in a spirit of divine enlightenment, ye will be able to minister to those who have not this shalom, and per chance will lead them to the better way.

    139. For if ye are in this perfect Light ye will be fed, clothed, and housed by an inexhaustible fountain of Light. And this Light is Messiah Yah'shua.

    Beauty, Health, Harmony and Joy

    140. Ye will live lives of beauty, health, harmony, and joy; and this because of My sovereign grace.

    141. Therefore, why delay ye further? Acquaint now yourselves with Me and be at shalom.

    142. And so this awareness of My Father within you shall be the beginning of a life filled with His grace.

    Stop Worrying

    143. Ye will cease worrying over your personal welfare, and the welfare of your families, of the Messianic Community, or your nations, and of the world, for ye will know.

    144. Ye will become free from fear, danger, and lack.

    145. For the Voice of Truth will speak unto you, saying: "Peace be still!" (Mk.4: 39)

    146. My Presence will always be before you, making every crooked path straight;

    The Desert will Blossom as the Rose

    147. The Light will make every inner desert blossom as the rose;

    148. The doors of opportunity, service and welcome will swing widely open before you.

    149. And behold, as My Ruach is manifested in greater and still greater deeds of spiritual power, your trust will grow in leaps and bounds.

    Struggling with Discord

    150. Yea, every inward struggle with discord will end, and ye will cease living by your own might and power, but by My Ruach, which is My grace.

    Consciousness Must Be Attained

    151. Every soul who is born into the world hath a degree of consciousness of the Light of Messiah, but it must be cultivated.

    Strict Commandments

    152. For this cause I have given you strict commandments (mitzvot), that this Light might not be quenched and your children driven into darkness which hath no inward light to guide them.


    153. For ye must learn perseverence, and apply the keys that ye have quickly before the night cometh.

    154. For when the night cometh, ye will not easily find the keys again, and must suffer because of your own self-neglect.

    Cultivate Awareness and Devotion

    155. Ye must cultivate your awareness of Me, saith the Master, by study, meditation, and emunah (faith). Else what hope have ye?

    156. Ye must also develop devotion, not hopping from one thing to another, completing every task, not allowing yourselves to be side-tracked from your goal.

    The Law of Consecration

    157. Ye must also develop consecration, giving unto Me your all, whether in physical goods, or feelings, or mind, yea, even your whole soul.

    158. For without consecration ye cannot find Me; therefore ye cannot be enlightened.

    Receptivity and Submissiveness

    159. Ye must also develop receptivity, not fighting against the Light all the time, but learning true submissiveness and teachability.

    160. Ye must develop all of these things which would welcome your Master as through My Ruach I awaken your soul into newness of life.

    Outer and Inner Churches

    161. For this reason I have given you an outer Assembly, even the local Colonies, that ye may be engrained outwardly with good habits that will in turn pave the way for your inward journey.

    162. Nevertheless it is better that these things come of your own free desires, for this is the better way.

    Open the Door for Messiah

    163. And behold, once ye have opened the door of your soul through faith, obedience, devotion, consecration, and receptivity, then behold, I will come in and sup with you, and never leave you, nor forsake you.

    The Struggle of Faith

    164. For I am with you always, even unto the end of the world, when the veil of mortality will be rent and ye will see all things as they really are, and know that ye have been justified in the struggle of your faith.

    Patience and Perseverence

    165. And behold, as ye are faithful in all these things, ye will learn patience and perseverence.

    166. And through patience and perseverence ye will become conscious of My presence, in quietness and stillness, by controlling the use of your mental power or physical might.

    167. Therefore I will speak unto you, and ye will verily hear My own Voice.

    168. And by My grace ye will be saved through your faith in Me.

    The Purpose, and Keys, of Meditation

    169. And now I, the Master, shall speak more concerning the keys of meditation.

    To Preach the Word

    170. Behold, the purpose of meditation is to attain unto My grace that ye might preach the Word in power and Ruach unto the world.

    Beware of Meditation Merchants

    171. Any other purpose is false. Therefore beware of the wolves dressed in sheep's clothing who peddle meditation techniques which are the formulae of devils.

    Mantras Forbidden

    172. Ye shall not repeat mantras or anything like unto them but ye shall meditate only upon My Word which I have given unto you in the Bible and in other scriptures.

    Remain in the World

    173. Neither shall ye withdraw from the world entirely, but only from time to time, forgetting not My commission unto you to go into the world to make disciples of all nations (Mt.28:19-20).

    174. Now when ye have received true grace it will take over your experience and live your life, enable you to do those things that I, the Master, foreordained you to do, and straighten out every crooked path and enable you to overcome every obstacle set in your way by the tempter.

    175. When ye receive My grace ye will be blessed above kings and queens, having satisfying relationships with your spouses, your children, and the set-apart ones (saints);

    Abundant Supply

    176. Ye will have abundant supply and be creative in every endeavour.

    177. But behold, if ye seek My grace for the purpose of demonstration, that ye might possess some person or some thing, then ye can never receive it, for it will flee from you.

    Only in Messiah

    178. For ye can never obtain anything that is everlasting apart from Me, your Master and your Elohim.

    179. All else is vanity and folly and shall lead only to bitter disappointment.

    One Objective Only

    180. Therefore let your Heavenly Father be your only objective and your only desire, and ye shall obtain the treasure of grace.

    181. For is it not written, that the natural man receiveth not the things of Elohim? (1 Cor.2:14)

    The Prodigal Son

    181. Yea, and the natural man is the prodigal son who is still deep in material consciousness, praying that his materiality may be a little better or a little richer.

    182. Such a one is blind to spiritual things until he hath passed through the long dark night of despair and loneliness, coming to enlighenment only through having lost everything.

    183. And yet if I, the Master, fulfilled your material desires, ye would not be fulfilled or satisfied.

    What Do I Need?

    184. Ye know not what ye need, but your Father in Heaven, He knoweth all that ye need before ye come to awareness of your needs. Therefore He taketh care of you.

    185. Therefore let every prayer be spiritual and the Father who is spiritual, will answer your every need, both spiritual and material.

