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    What Does
    the Future Hold?

    First Edition, 27 October 1998
    Second Edition, 11 February 2017

    The following article is a new revision of the original penned in 1998. Most of the original material has been left as it was so that the reader can see how the original predictions have come to pass, or are coming to pass before our very eyes. The only changes that have been made have been to include some messianic terminology and to cut out most of the original section on Bible versions that discussed the supposed superiority of the Byzantine Text of the New Testament to other MSS (manuscripts), a position we no longer hold. For more on this subject, see King James-Only: Revisiting a Biblical Version Issue.

    I am writing this article on 27 October 1998. We're not very far away from the new millennium, the year 2000. A lot of people are getting exited about it.

    Some are worried that their computers are going to break down because of the "Millennium Bug". They believe that banks will collapse and with them the whole of our technological society. It's certainly a possibility.

    Some believe we're on the verge of a Third World War. That's also a possibility. When communism fell, the capitalist world boasted that a "New World Order" of peace, harmony and understanding was about to begin. It hasn't. Instead we've seen 'little' wars continuing on several continents, including Europe (Bosnia and Kosovo).

    Some religious people -- New Agers for the most part -- believe we are about to enter a glorious new time of peace called the "Age of Aquarius". They're even convinced that a new spiritual 'species' of man is about to be formed -- homo sapiens will be history.

    Others believe that the world is soon to be turned into a nuclear wasteland and mankind is about to be made virtually extinct. Some people (satanists) are even looking forward to this vision of the future.

    The Catholic Church believes it is suddenly going to become a world power, converting Protestant northern Europe and America, then Eastern Orthodox Eastern Europe and Russia, and then the whole world. They even believe they are going to convert the Muslims.

    The Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) also believe they will convert the whole world (at least, what's left over after a Third World War), and the Jehovah's Witnesses believe the same. Hindu spiritual leaders also believe the world will become theirs, and they are especially pleased that they have invaded the West so successfully with their repackaged religion.

    Alot of people have alot of ideas about the future. Humanists and atheists believe they will stamp out religion altogether and make a godless world. But what is the truth? What is actually going to happen?

    The Future Revealed

    A lot of people have made bogus prophecies about the future and they have served to discredit the whole idea that it's possible to know the future. But in spite of the cranks and the false prophets, WE DO KNOW THE FUTURE.

    For one thing, the Bible has 100 per cent accurately foretold the future. I'm not going to go into detail about the Bible revelation because that's dealt elsewhere in other articles and on the websites of many other prophetic Christian and Messianic groups.

    Ever since New Covenant Christians (Messianic Evangelicals) first organised to form a fellowship in 1987, we have been blessed with the spirit of prophecy. We have not sought to know the future (for this is not permitted by Yahweh -- this is a form of witchcraft called divination) but from time to time Yahweh has stepped in and showed us in vision, and by written revelation, what is going to happen. And all quite unsolicited.

    It began when He told us that Germany would be re-united. It was, a little over a year later.

    He told us that Yugoslavia would split up into several countries. It did.

    He told us that the civil war in the Balkans would never completely end until Christ returns. It hasn't -- there's been almost continuos strife in Bosnia and Kosovo, and it still hasn't ended.

    He told us, when the Gulf War broke out, that (a) it wasn't the final battle leading up to Armageddon and the Great Tribulation (it wasn't); and (b) that Saddam Hussein would be defeated in battle but not lose the war (he was, and he didn't).

    He told us the exact day a small earthquake would take place in Norway in 1992. It happened.

    He told us in numerous visions and prophecies who in our fellowship would remain true and faithful and who would not. They were all fulfilled to the letter.

    He has told us what was going to happen with the EFTA (European Free Trade Association) countries of Western Europe. This prophecy is 80 per cent fulfilled now.

    We were told that there would be no peace in the Middle East until the return of Christ, and that all human efforts to find peace in Israel/Palestine would fail. There hasn't been, and they have.

    We have numerous other prophecies which are found in our book, The Olive Branch, which may be found at here.

    So What's Going to Happen Next?
    I. An Historical Review

    Plenty. Too much to detail in this short article. We have prophecies both local and general. But here is a general picture of what is going to happen.

