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Month 9:13, Week 2:5 (Chamashee/Teruah), Year:Day 5941:249 AM
2Exodus 4/40
Gregorian Calendar: Friday 1 December 2017
City of Demons
A 4-Hour Visit to the Psychic Realm

    Tuned into the Wrong Dimension

    Brethren and sisters, this is an unscheduled message today which is by way of (yet another) warning to major segments of the Body of Messiah which remains tuned to Enemy dimensions without realising it. And this is the current danger - so many are tuned into false doctrines, not comprehending that these arise from a false spirit that emanates from a counterfeit spirit-world whose sole purpose is to deceive and harrass. And it matters not how intellectually brilliant or ecclesiastically seasoned you may be, if you habitually tune into the wrong 'spiritual frequences', you are going to end up sharing and teaching falsehood, as well as spoiling your own spiritual relationship with Messiah.

    From Illness to Anaesthesia

    What happened to me was as follows. For the last few days I have been pretty ill again. Two nights ago my gall-bladder started playing up once more and I knew full-well what was coming...7-8 hours of writhing in agony. In such situations I normally just try to ride it out but such occurrences are taking such a toll now that I elected to knock the problem out by swallowing a powerful short-term anaesthetic drug that my doctor has prescribed for me to be used in dire emergencies. I have taken it before but usually in much smaller doses.

    Opening the Third Eye

    To cut a long story short, its effect was 'miraculous' - the pain was was knocked right out within half-an-hour and I was able, eventually, to get a 'decent' sleep. What a blessed relief! What I was not expecting was that it would open by Third Eye wide open for about 3-4 hours until the drug wore off.

    Why the Supernatural Psychic Realm Must Remain Closed

    Contrary to what New Agers and Occultists may tell you, the 'Third Eye' system is not an organ of 'spirituality'. You cannot connect to Yahweh or to the Heavenly Realm through activating the associated pineal and pituitary bodies. These organs are actually sealed, by divine design, until a future millennial Age when they can no longer be interfered with by dark forces. So that you know where I am coming from, let me say categorically that the activation of this system connects not to the spiritual world but to what occultists call the 'astral plane' or what I prefer to call the physically invisible, supernatural psychic dimension. This psychic realm is under the control of demonic spirits and has been so occupied now since the Fall... for many millennia. It's 'home' to our enemies - their base of operations.

    The Grand Illusion

    The psychic or astral realm is Demonic Grand Theatre par excellece but it is also more than that. It is the principle dimension in which demons live, associate, plan, and execute their dark master's assaults against humankind. Their speciality is in illusion and fantasty and so many of the 'dark dreams' that you experience in your sleep are crafted here, forcing you to interact in strange, uncomfortable, frustrating and sometimes downright frightening situations where the goal of the demonic is to get you to make bad choices and so give dark spirits legal rights of access to your inner being in order to harrass you and (in the long term, if they can get enough access) to destroy you. For those who are religious/spiritual (as they may view themselves) yet who have not been born again and do not know the living Messiah, Yah'shua (Jesus), or who have learned of, and believed in, a false version of Him, this is where they will experience many of their 'visions' and be fooled into thinking they are based in some kind of concrete spiritual reality.

    Courtyard Invasion and Deceived Feelings

    We are currently living at a time spoken of in Scripture as the 'invasion of the temple courtyard' which means, using the phrases and terms of reference I have hitherto been speaking about, that the entire supernatural psychic realm is under Enemy assault and occupation and from which we cannot safely seek emet (truth) of any kind...whereas at other times we may, on occasion, have been able to use it to get clues or pointers to higher (spiritual) things. Concretely, what this means is that this dimension which we may access and interact with - knowingly or unknowingly - will negatively impact our 'feelings' and 'emotions' in a way wholly unreliable in any quest for object reality or emet (truth). What is especially dangerous is when people confound or confuse this psychic dimension with the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit), treating them as the same which they are absolutely NOT.