    What Am I Seeking For?

    186. When ye pray, ask yourselves what degree of spiritual illumination ye are seeking, and consider whether your prayers are earthly or heavenly.

    187. Behold, I the Master, came into the world that ye might have life, and have it abundantly (Jn.10:10). Abundance is My Name.

    What Should I Pray For? Who is Meditating?

    188. And if ye are in Me, the Ruach [haQodesh] shall instruct you what to pray for, and all that ye say, and pray for, will be spiritual.

    189. Now it is the ruach (spirit) which meditateth, not the man of flesh, when ye are in Messiah, and therefore ye need only open yourselves up to My will;

    190. Then I shall reveal your need and be your fulfilment.

    "Speak, Master"

    191. Come unto me in your prayer and meditation saying: "Speak, Master, for thy servant heareth" (1 Sam.3:9).

    192. Such a one hath a correct attitude and will be able to meditate fruitfully, for he hath opened his consciousness to the Father and alloweth the Father to fill him.

    Only the Father Should Speak

    193. Therefore let the Father utter His Word in you and let your own words fall silent. This is meditation.

    True and False Prayer

    194. True prayer is your own words chosen and quickened by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit).

    195. False prayer is your own words quickened by your own desires.

    196. Now, verily, verily, I say unto you, that if your own carnal desires were fulfilled, ye would not be satisfied.

    197. For ye have not the wisdom to know that which ye need.


    198. Therefore ye must meditate, surrendering yourselves unto Me wholly, until I give My will unto you and ye are quickened in prayer by the Ruach haQodesh.

    199. Now these things are not learned in a day, and often your prayers will be impure;

    Pure and Impure Prayer

    200. Nevertheless it is better to pray with impure motives than not at all;

    201. But better still it is to pray with pure motives and thereby know the will of your Father which is in Heaven.

    202. Therefore let Me, your Master, reveal your need and provide your fulfilment;

    203. For then ye will be fulfilled indeed, and stand in need of nothing from the world.

    Prayer and Consecration

    204. Ye cannot pray in Me unless ye are fully consecrated in Me, saith the Master, for your prayers will be in the world to some extent.

    205. He who is fully consecrated in Me despiseth the world and all that therein is, and seeketh only Zion.

    206. He hath no needs in the world for his whole soul dwelleth in a wholly higher dimension of Light.

    207. Neither declare nor affirm in meditation, but listen.

    Do Not Sermonise in Prayer

    208. Do not give lectures and sermons when ye pray, nor recount histories, for all of these sidestep true prayer.

    209. Talk not to Me in the way the children of the world talk to each other yet do not listen to each other.

    Talking and Listening are One

    210. Verily they can talk, but they cannot listen.

    211. And those who are of such a disposition find it easy to pray but they cannot meditate.

    True Prayer is Communion

    212. Therefore they cannot pray either, for true prayer is communion.

    213. And communion is talking and listening in perfect harmony.

    The Only True Desire

    214. He who cometh unto me with a true attitude in prayer hath no other desire than the realisation of Messiah, and the fulfilment of the will of the Father.

    215. If I, the Master, am in you, what needs can ye possibly have?

    216. Whosoever is in Messiah is in the beginning and end of all desires, for I am the Beginning and the End.

    217. Therefore in Me ye have no needs.

    218. And if your soul hath needs it is because ye are not fully in Me, your Master and Saviour.

    219. When ye have no needs [save Elohim], yet are alive and overflowing with grace, then ye are in the presence of Elohim the Father.

    Material Thoughts and Desires

    220. Most come unto Me with only material thoughts and desires;

    221. And verily they come not at all, but are addressing their lower self, who listeneth and seeketh to please, that it may itself be rewarded.

    222. This is idolatry.

    Fallen Man Sets Conditions

    223. Many are the excuses of the children of men, for they say: "Heal me of my sickness, O Master, then I will search for thee and do whatsoever thou willest."

    224. But such a one is a liar and knoweth not what he saith, for after he hath obtained the carnal desires of his heart, he remaineth the same unredeemed man who soon forgetteth his promise.

    225. For if ye come unto me with any condition, whether it be health, or money, or fame, or whatever it may be, then ye have sinned, and cannot verily come unto Me.

    226. But if ye would seek Me first, and forget your pain, and your poverty, and your lack of worth in the eyes of the world, ye would obtain health, riches, and self-respect, and verily more.

    Few Trust the Master

    227. But who will believe this report? Who will trust Me? Verily, verily, I say unto you, few indeed.

    228. For few will let go of their material and worldly cravings; few will consecrate themselves unto their Elohim without condition or price.

    Renounce All

    229. But they who renounce all for Me obtain all, and more.

    230. And they obtain not what they supposed they needed but what their Father in Heaven decreeth unto them as being necessary for their eternal happiness. What greater reward can a man have?

    Cut False Desire Away

    231. Take hold of the blade, beloved, and cut away every desire until ye have only one desire left, even a desire to come to a knowledge of your Elohim and Saviour.

    232. Blessed is he who doeth this for he shall find the Kingdom and never lack.

    233. Then ye shall enjoy every good thing in life and be enslaved to none.

    234. Then ye will fear to lose nothing, for ye will already have everything.

    Prayer of the Righteous One

    235. Therefore come unto me, saying:

    236. "O Yahweh My Heavenly Father, in the Name of Thy Son Yah'shua, hear Thou the desire of My heart.

    237. "For the desire of My heart is that I might know Thee, Holy Father.

    238. "Therefore My soul crieth out unto Thee, saying: Reveal Thyself unto me;

    239. "Whether Thou revealest Thyself in health or in sickness, in riches or in poverty, in fame or in misfortune, in victory or in defeat, in glory or in despair, I care not, O Master.

    240. "I ask only that Thou revealest Thyself;

    241. "For in Thy Presence is eternal security, peace, safety, and joy. Amen!"