    For many centuries dark powers have been planning the overthrow of Christianity and the destruction of our world. We have seen two terrible World Wars in the 20th century alone and the rise of left-wing (communist/socialist) and right-wing (fascist/nazi) dictatorships. There's a new kind of dictatorship on the way which is neither of these and both of them. I sometimes call it by the apparent misnomer, "Liberal Dictatorship". I'll explain why later.

    It has already begun in the West. It began under the name "liberal democracy" and is slowly mutating into its new and terrible form -- a form that will make communism and fascism look tame by comparison. It is known by many as "THE NEW WORLD ORDER". It's a strange and, at first site, seeming unworkable monster with many heads, all apparently saying different things, and yet all have the same goal.

    Maybe you have heard the Greek myth about the Lernean Hydra. It was a serpent with many heads. The hero, Hercules, was sent out to destroy it. He engaged in mortal combat with this monster, but each time he cut off a head, two more grew in its place. In the end, he discovered how to stop the heads multiplying and finally to kill the beast for good. I'll tell you about that later too.

    We have seen Christianity persecuted terribly this last century and not just in Europe. The communists (who were atheists) tried to exterminate all religion. But they worked especially hard at eradicating Christianity.

    We have also seen the rise of numerous counterfeit 'Christian' churches - churches pretending to be Christian, and seeming to be Christian, but which aren't. They use the language of Christianity but they deny the true doctrines and practices of the true Apostolic Faith. They are multiplying everywhere.

    From the beginning of time on this planet, there has been a war going on. It began in heaven when an archangel (Lucifer, renamed Satan), consumed with jealosy and a lust for power, decided to rebell against Yahweh (sometimes mistakenly known as 'Jehovah'), the Creator and King of the Universe, and stage a coup d'état. It failed. Together with miriads of his followers (known as 'devils' or 'demons'), he was cast out of the presence of Yahweh-Elohim and sent into exile to this world to tempt mankind. Neither he nor his followers have a physical body as we know it, though they have been trying to create them by interfering with human and animal genetics. At one point in our history they were nearly successful. They managed to cross-breed with human beings and created a race of hybrid giants called nephilim and introduced every form of false religion that has ever existed on this world. Elohim (God) was forced to intervene and destroy this mutant form of humankind, preserving only 8 people -- four righteous men and four righteous women -- who, after the cataclysm (a worldwide Flood), repopulated the earth.

    I mentioned a false religion. That religion, sometimes known as the "Babylonian Mystery Religion", was established early on in human history but brought to perfection by an evil woman called Semiramis and her son, Nimrod. Like the Lernean hyrda, it is a snake with many heads. It teaches many principles, doctrines, ideas, philsophies, and practices, most of them contradictory, yet all of which are united in opposing the true faith. Sometimes these heads even war against each other, which makes an excellent smokescreen. They are able to conceal their true purpose by sowing confusion in peoples' minds.

    The heads of this snake include: atheism (disbelief in God), humanism (a form of atheism), communism (another form of atheism), pantheism (the belief that everyone and everybody is "God" -- anyone but Yahweh, the true Elohim/God), Hinduism (one of the oldest religions, a form of pantheism, from which has been born all the New Age religions, reincarnation, yoga, eastern meditation, Buddhism, martial arts, Sikhism, Shintoism, Confucianism, Taoism, nature religions, Shamanism, animism, etc.), and Satanism. Each time these heads have been cut, they have multiplied. Another head is Islam, specially designed and created by the Roman Catholic Church out of Judaism, various corrupt forms of Christianity, and 7th century Arabic culture. To this we may add Talmudic Judaism which is a corruption of the original Israelite faith established by God, which was the precursor of Christianity.

    Christianity itself has been especially under attack. As one counterfeit appeared, its head was "cut off" and two new ones appeared. We may broadly-speaking say there are two "churches" or, if you like, "religions": (1) Christianity, and (2) All the rest. But Christianity also has two parts: (a) True Christianity; and (b) False Christianity. False Christianity has many, many heads, which keep on multiplying. It is called, in the Bible, the WHORE OF BABYLON (Rev.17). It is a "whore" because it is corrupt, and it belongs to "Babylon" because Babylon sysmbolises the false world political system. It is a marriage of false 'Christian' teachings with worldly government and politics. It is known as the Roman Catholic Church.