    Seeing the Demonic Realm Exposed in Its Natural State

    Over the decades I have been shown by Yahweh how the Enemy manipulates people through false dreams, visions and emotional responses to this dark realm...which obviously affect our thinking processes too. You will find dozens of articles on this subject material throughout the website. Two nights ago, as I said, I took this anaesthetic, whose derivatives are known, upon occasions, if taken in sufficient quantities over longer periods of time, lead to what classical medicine would term 'hallucinations'. The effect of this small quantity of the drug was to rip open my Third Eye exposing me to the demonic realm as it really is (not the scaremongering fantasies of Dante and the like - see the 'Hell' website) without being in one of its 'theatrical modes', as I call it.

    Describing the Demonic Realm

    What was interesting was that I immediately recognised this place, having seen in in visions while I have engaged in 'spiritual warfare'. I saw the demonic in its 'natural' estate since it was not aware of my presence, or not being able to see me 'looking in' - and therefore made no attempt to put on a 'show'. These fallen, bodiless spiritual entities look just like you and me outwardly. They are anthropomorphic, not bug-eyed monsters (that's part of the theatre playing on human fears). They look like humans though there are differences, not in morphology but in the energies that emanate from them. The 'skin' (if I can call it that - since, remember, these are not physical entities) is a shade of pale grey, but which changes hue with their moods. There is no ahavah or love-light in them but there is something that looks like 'light', which I shall simply refer to as an 'energy'. They are very much alive but subsist on something different to regenerated humans. As I have seen before, so on this occasion, I was surprised at how densely packed they are together, the nearest equivalent being a busy metroplis like New York. There were so many of them. They had various facial expressions but there was not a trace of simcha (joy) or goodness in them. But they were not in 'attack' mode either, as they had no cause to be on this occasion, which is triggered in them when they are operating in or around humans, whom they passionately hate because we are created images of Elohim (God).

    Groupings Together

    There was very evident orderliness. Everyone knew their position, their rank, and their tasks. They were extremely busy - there was no sense of relaxation anywhere. These entities never vaccation. It was a kind of 'nervous energy' or 'fear' that drove them. This was not a happy place yet all were resigned to their lot. They were, in every sense of the word, driven. There were buildings all around, very plain and unornate, very cuboid, no windows (interestingly) that I could see. There were streets, side-alleys and all that you would expect in a city. But there was no traffic of any kind (as you would expect - spirits have no need of such things except as props in their theatrics). Everyone walked, usually at quite a brisk pace. Some were in herds, larger or smaller, so there was some kind of 'fellowship' between them, if you could call it that, as obtains in cameraderie between crooks. They were all clothed but nothing particularly stood out. It was all pretty colourless and drab. The place was dull, almost twilight. The members of certain groups clearly shared something in common that set them aside from other groups which is why, I suppose, they were 'together'.

    Demons at 'Rest'

    I was in open vision like this for 3-4 hours, the longest I have ever been in seeing this particular world. At no time on this occasion did any of them see me, though in the past they have and I have had some very unpleasant encounters. Mostly I tried to go to sleep but even then I was aware of the presence of these beings. When one grimmaced, it was menacing rather than beautiul - one particular one, whom I saw close up but who could not see me, was in deep thought and opened his mouth revealing his teeth. I don't know what he was thinking nor am I particularly interested. It was hard to distinguish any gender though all appeared 'male'. When they are at 'work' on humans (this was a scene of demonic 'rest', if you can really even call it that), they are, of course, shape-shifting all the time, in order to create characters of one gender or the other. Shape-shifting is a tell-tale sign of the kind of entity you are dealing with since Yahweh's malakim (angels) never do this - there is no deception in them.

    The Third Eye Shuts

    By about 4 am the drug had worn off and my third eye was closed again. Interestingly, it only opened on my left field of visions so I could not view anything to my right. I understood this to mean that while a door of access had been opened up by this drug, only part of my awareness was involved. But praise Yah I was protected so the Enemy did not see me. The following day I felt really ill and took things quietly. The third eye has remained shut, as it is supposed to be.

    Categories of Dreaming

    The secular world of psychiatry would regard such as 'hallucination', having no basis in reality. Given their world-view, you can hardly blame them for coming to such conclusions. Not everything in this invisible realm is 'real', to be sure, since the business of the demonic so often is to create halucinations with which to deceive - halucinations of familiar places and historical events, and of people who we know or have known. Not every category of dreaming is obviously the spinning of the demonic but much is, which you can usually determine by the dream content.