    Seek Only for Grace

    242. In meditation the son or daughter of Elohim seeketh only for grace.

    243. Ye cannot find it by reading in books or making speeches about it.

    244. It cannot be found in your mind.

    245. Behold, there are many who are able to bring forth many words of wisdom but they have no grace.

    246. Therefore they have no peace.

    Knowledgeable But Not Wise

    247. They are knowledgeable but not wise.

    248. Now if ye really desire to know Me, ye must abandon every wordly concept, every worldly desire.

    Cease Banqueting with the Pigs

    249. Ye must get up from your banquet with the swine and leave behind all thoughts, every person, and every activity associated with the world of swine, as did the prodigal Son, and return unto the Father.

    Obstacles to Meditation

    250. Those of the world love self-indulgence. And what is this?

    251. Behold, self-indulgence is ease, comfort, riches, intemperance, gluttony, indolence and sensuality.

    252. All these things separate you from Elohim your Father.

    253. All of these things prevent you from praying and meditating.

    254. Therefore if your prayers are not answered, and your meditations bear you no fruits, then it is because ye are still a part of the world and indulging yourselves.

    A Rebel and Enemy of Heaven

    255. Behold, this is the first lesson of awareness -- a consciousness that ye are rebels and enemies of Heaven.

    From Awareness to Action

    256. And the second is like unto it -- it is the transformation of awareness into action, yea, even a complete and utter separation from the world.

    257. But have I not told you this many hundreds of times?

    Believe and Obey

    258. Yea, but ye have not obeyed; and ye have not obeyed because ye have not believed; and ye have not believed because ye verily love the world more than Me.

    The Fruits

    259. Now if your prayers and meditations are not fruitful, and if ye see not angels nor other celestial beings, it is because ye are still clinging on to the world.

    260. And this because of a lack of belief.

    261. O beloved children, how often must I plead with you?

    262. Know ye not that I stand ready to enfold you and give unto you the very Kingdom and all the riches therein?

    Revelation to the Faithful

    263. Now unto the faithful I reveal Myself; but unto the faithless I withhold Myself.

    264. For no unclean thing can dwell in the presence of Elohim;

    Repent and Believe!

    265. But if ye will repent, and exercise a particle of faith, then I, the Master, shall declare you righteous, through grace, and I shall dwell with you, and ye with Me.

    266. And holy beings will make their home with you, and share in your lives with you.

    Homes Filled With Angels

    267. Your homes will be filled with angels, and the ruach therein shall be holy and pure.

    Pure Breath

    268. Then ye will be able to breathe in pure essences;

    269. And when ye, in turn, breathe on others, ye shall breathe holiness upon them, and bless them.

    The Ruach haQodesh is Real

    270. There are many who declare: "The Ruacht is not real unto me!"

    271. But I say unto them that the Ruach is that which is most real, for it is that which endureth forever and giveth life unto you.

    271. But those who find this Ruach, even the Ruach of Messiaht, know what true reality is, and behold {see} the illusion of the world.

    Hope, Expectation and Glory

    272. Their ruach is an inner hope, and an inner expectation, and an inner glory.

    273. And their hope, and their expectation, and their glory is only in Yah'shua the Messiah.

    To Be Yahweh's Instrument

    274. Those who are of Me have but one purpose, saith the Master, and it is to be My instrument.

    275. And when they have found Me, and know Me as I really am, their one fulfilment is in allowing Me to manifest through them.

    No Self-Glory

    276. They do not strive or struggle to glorify themselves, but only their Father in Heaven, doing all their works in His Name.

    Realisation, Not Achievement

    277. And they will say: "I have no wisdom of my own, Holy Father, no power of my own, no judgment of my own, no health of my own, no wealth of my own; I have only Thee."

    278. If any mediatation hath even the tiniest particle of desire to get something from Me, then it is not true meditation, saith the Lord.

    279. Ye are to realise My will, but not achieve it.

    Messiah Has Done It All

    280. All that is to be achieved is already achieved, for I have achieved All.

    281. Therefore what have ye to achieve? Verily, verily, I say unto you: nothing.

    282. The Master of the Cross is the Achiever; but ye are the realisers of that achievement on earth.

    283. Ye are the bearers of grace, not grace itself.

    Perfume in the Flower

    284. The Light is already locked away within you, even as the perfume is locked away in the flower.

    285. As the flower openeth, the fragrance escapeth.

    286. As ye open also, turning away from your sins and calling upon Me to wash away your filth, then behold, the perfume of My Ruach will be released from you.

    Where the Fullness is Revealed

    287. Where there is one soul who is wholly surrendered unto Me, there am I in My fullness revealed.

    288. Therefore submission is the door to your Heavenly Father, through Yah'shua His Son.

    One Elohim, One Messiah

    289. Therefore there is but One Messiah and One Elohim, for all is in One, and One in All.

    290. Therefore the fullness of Deity abideth in the Son.

    291. Open the prison gates, allow the Son of Elohim to shine forth out of your sinful lives;

    292. Repent, and be saved.

    The Shalom of Elohim or the 'Peace' of the World?

    293. Blessed are ye when ye no longer search for the peace which the world cannot give, but seek only the shalom of your Father in Heaven.

    294. For the gates of your consciousness will open wide and the light will pour in.

    295. Now most who come unto Me do so in order to obtain the power to enjoy earthly things the more.

    296. But though ye may obtain earthly blessings, ye will only do so to further the Kingdom, and they are not for your own self-aggrandisement or pleasure, saith the Master.

    Seek Not for Earthly Rewards

    297. Do not come unto Me seeking for earthly rewards, nor come with any such motive, for I will not open the gates unto you.

    Deceptions of the Enemy

    298. But verily the enemy will, and he will deceive you, promising you that which ye will not receive, all the while imitating the Ruach haQodesh.

    "What is Biggest and Best for ME?"

    299. The children of this world think only "big", saying: "What is biggest or greatest for me?"

    300. They constantly seek out the best for themselves, whether it be of earthly things or of spiritual.

    301. And because they dwell in the self, they never find, and are constantly frustrated.

    302. And when they think they have found, they are never satisfied, for they are driven by an inner lust for more.

    303. But behold, the firstborn way is to leave your fishing nets behind, and not to come seeking for yourselves.

    304. Ye can only obtain grace through inner silence, through listening and obeying the pure Word.

    Like a Beggar

    305. Therefore be ye like unto an empty cup and hold it up like unto the beggar, and ye shall obtain all that ye need, pressed down, and overflowing (Lk. 6:38).