    The Roman Catholic Church is, in fact, the ancient Babylonian Mystery Religion established by Semiramis and Nimrod cloaked in Christian terms. It is a form of occultism and really belongs to the descendant religions of Hinduism, which itself came from the original luciferean religion, covered in layers of mythology and superstition. According to the Bible, it has a major rôle in persecuting true Christians in the end-time. Though the Vatican has tried to suppress or "re-write" the story of earlier Catholic persecutions called the "Inquisition", it has not completely succeeded in doing so. Its record is bloody and demonic, it's tactics having changed little in 2,000 years.

    In these days of "political correctness" it is becoming increasingly unacceptable to challenge any religion and it will not be long before doing so will become a criminal offence. [This is increasingly true today - 2017]. When that happens a web page such as this will become illegal. Such legislation is already being prepared and is well suited to the designs of the Lernean Hydra. We will, at the pain of imprisonment and (eventually) death, be forced to accept as equally true and important the many heads of this anti-Christian confederation of serpentine religions. Any religion that refuses to accept equality of religious belief in terms of salvation in their creeds, will be marked for extermination. And since biblical Christianity accepts no equals, it will eventually be BANNED and PERSECUTED TO DEATH. (Orthodox Judaism and Islam may well face similar pogroms, those Jews and Muslims who do not bow to the Hydra).

    So What's Going to Happen Next?
    II. The Immediate Future

    For the Hydra to establish control it must accomplish two things: (1) It must establish a world government with a World President who is one of their number; (2) It must establish a One World Religion that makes biblical Christianity illegal.

    World Government

    The establishment of a world government is already underway, since the end of the Second World War. It has attempted to establish political control throughout the centuries by promoting empires that espoused at least some of its philosophies. Most recently it attempted world hegemony through nazism (Hitler tried to establish a "New World Order" -- the Third Reich) and communism (the Communist International). These two Orders were established by revolution and military conquest. Yahweh intervened and they failed.

    The prototype of the present New Order began in two locations: (1) In New York with the establishment of the United Nations at the end of the Second World War; and (2) In Rome in 1957 with the founding of the European Economic Community, the precursor of the present European Union. The purpose of the EU has always been to create a United States of Europe under one government and one president....under the Catholic Church! The Plan of the Hydra is to eventually have all the nations transfer their governmental authority to the United Nations which will then evolve into the World Government led by a one-world dictator. The Bible identifies this man as the ANTI-CHRIST. He will come to power on a political ticket of world peace and harmony, probably following a global catastrophe (such as a Third World War) in which he will promise to establish world peace in exchange for absolute power. It's an old scenario. It's how Hitler came to power...democratically.

    However, it must be underlined that there is a powerful religious dimension in the Plan. It is not simply a political and military initiative. The Hydra has many heads -- some religious, some secular. They will all magically and effortlessly blend together. How? And how will so many people be deceived simultaneously?

    A Gradual Erosion of the Truth

    Within Christendom itself there has been a relentless attack on the faith, once delivered to the apostles, for the last 150 years. Our first-hand knowledge of biblical Christianity comes, naturally, from the Bible itself (which is why we purposefully call it "biblical Christianity" and not just "Christianity"). As every military tactician knows, to neutralise an enemy it is not necessary to wage open warfare with him. Espionage and Fifth Column (infiltrators) are effective tools in weakening him. Christians are often called "People of the Book" because their source of knowledge about their Faith comes from a written record (as is largely true of all religions). Thus one of the attacks against Christianity came in the form of attacking the reliability of the Bible.

    Corrupt Bibles

    Translators have become so liberal in their approach to the Word of God that they are even changing the text to read what they want even if isn't in the orignal Hebrew or Greek texts. As an illustration of this point, some modern liberal "translations" are even referring to God as "It" or "He/She" when Yahweh is our Father in Heaven.

    The Hydra therefore has its own Bible versions in place. The changes are subtle yet radical because they undermine the Christian faith to the point that in one mutilated scripture Christ is made out to be a fallen angel as Lucifer is! By the time the World Government is in place you can be sure that the official "Bible" will be so mutilated as to be unrecognisable from the original, authentic one. Lazy Christians have become so used to modern paraphrase Bibles and spent so much money purchasing them for their congregations that they are reluctant to part with them. The Hydra has done a good job!