    The Grabbers

    306. But if ye reach out with hands extended like claws, ready to grab at the first opportunity, ye will not obtain, and never know the Way of the Firstborn.

    307. Behold, only the Father knoweth your final spiritual destination.

    Wrong Goals

    308. Therefore ye cannot say unto yourselves: "This is what I want. This is what I shall strive for," for ye know not;

    309. And more often than not your goals are wrong, and ye strive for that which is not your Heavenly Father's will.

    310. Therefore ye will either obtain that which turneth out to your cursing or obtain nothing at all.

    311. Many seek and strive until they have exhausted themselves and attain not what they suppose is their goal.

    Striving for Rewards

    312. But those who are of the Firstborn will not strive for rewards or goals, but will only seek their Heavenly Father's will.

    313. And those who are thus true and faithful, having crucified the flesh and all its untoward desires, will abide in peace and love.

    314. And then, behold, I will burst forth within them like the first day of spring, until they are bubbling over and overflowing.

    315. And when I, the Master, manifest Myself in them, they will obtain a power and a simcha (joy) that never endeth, for they will have obtained the fountainhead of Light.

    Full of Love and Energy

    316. They shall walk, and never be weary (Is.5:27); love, and never be empty;

    317. And all this because they did not strive after their own desires and wills, but patiently rested in Me, their Saviour, waiting for My good pleasure.

    318. This is the gift of Elohim; and every true gift cometh unexpectedly.

    319. Yea, the best gift is that which is received without desire and striving, for it will be appreciated the more.

    320. But that which is sought after is never appreciated, for the receiver of the gift never hath the same degree of thankfulness as one who hath received without expecting.

    Give Without Price

    321. For this cause I have commanded you to give to each other freely and without price.

    322. I have commanded you not to follow the traditions of the world where gifts are given or exchanged for wrong motives, because they are expected.


    323. Now, behold, a child of the Firstborn is always full of gratitude in his heart, and he expresseth it as a stream of never-ending thankfulness, both to Elohim and to his fellow man.

    324. But a child of the world knoweth not how to thank; he receiveth, but feeleth nothing, for he hath learned always to expect but never to experience a free gift.

    Binding Your Children

    325. Therefore, beware, beware, for if your children are not full of thankfulness when ye give gifts unto them, it is because ye have taught them wrongly in theory and in deed.

    326. It is because ye have bound them to yourself and used them for your own expectations and glory.

    327. Such is a terrible sin, saith the Master, not only against your children, but against yourselves, for your whole soul is patterned falsely.

    328. The children of such can never come to know their Heavenlay Father, for though they shall receive gifts of Him, they will never acknowledge Him save in token, if this is what they have been taught.

    329. They will receive, but never thank; they will fulfil themselves but never seek to fulfil others.

    330. Though some may go and serve others because this is what they have been taught, unless it cometh of their own free will, out of genuine love and compassion, it is of no worth unto them.

    Serve Unconsciously

    331. He who serveth must have no consciousness that he is serving, for his only consciousness is Elohim.

    332. Therefore he will serve, but not count the reward; he will give, and expect no reward, for his reward is the eternal springtime of Heaven which abideth in his soul.

    The Rewards of the Earth

    333. Now the rewards of this earth do not necessily come because the children of men are good;

    334. Nay, for they often come to the sinful ones, and this because the inner struggle of the sinner may be greater than that of the good man;

    335. For I, the Master, reward such struggles, even as I rewarded Jacob at Peniel and renamed him Israel.

    The Struggle to be Free

    336. And it is the struggle to be free of sin that I reward, saith the Master, and not the struggle to obtain things for self.

    Your Only Responsibility

    337. Beloved, your only responsibility is to seek after Me, your Redeemer and Elohim;

    338. For when ye have obtained My mind and heart, and are verily filled with My Light, then ye will always be in My will and will always do that which is right for your neighbour.

    339. This is your responsibility.

    The Two Paths of Yahweh's Will

    340. There are two paths to doing the will of Yahweh, and ye must walk both to some extent to begin with.

    The Low Road

    341. The first is to go out into the world and serve with all your might, mind, and strength, to do good and bring to pass much righteousness of your own free will.

    342. Such a soul will, by the by, begin to hear Me, even if his praying and meditation is impure.

    343. Most souls begin their walk in Me in this manner, developing a greater consciousness of My will.

    344. Behold, this is a long and hard road, and is the Low Road.

    The High Road

    345. The High Road is like unto it, save that the son or daughter of Elohim cometh first unto Me and devoteth much time in prayer, fasting, and meditation to know My will.

    The Firstborn Spring

    346. And then, having obtained the Firstborn Spring, he goeth out in power and in strength, always abiding in My will.

    347. This is a shorter road but the sacrifice required on it is infinitely greater than that of the Low Road.

    Consecration and the Temple

    348. These are they who come up unto My Holy House, even My Temple, with pure and holy faith, willing to consecrate their all unto Me.

    349. These are they who are perfectly obedient and doubt not, who know what it is to be submissive and to surrender to the almightly will of their Father in Heaven.

    350. These are they who will do anything for Heaven and make any sacrifice.

    351. These are the Firstborn sons and daughters of Elohim.

    The Low Way is Slow and Painful

    352. The Two ways eventually meet but the low one is considerably longer than the other, and filled with much unnecessary suffering.

    353. And this suffering cometh because of disobedience and a lack of trust.

    354. The Low Way is the Zadokian Way, and the High Way is the Enochian Way.

    Praise and Thanksgiving

    355. Beloved, ye will never know why Heaven rewards you if ye walk the High Way, and ye will always exclaim in your hearts:

    356. "Why me, O Master? What have I done to deserve such a wonderful gift?"

    357. And ye will not obtain an answer, but rather ye will be constrained by the Ruach haQodesh within you to extoll and praise the Name of the Most High Elohim!