    Counterfeit Supernatural Experiences

    In many ways the Christian Church has historically dug its own grave by denying parts of the Bible it hasn't liked. To this day many Churches still deny that supernatural experiences like visions and modern revelation are a part of the modern Church even though they were quite normal in New Testament times. The spiritual vacuum has, not surprisingly, been filled by the Hydra. In place of the supernatural signs that follow true Bible-believing Christians, Satan has created numerous counterfeits. The Catholic Church has particularly encouraged the supernatural (though not according to the rules laid down by the Bible, of course) and for centuries has been boasting of appearances of the Virgin Mary, bleeding and weeping statues, and the like. Occultists, able to control and manipulate demons, have been able to conjure them up to give spectacular supernatural experiences -- visions, healings, transmutations, levitation, and much else besides. For every genuine Christian supernatural gift, there is a satanic counterfeit -- there's even a counterfeit "love" based on human feelings alone instead of the TRUTH!

    Sadly, many Christians, hungry for the supernatural, have rushed ahead and "forced the Spirit" into giving displays of supernatural power, which is little more than a form of divination. Charismatic Christian churches are rife with false manifestations -- false tongues (which has got completely out of control now), false visions and revelations, false prophecies, and false healings. The Ruach (Spirit) cannot be forced. Elohim (God) is not a magician responding to human conjurers. That is the basis of the occult, which is demonic. Rather, Elohim (God) responds to pure emunah (faith) and obedience to His Davar (Word). When Christians do as He has commanded, then genuine miracles follow.

    Death of the Traditional Denominations

    The majority of Protestant Christendom have gone off the path making it even harder for the seeker after truth to discern the truth. With corrupt Bibles, false manifestations, impurity, a lack of obedience, and arrogance in the churches -- with many leading protestant ministers secretly agents of the Hydra working for the Vatican (like Billy Graham and Kenneth Copeland), with high-profile evangelists discrediting the faith by committing adultery and stealing money, the True Body of Christ has never been so much under siege FROM WITHIN. AND YET there is a loyal remnant, scattered throughout most of the Churches, who belong to an invisible body that is even now in the process of gathering. This is the reality of today's world.

    You will now have a very general picture of the Hydra's tactics. Christianity itself is being subverted so that ALL TRADITIONAL DENOMINATIONS WILL BE CORRUPT IN THE LAST DAY. When Christ comes there will be no Anglicans, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Baptists, Pentecostals, Methodists, or any other grouping -- the True Church will have transcended such denominational limitations. All these groups, including the existing counterfeit ones like Latter-day Saints, Jehovah's Witnesses, Children of God, the Rhema Churches, and many others besides, will have been destroyed completely or fully absorbed into the One World Religion.

    Signs of the Hydra

    The true Community of Messiah (Church of Christ) is non-political. Yah'shua (Jesus) said that His Kingdom was not of this current world but would remain in the spiritual realm until His Second Coming. The churches of the Hydra, by contrast, are very interested in political power. In particular, political power is the life blood of the Catholic Church which has been squirming ever since it lost control of the Holy Roman Empire which ruled over all west and central Europe.

    Ecumenism is the cry of the Hydra today. "Let's co-operate and forget our differences!" But its ecumenism is phoney -- it does not want to be seen as "an equal amongst equals" but wants to absorb Protestant Churches completely. Though Protestant Churches may still have their name, the truth of the matter is that many of them are but daughters of Rome.

    I said at the beginnig of this article that we live under a "Liberal Dictatorship". By that I mean the following: In the past, dictatorships required that you accept only one view (e.g., fascism or communism) and none other -- if you refused, you were imprisoned and killed. Today's Liberal Dictatorship requires you to accept all views -- or be persecuted. Today we are forced in many countries to accept heterosexuality and homosexuality as co-equal, all religions as co-equal, and so on. This is what is meant by being "politically correct". WE ARE REQUIRED TO BE LIBERAL. So far they aren't killing us for refusing to be, but they are certainly persecuting people who do and sometimes imprisoning them. I know one man who was imprisoned in Norway who maintained in public that homosexuality was wrong! In a time not too distant THEY WILL KILL YOU FOR HOLDING SUCH A POSITION, just as fascists killed communists, and communists killed fascists. In Tomorrow's World of the Hydra we will be forced accept ALL opinions as equally valid...except those which are biblical.