    358. Therefore your soul will daily be filled with praise and thankfulness.

    359. Now those who walk the High Way, even the Enochian Way, which unfoldeth into the Patriarchal or Firstborn, will experience the Firstborn Spring.

    360. Now this initiation is called by many names, and verily, there are many initiations or openings into the Firstborn worlds.

    The New Birth: An Experience

    361. Some call this being "born again" though most who use this term only imagine they have been born again and have never really experienced it.

    362. For when ye are born again into Yahweh's Holy Mystery ye will experience it with your whole soul.

    363. And having experienced this glory once, ye will experience it many times.

    One Birth or Many?

    364. He who walketh the Firstborn Way is born over and over again into higher and higher glories;

    365. But he who walketh the Lower Way is only born again once, and behold, that is to see the Kingdom of Elohim.

    366. And this will be the nearest he cometh unto the Firstborn, but will only be a shadow thereof.

    The Opening of the Soul

    367. Therefore for those who are consecrated unto the High Way there cometh an opening of the soul.

    368. Now verily this opening cometh in many different situations, saith the Master;

    369. It may come through something that is heard, or something that is read;

    370. It may come in a vision or a dream, or it may come through the teaching of a spiritual Patriarch or Matriarch.

    When Instructors Are Needed No More

    371. But when it cometh, the Firstborn soul needeth no further earthly instructors, for his Instructor is the Ruach haQodesh.

    372. Such a person hath transcended the Temple, though he will remain a part of it because of the fellowship [which is the Heart of the Firstborn];

    373. Such a one will need no help from sources outside himself, unless he falleth and must again be taught the way of repentance and holiness.

    A Blessing to All, Attractive To All

    374. From the moment such a soul is born again into the Firstborn, he becometh a blessing unto all along his way.

    375. He cometh to imitate the Son of Man, even He who speaketh unto you now, drawing all unto himself by virtue of his inner Light.

    376. And as those of the world are drawn unto him, so he bringeth them unto Messiah; and Messiah bringeth them unto the Father, even the fullness.

    The Path of Total Surrender

    377. This is the calling of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs that I am raising up, saith the Master, but this is not something they can strive for.

    378. For of them it is required only that they surrender themselves unto Me.

    379. Many I shall call but verily few will come, saith the Master, for when they comprehend that their personal desires cannot be met, they will depart.

    Of Valiance and Foolishness

    380. Only the valiant will overcome and wrestle until they have obtained the victory.

    381. Many foolish ones came unto the Covenant supposing they would become Patriarchs and Matriarchs in a day, lusting for power and signs.

    382. These I have spat out, saith the Master, for their hearts are disgusting unto Me.

    The Enemies of God

    383. And those who have not repented have become enemies unto Elohim and unto His Messianic Community, reviling that which is set-apart (holy).

    384. Unto such there cometh only sorrow and grief, unless they repent and find one of the two Ways.

    Low Return for the Rebellious

    385. Those who have denied the Light must usually climb back through the Low Way, for Heaven will not easily trust them again.

    386. But if, having been faithful in the lower walk they once again desire to seek the Firstborn, then the Father, in His infinite mercy, will open the High Way unto them again, but only after much burning.

    The Light of a Patriarch

    387. The Light of a Patriarch is a light indeed, and blessed are they who come unto it until they themselves have obtained it, through the grace of My Father-Elohim.

    388. Woe unto them who seek to be lights when they have not obtained it, for they shall stumble and fall;

    389. And those who follow them will stumble and fall after them, or walk away starving.

    Inexhaustible Manna

    390. But those who bathe in the light of a true Patriarch never go away hungry, and this because of the inexhaustible supply of [spiritual] manna that is within him, which is not his, but is the Father's

    391. He becometh as a spring of living water for those walking the Low Way, for whom he must sacrifice until they have come up to the High.

    False Patriarchs Dry Up

    392. And if he is not a true Patriarch he will soon dry up and those who come to have their spiritual thirst slaked will turn away.

    393. By this means ye will know which is a true Patriarch or Matriarch, for their fountain will never dry up.

    Obey a True Patriarch

    394. Unto such ye should be obedient, for the Word they deliver is the Word of Elohim.

    395. Nevertheless ye should remember that ye have been called to become like unto the Patriarchs themselves.

    396. Do not, though, come unto Me, saying: "Make me a Patriarch, O Master!" or "Make me a Matriarch, O Master!"

    397. But come unto Me with a broken heart and a contrite spirit and seek to know My will.

    398. This is the Firstborn Way, and blessed are ye if ye understand it.

    399. All else is either the Low Way, or of the world.

    When a Patriarch is Law

    400. A Patriarch who, by submission to Elohim hath received the Firstborn Spring, becometh the Torah (Law), for the Torah (Law) abideth in him.

    401. Therefore those who are on the Low Way who obey him are blessed; but those who are on the Low Way who do not are cursed.

    402. And if My people will learn this lesson, they will grow exceedingly great both in spirit and in numbers.

    False Patriarchs Will Fall

    403. But if they seek to act as Patriarchs and Matriarchs when they are not, seeking the independence of heaven which alone belongeth unto those who are in Me, they will fall.

    404. For this cause many have fallen who have come up unto the borders of Zion, for they obeyed only when it suited them.

    Rejecting the Law

    405. But when they were given the Torah (Law) and they desired it not, they vainly sought to imitate the Patriarchs and Matriarchs by putting themselves equal to them, or above them.

    Vessels of Wrath

    406. And they fell, for they did not have the Patriarchal Light, becoming vessels of wrath (Rom.9:22) and bitterness.

    407. Therefore wise is he who understandeth these words, for he will not fear, but will trust and obey.

    408. If a Patriarch falleth, he will dry up as pertaining to things that are spiritual, and the people will immediately see that the Heavens are not open unto him any longer.

    409. For the fountainhead of revelation and of love will dry up within him, and he will become like those who walk on the Low Way.

    410. Such a one the people must not follow, or they will perish.

    411. Whatever degree of Light I, the Master endow you with, ye become that same degree of Light unto others.

    Patriarchal Breadth of Vision

    412. A Patriarch or a Matriarch understandeth all the degrees to one degree or another, for he hath a breadth of vision which those on the Low Way cannot have.