    This is what I mean by "Liberal Dictatorship".

    But Elohim (God) is not so liberal. He has declared, in His properly translated Bible, that certain things are right and certain things are wrong. There is no liberal compromise. Theft, murder, adultery and homosexual practice are wrong. Honesty, gentleness, patriarchy and obedience to the mitzvot (commandments) are right. No debate. That is the antithesis of liberalism. And though liberalism has its good side when it allows people to hold their respective beliefs, especially when those beliefs aren't liberal, it becomes evil when it imposes its own values on those who may be said to be religiously 'conservative' (those who adhere uncompromisingly to their own belief).

    And Now What?

    What happens next? Basically, more and more of the Hydra's doctrines and practices. More toleration of homosexuality, more toleration of murder of the unborn (abortion), more euthenasia (killing old people), more feminism, more erosion of family values, more occultism, more brainwahsing in schools, more dictatorship from liberal governments, less democracy, more state control of children, more thought control, more atheism and non-Christian religion, more worship of culturism, more self-centredness, more youth rebellion, more hatred, more false, politicised and reliious science (scientism and evolutionism), less freedom of choice, etc.. More control of Christian institutions by the state, more homosexual priests, more adoption of children by homosexuals and lesbians, more blatant immorality in the media (TV, magazines, software, videos, newspapers, etc.), more occultism everywhere, a greater Catholic profile, more ecumenical merging of church denominations.

    You will see more and more true bible-believing Christians and Messianics being driven underground just as they were in the days of the Neronic persecutions. You will see them anointed with great spiritual power to resist the Hydra. Many more will be martyred over the world, including Western Europe and North America. As in the Soviet Union, all unregistered churches will be illegal, and their members persecuted -- jailed, tortured and murdered.

    You will see the European Union turn into a federal state like the USA with sovereign governments abolished and national flags becoming mere state or provincial flags -- no more Union Jack, no more Star-Spangled Banner! Some nations will be divided into smaller ones and nationalism will be suppressed and become treasonable, even as it was in the component states of the Soviet Union. Money will disappear and citizens will have electronic credit in banks. True Christians will not have access to the Babylonian monetary system and will not be able to trade, save with each other, and then only by barter. As the persecutions worsen, more and more Christians will take refuge in hideouts in unaccessible and remote regions of the earth. It will be again as it was in the days of Noah. There will be a world-wide apostacy and an evil the likes of which the world has never seen before.

    Yahweh is in Control

    And yet Elohim (God) will be in control. The Hydra's days will be numbered. Indeed, we know that the Hydra will only rule for 7 years -- but they will appear to last forever, especially the last three-and-a-half, because the occultic, ritual slaughter of the innocent will be so great. Such a time of barbarism will be unparalleled in world history.

    All these things are foreordained. Our modern Hercules, the Master Yah'shua the Messiah (Lord Jesus Christ), will not only cut off all the Hydra's heads in one fell swoop, but make sure they never grow again.

    Hercules finally discovered that the only way to stop the serpent's heads growing again was to apply a red-hot torch to the stubs and then deliver the fatal blow. When Messiah returns as the Lion of Judah in power and in the wrath of an offended Elohim (God), He will utterly cut off the power of Satan and all His earthly agents, and remove them from the earth...permanently. It is hard to imagine what the new earth will be like for the planet will no longer be infested with billions of demons to whisper lies into men's ears and prod them into doing evil. It's hard to imagine what that "spiritual atmosphere" will be like, but I know it will be wonderful. And though it may seem that such a time of bliss will never come, we have Elohim's (God's) unfailing promise that it will and a commandment not to doubt that it will. His prophecies never fail -- let us never forget that.

    "What Should I Now Do?"

    In a nutshell, get right with Yahweh! This is a time of cleansing for all Christians -- Yahweh is separating the sheep from the goats...right now! Get a good Bible translation and do as it tells you. I know that will be hard because the Bible is not always easy to read. I use an NRSV, ESV, NKJV and a number of messianic versions for the most part. I also use versions like the NIV for readability but always with a more literal translation next to it to ensure doctrinal accuracy. I actually prefer to use several versions in order to get different angles, because it is impossible to make word-for-word translations with 100 per cent accuracy from an ancient language like Hebrew or Greek to a modern one like English without losing something on the way. Sometimes we need several English words to express the meaning of, say, an original Greek one. And sometimes the original idioms are hard to understand. Studing the Bible is hard work but it is infinitely worth it. After all, it's your eternal salvation that is at stake.

    Next, get together with other Bible-believers. But beware! Satan has his plants in most churches. That's why you need to know your Bible well. There's a war on, and you're in the middle of it! I wish it were otherwise, but it isn't. And the fact that God caused you to be born at this time is no accident -- you are equipped to deal with the situation around you. If we fail, it's our fault for not following the Divine Manual. That's not to say we won't have difficulties because we will have LOTS -- and sometimes very distressing ones. But we will have the power to deal with them through the Holy Spirit which is given to all sincere believers.

    Yahweh is gathering everywhere. I forgot to mention too that there are going to be lots of natural disasters in the times ahead -- volcano erruptions, earthquakes, famine, pestilence and war. On top of that there are going to be SPECTACULAR SUPERNATURAL COUNTERFEITS -- REALLY DRAMATIC ONES, and so convincing that even the elect (Yahweh's chosen) will come close to being deceived. We've already seen some of them -- apparitions of the "Virgin Mary" (in reality, a demon in disguise) appearing before crowds of thousands of people in Fatima (Portugal), Zeitun (Egypt), Heroldsbach (Germany), Medjugorje (Yugoslavia), and elsewhere, sometimes accompanied by spectacular UFO displays. Yes, UFO's are a part of the great deception, and are being used by one head of the Hydra to convince atheists and others who believe in the myth of evolution that there is extra-terrestrial life in a more advanced state of civilisation than we are. That head has been telling us for decades now that we may one day expect a spectacular visit by UFOnauts, and I believe we will. However, these are not extra-terrestrials -- they are fallen angels (demons) from this very planet of ours putting on a big show! And they're putting on a big display, especially now in the end-time, though they have been doing this from the very earliest day's of earth history.

    So, BEWARE! Far more dramatic signs are going to come. How do I know? Because Yahweh has told us in the Bible that they would. This is Satan's last hour. He has little time of "freedom" to do what he wants, so he is determined to destroy as many people spiritually and physically as he can.

    Be Prepared! Don't Be Deceived!

    We need to prepare both spiritually and physically. Many Christian groups are preparing to gather into communities for fellowship and support. We are also preparing to GO THROUGH THE TRIBULATION. And that's another point I want to bring up. Satan has craftily injected a false doctrine into most evangelical churches to soften Christians up. He has told them, through false exegetes (interpreters of Scripture) that all true Christians are going to be suddenly whisked away into heaven just before the Tribulation begins. THEY WON'T!

    This lie has caused many Christians to lower their defences and naïvely believe that they have nothing to worry about. It has made them spiritually lazy. This false doctrine is called THE RAPTURE. The Bible certainly teaches of a rapture but not until the Master Yah'shua the Messiah (Lord Jesus Christ) actually returns at the END of the Trbulation. Then all true believers will be levitated into the air to meet Him and welcome Him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And there are even some hopelessly deluded Christians and pseudo-Christians who say the Millennium has already started and that Yah'shua (Jesus) returned at the turn of the century (Jehovah's Witnesses), and some (Mormons) who say that Yah'shua (Jesus) is returning TWICE. Some say there is no Millennium and no Tribulation, that these are just 'symbolic'. Don't be deceived! Such men and women are liars who do not believe in the Bible and love your souls even less. They should be rebuked with sharpness for they are servants of the Hydra.

    Start Gathering...Now!

    New Covenant Christians (Messianic Evangelicals) have been laying the foundation for a Christian/Messianic gathering for over a decade now. We have been told in revelation to us that we are to organise twelve places of safety around the world on every continent except Antarctica. The first one was begun in 1997 in Europe. If you would like to learn a little more of what we are doing, get in contact with us as soon as possible. Time is shorter than you think!

    This page was created on 27 October 1998
    Updated on 11 February 2017

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