    413. He beholdeth the whole, and its several parts, and knoweth where it is he should go, and those who are sealed unto him.

    Adoption into a Patriarchal Family

    414. It is the privilege of any person in the Assembly to be sealed up unto a Patriarch and his family and be guided by him until such a time as they have received the Firstborn Spring.

    415. Such persons become subject to his law and must obey him in all things.

    416. Blessed are they who do this, for they shall become fruitful in obedience.

    417. Nevertheless none shall be compelled to do this;

    418. And only those who are faithful unto My House, even the Temple, have the right to ask such a thing.

    419. And this shall be a preparation for those who seek to come unto Zion, and will submit unto all her laws.

    420. These things I shall reveal more fully in My House, saith the Master.

    Becoming and Administering the Light

    421. All those who receive the Light become that Light, for I am in them, and they in Me, even as I am in the Father, and the Father in Me,

    422. Those who receive the Light become administrators of the Light, and can heal and bless all those who trust in that Light.

    423. But those who do not trust cannot be touched or healed, but must abide in and be nourished by the Light which they have.

    Too Proud to Receive the Light from Others

    424. There are many of My people who are too proud to receive the Light from others, saith the Master, and will only take that which they themselves are able to manifest through their own righteousness.

    425. For those on the Low Way, such is a path of great loneliness, for not only will they be hungry and thirsty, but those who come unto them for Light will see that they have little, and go away disappointed. And they will become lonelier still.

    426. Pride is as a mountain, for it is hard to cross, unless there is a firm determination to overcome.

    The Heavy Price of Pride

    427. Pride hath slain many who might have become Patriarchs and Matriarchs, saith the Master.

    428. Pride and peace cannot lie down in the same bed, for one must kick out the other.

    Make Your Peace

    429. Make thy bed with peace, and come unto Me desirous only to do My will, through true prayer and meditation, and all things will be added unto you, even as I have promised you so many times.

    430. Therefore come unto Me saying: "Messiah liveth my life; therefore I care not whether or not I am prosperous or poor, whether I am exultant or depressed, for the only reality is Yah'shua my Messiah.

    431. "He leadeth me beside still emotional waters and I lie down in the green pastures of His fruitfulness in me (cp. Ps.23).

    432. "Though a thousand men fall up-on me upon my left side, and a thousand upon my right, they cannot come near unto my soul, because I am in the arms of His protection.

    433. "I have found His presence and I am dying daily to my carnal nature.

    434. "I am being reborn in His Ruach each day; I am being guided and directed.

    435. "He feedeth me with spiritual manna that never ceaseth, save when I have turned away from Him.

    436. "He sustaineth me in times of plenty and in times of poverty;

    437. "He healeth me of every affliction in my soul;

    438. "He hath saved me by His Light which He hath imparted unto me within.

    439. "Therefore I am constrained to proclaim Him to the nations, and cry in my soul: 'Halelujah! Praise the Name of Yahweh!'".

    440. Now the purpose of meditation is to awaken the sleeping Messiah within you, for I am asleep in your boat, even your flesh, as I have revealed unto you before (NC&C 268).

    Release Your Own Wisdom

    441. To meditate in Me, ye must let go of your own wisdom, which is of the flesh, that I may speak unto you without being repelled by your traditions and lack of belief.

    442. In this wise shall ye commence all meditation, for ye shall first of all meditate on your Elohim.

    The Three Foundations:
    Meditate on the Creation, the Torah (Law), and Yahweh's Activity

    443. Therefore meditate upon the glory and beauty of His Creation, and upon the glory and beauty of the Torah (Law) of Elohim, and upon the glory and beauty of the activity of Elohim.

    444. On these three shall ye build the foundation of all meditation in Me, even Creation, Torah (Law), and Activity

    445. Ye must become as the beholder, seeing the glory and beauty of the Father in all things -- in the grass of the field, in the gentle breeze, in the waves of the sea, and in the calm of the night.

    446. If ye will do this, then ye will not be able to behold anything in the world without first recognising its cause, yea, even the invisible spiritual activity, that brought it into being.

    447. Behold, ye should never look at a sunset or a sunrise without instantly recognising and acknowledging in your minds and hearts that it is the power of Almighty Elohim which hath brought these things into expression;

    448. Therefore when ye turn your eyes to the sky, and to the mountains, and to the seas, your soul should instantly exclaim: "Behold, the power and wonder of Elohim!"

    449. As ye ponder the glory and wonder of your Father in Heaven, your mind is fixed on Elohim, and fewer and fewer thoughts from the lower nature of man intrude upon your contemplation.

    450. These things ye should be able to do for many minutes, and even many hours, dwelling only on the mystery of Elohim the Father.


    451. If your thoughts are distracted by the things of the world or the desires of the flesh, then ye cannot meditate, nor open the channels of communication with Heaven

    452. To meditate, ye must learn to concentrate; and to concentrate, ye must learn to be still.

    453. Therefore contemplation lifteth the consciousness of man into an atmosphere or spirit of receptivity, yea, into the realm where mircales take place.

    The Still Small Voice

    454. Behold, your thinking mind cometh to a stillness, and the still small voice of Elohim can be heard.

    455. But before this, ye are functioning only upon a mental level, and not a spiritual one;

    Like the Fourth Wise Virgin

    456. Therefore learn to be silent like unto the Fourth Wise Virgin, for she is the gate into true meditation (NC&C 207:98-118).

    The Mind of Messiah

    457. Verily, verily, I say unto you, that your minds are not sufficient to penetrate into My mystery.

    458. This is the "mind of Messiah" (1 Cor.2:16), which is spiritual, and is not like unto the mind of man.

    459. That which the Father imparteth unto you from the centre of the Light is His power, not the thoughts that ye think, nor your statements of belief;

    460. But it is that which revealeth itself from within, with signs following (Mk.16:20).

    461. This awareness is without boundary, for ye shall become aware of that which lieth far beyond your immediate knowledge.

    Gaze into Eternity

    462. By this means ye will gaze into eternity, and the knowledge thereof, which is infinite, yea, even the mind and heart of your Heavenly Father.

    463. Here the ceaseless activity of the outer world intrudeth not.

    464. Now verily, verily, I say unto you, that meditation is a discipline like unto all other principles of My Gospel, and ye must go from one principle of meditation unto another, degree by degree.

    Constant Exercise

    465. Meditation cannot be learned in a day but by the constant exercise thereof.

    466. Therefore now I, the Master, give unto the set-apart ones (saints) the first principles of meditation, that ye may grow up line by line, principle by principle.

    Physical Principles

    467. Sit upon a seat in an upright position in a quiet place with your feet flat upon the ground and your hands rested upon your lap;

    468. See that ye are comfortable and relaxed.

    469. If ye cannot relax in an upright position, lie upon your back, but fall not asleep.

    A Passage from the Word

    470. Meditate on the first scripture that cometh to your mind, or read the Word of Elohim, even My Holy Scriptures (Bible), until ye come unto a passage that captureth your attention.

    471. Ye should read as long as ye need to, and whether it be one sentence or many pages, it mattereth not.

    472. But see that the Ruach leadeth you unto a passage first, remember it, and then close your book.

    A Dominoes Effect

    473. Hold the scripture in your mind and repeat it unto yourself, and ask yourself, saying: "Why hast this scripture come unto me? What is the inner meaning thereof? What is the significance of this passage unto me at this moment of time?"

    474. As ye continue meditating, behold, another statement may come into your consciousness.

    475. And begin questioning yourself again, saying: "What is the relationship between this statement and the passage of scripture? Is there a coherence between them, or was the statement meaningless? Why did this statement follow the first one?"

    476. And it shall come to pass that a third, and a fourth, and a fifth statement or scriptural passage will come to your mind;

    477. And all of these will come out of your awareness (or lack of awareness), even your consciousness.

    A Word of Elohim

    478. Now even though ye do this for only one minute, ye will have begun to experience Me revealing Myself unto you, even if it is only on a low level, and even if this revelation is impure, being clouded and distorted by your own consciousness,

    479. This will be a Word of Elohim unto you, and the beginning of any experience.

    480. But ye must greatly beware, and not assume that ye have received the pure Word.

    481. Always ye must have Yahweh your Elohim and His Messiah in your consciousness, else ye may be deceived.

    Babyish Exercises

    482. Do not suppose in such babyish exercises that ye can imitate the prophets, but remember your station.

    483. Now, behold, if ye have received but one statement of truth from the depths of your own being, yea, from the Light of Messiah within, it is a testimony that ye have begun your journey towards a consciousness or awareness of your Heavenly Father.

    484. For shalom and quiet will descend upon you, and ye will experience a sense of well-being and assurance.

    Personal Revelation Only

    485. Remember, remember, that this kind of revelation is for the individual and not for others;

    486. Therefore presume not to meditate on the problems of others for ye will only project your own nature and expectations, and by this means cause much [spiritual] chaos and destruction.

    487. Therefore know your place, O sons and daughters of Elohim, that ye become not the instruments of disunity and unhappiness.

    488. If ye are uncertain, then seek the counsel of a Patriarch or a Matriarch, for they know the Way.

    489. And if ye become troubled when ye meditate, do not do it, for it may be that this is not your hour.

    Five Steps to Awareness

    490. There are five steps to awareness of the Light, and these are Silence, Reflection, Introspection, Meditation and Communion.

    491. It is only when ye have passed through all five that the door to grace is freely opened.

    The Bud Precedes the Flower

    492. Now, beloved, if ye obtain no response, and obtain no answers, do not be discouraged, for ye cannot judge the results of your efforts until the fruit hath come forth.

    493. Ye cannot see the flower until the bud is perfectly formed;

    Sudden Blooming

    494. And behold, when the bud openeth, it doeth so suddenly, and revealeth all its glory.

    495. And this truth ye may discern in every Gospel principle, and not just in meditation, saith the master, for Elohim worketh invisibly in you, conforming you daily more to His image, even though ye see it not.

    Patient, Faithful Practice: Do Not Force the River

    496. Therefore it is by faithful practice of every holy principle in patience and long-suffering that bringeth forth the results, or external manifestation, of salvation.

    497. Therefore force not the course of the river, but wait with infinite patience.

    498. And if ye will learn this important lesson, beloved, ye will surely flourish and reap the rewards of the labourer.

    A Prayer of Invocation

    499. It shall come to pass that ye shall learn to meditate day and night, for the Ruach of Elohim will call you, saying:

    500. Arise, be silent, and listen unto Me.

    501. And then ye will say: "O Master, I am seeking Thy grace; I am seeking thy Word which proceedeth forth out of Thy mouth. I know not what to pray for, so I do not pray for anything in the world. I pray only to do Thy bidding, to do Thy will. I listen for Thy voice and wait for Thy Word. Thy servant heareth."

    502. Now, behold, if ye were to pray this prayer twelve times each day with real sincerity of heart, ye would soon part the veils of Heaven.

    503. For each time ye do this ye acknowledge your own powerlessness and that ye are seeking the Kingdom within.

    Meditation and Obedience are One

    504. But, hearken, O children of dust, for if ye come meditating but have no intention of obeying My Word, then ye might just as well not meditate at all.

    505. For I, the Master, will not speak or reveal Myself unto the children of disobedience.

    506. I, the Master, will not be mocked, and if anyone cometh unto Me with an insincere heart and mind, he will leave empty.

    507. For if I, the Master, come unto a man in his meditation, and say: "Go, do this!" and if he doeth it not, then the Word of Elohim is held in contempt.

    508. And behold, there are far too many people who pray but who know in their hearts they will not obey.

    509. Therefore they are accounted as hypocrites and are cursed from the moment they open their mouths.

    510. Therefore meditation is only for the obedient, for those who will show forth their praise of Me through good works.

    The Disobedient Must Pray for the Habit of Obedience

    511. Let the children of disobedience pray only for the power to be obedient, enter into covenants to be obedient, and wrestle until they have been obedient.

    512. For the disobedient are often those who have no habit of obedience, never having been properly taught when they were young.

    Learn Discipline

    513. Therefore they must strictly discipline themselves, and allow themselves to be strictly disciplined by those who are set over them in My Assembly.

    True Humility

    514. He who seeketh the Kingdom but not his own showeth forth true humility. All else is vanity.

    515. Such a one acknowledgeth the nothingness of human wisdom, human power and human strength.

    516. And he doeth so daily.

    517. He acknowledgeth that all wisdom, power and strength cometh from his Father on High.

    518. Such a one meditateth in silence, allowing the Ruach haQodesh to work in him as it seeth fit, quietly making his desert blossom as the rose.

    519. He saith: "I can of mine own self do nothing, but it is the Father within me, who doeth the works (Jn.14:10).

    520. "I can do all things through Messiaht who strengtheneth me (Phil.4:13).

    521. "Thou, O Yahweh, wilt never forsake me, for even before I was born, Thou wast with me.

    522. "And even though I cannot always discern Thee, I know Thou art there.

    523. "Thou wilt be with Me even if I make my bed in hell (Ps.139:8); Thou wilt be with me even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death (Ps.23:3).

    524. "Thou goest before Me to make the crooked paths straight and the rough places even.

    525. "I feel Thy hand in mine.

    526. "I know the power of Thy presence, that liveth my life for me, that showeth me the perfection of thy Law and Commandments and the path of Life.

    527. "I shall never doubt Thy presence, O Master, for I believe Thy Word, which saith that the Kingdom is within me.

    528. "All this Thou hast revealed unto Me from Thy Light within me.

    529. "I thank Thee, Holy Father, that thou hast hidden these things from the wise and prudent and hast revealed them unto me, a babe in truth, a beginner in the path of Truth (Lk.10:21), through Thy well-beloved Son, Yah'shua the Messiah, Amen."

    530. In this manner, ponder My Scriptures, for the Ruach haQodesh will cause you to build them one upon the other, until ye behold the whole and can cross that veil into the Firstborn.

    Understand the Inner Meaning

    531. Seek to understand every scripture inwardly; do not use scriptures just to quote them or as a metaphysical cliché, but make them the LIVING WORD.

    532. These are the simple forms of meditation which all the saints in the outer assemblies can do.

    533. But the higher forms shall be given in My Holy House, to those who are true and faithful, that they may be blessed and nurchured by the Light and not burned by it.

    The Purpose of Meditation

    534. Remember, that the purpose of meditation is to make you receptive and submissive like a little child, that ye may hear My Word and not your own.

    535. When ye meditate ye should not think about a problem; but ye should wait, and wait, and wait.

    536. Waiting in silence and patience is the beginning of the higher wisdom.

    537. Concern not yourselves with the thoughts that race through your mind -- give them no heed.

    538. But wait until ye hear My Word and feel My warmth, saith the Master.

    539. And if ye hear not, and feel not, then return to your daily work and return again later.

    Do Not Force Your Way

    540. Force not, for Heaven will not be forced.

    541. But wait patiently, and Heaven's doors will open unto you.

    542. Meditate morning and night, and once in the day if ye are able, yea, as often as ye ought to be praying.

    543. And the time will come when ye will be meditating continuously, even as ye ought to be praying continuously, and this according to the commandment (1 Thess.5:17).

    544. Now ye need not meditate on whole sentences but single words are sufficient.

    545. And if ye will meditate on the word "Yah'shua" and "Messiah" and "Light", behold, ye will open a fountainhead of revelation.

    Meditate on the Name of Elohim

    546. Such is fruitful. Therefore meditate on My Name often, for I am all in all.

    547. Develop a listening ear, and ye will gain the spiritual sense of each term and cease clammering only for literal dictionary definitions which are important only for lesser purposes.

    548. As ye become more attuned unto Me, so ye will be able to meditate on more difficult words like "soul" and "grace".

    549. Have I not often told you that My grace is suffient for you? (2 Cor.12:9)

    550. Yet for most these are but words and they are not imbued with inner meaning.

    551. Can ye say, from the depths of your soul, what grace is, without giving a theological definition?

    Speak from Your Soul

    552. For ye must speak from your soul and not just from your mind if ye are to have a living witness of Me.

    553. Therefore it is better to be ignorant of the literal meaning of words than to be ignorant of their vital relationship to life.

    554. Meditation will help you understand and live each word, each Word of the Father.

    Become a Living Word

    555. For to meditate and to pray hath but one purpose: that ye may become a living reflection of the Word.

    556. All that is of Me is active and alive, saith the Master.

    Not Words in a Book

    557. I am not words in a book, but I am the Living Word.

    558. Therefore come to life!

    Different Perceptions

    559. Each soul will experience the inner meaning of a word somewhat differently until he hath crossed the Firstborn Veil and come to that perfect unity [with the Father].

    560. Now the more ye dwell on these things, the more easily ye shall become them.

    561. Therefore ye will awaken in the night and find that ye are already meditating.

    562. And in your sleep ye will find yourselves meditating.

    Transformation of the Inner World

    563. By this means your whole inner world will become transformed until ye become a walking revelation.

    564. And then I shall say unto you with words that ye have believed but never heard with your spiritual ears:

    565. "I will never leave thee. As I was with Moses, so I will be with thee. Whithersoever thou goest, I will go; I will be with thee.

    566. "Only remember to look for Me and to expect Me.

    567. "Seek not for any sign; do not look for Me outside, even though I shall surely manifest Myself outside.

    568. "If ye look only unto Me, then in the day thou needest water, it shall come out of the rock;

    569. "And the day thou needest food, it shall come out of the sky.

    570. "But never look for it, for this is sin.

    571. "Look only for Me, the Living Messiah.

    572. "I am walking beside you.

    573. "I am sitting with you.

    574. "I am resting in your heart.

    575. "I am in your mind, and in your consciousness.

    576. "I am in your arms and in your fingertips.

    577. "I am in every cell in your body.

    578. "I am present everywhere.

    579. "I am.

    580. "Seek Me while I may yet be found, and all these things will be added unto you. Even so. Amen."

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