    How Lies and Falsehood Put Souls in Bondage

    The astral plane is very busy at present whether individually or collectivelly - families, groups or people, and nations are all governed by various demonic spirits coloured by the collective nature of their sinning, and are maipulated by demons specialised in those deceptions to which they are the most prone. I have always regarded religious spirits as amongst the most sinister and hard for people to 'perceive' because once 'faith' is engaged or locked in to a thinkin or feeling complex, it is something most are reluctant to part with because they come to view it as part of their identity and therefore themselves. (If a demon can concince you that it, or its thoughts and feelings are 'you', they score a major victory and are hard to expose and dislodge). Think, for example, of all those Catholics interceding, as they imagine, for 'souls in pergatory', or the thousands of Moslems willing to die for an imaginary heaven of sensual delights, or the millions trying to improve on an imaginary kharma they think they are trapped by. One woman I knew beleived the reason she had lost a leg when a train ran over it and severed it was because in a previous life 'he' had cut off the leg of a prisoner. People let locked into all kinds of false and usually complicted belief systems that put them in bondage. Lies are the fodder of the demonic. Think of all the atheists who believe there is no God, Heaven or Hell and how that defines their behaviour.

    Psychic Forces and Charismatics

    At all times - but more so now - believers must be committed to all emet (truth) and be willing - however hard - to let go of falsehood. If you have had a falsehood drummed into you all your life, I know how hard it is hard to let it go. Yet it is not worth hanging onto as it is just an open door for the Enemy to make your life miserable. I think of the charismatics who, on a grand scale, have been led to believe that psychic forces are the 'Holy Spirit', who are busily 'naming and claiming' things like good occultists trying to manipulate the invisible world. Vast numbers of demons are on assignment to answer those kinds of carnal prayers. Indeed there is a reason I mention the 'charistamic spirit' specifically because it is one of the most potent delusions in the Body of Messiah and is precisely attractive to its followers because of its titillation factor, something demons are expert at providing. People want to feel 'alive' and the psychic is a handy means of supplying that counterfeit 'life' that demons are expert at manipulating, even if it doesn't last long and those addicted to it must continually pursue the next 'high' in the same way as drug addicts.

    The Carnal Mind and the Psyche

    Mind you, non-charismatics can be just as vulnerable but in a different way. Those who don't pursue emotional rollercoaster-rides in the psychic realm are just as adept at getting lost but this time in their own intellects when they break the rules of divine tavnith. Today a brother asked me to review a messianic teacher's lectures on a particular subject. It was a radically new way of interpreting certain key Hebrew words in the earliest part of the Penteteuch which turned the order of marriage on its head. He was a nice man and he spoke in a pleasant and engaging way. His processed knowledge of Hebrew was his calling card (as is usually the case with many messianics) but he turned divine tavnith (pattern) on its head. I just couldn't go on because the doctrine was a dangerous lie that would, extrapolated further, completely corrupt the heavenly order in the Body of Messiah. That's another example of psychic infiltration even if not consciously done. The carnal mind is also rooted in the psychic.

    When Those Plagued by Demons Don't Want to Hear the Truth

    A week does not pass when someone isn't contacting me claiming to have had this or that spiritual experience that is psychic-based...and they do not want to hear the emet (truth)! Many of them are plagued by demons and can't understand why. Most will get highly offended if you tell them they need deliverance. Typically, they belive their 'gift' or 'insight' makes them 'special' and so they expect to be treated accordingly. Not uncommonly their 'gift' or 'pet doctrine' is the problem that gave the demonic the foothold it needed to make life difficult. The demonic knows how the corrupt a gift given to a man or a woman and use it for destructive ends.

    It's Not Nearly So Complicated

    Fortunately the Besorah (Gospel) Life is not nearly as complicated as those troubled by demons believe it to be, but the demons want them to believe it is...and not untypically that they are a 'special case' or that they alone truly understand what they need even when they are desperate for help. I don't know how many lost souls have wanted to direct their own deliverance like someone blindfolded and then get in a huff when you tell them they have got to relinquish control. Control is the issue. Who is going to control your deliverance - you or Yahweh?

    Going Around in Circles

    Those in the the midst of the demonic theatre are, by definition, blinded and cannot know what they need but the demonic will offer all kinds of 'solutions' that are dead ends in order to keep them going round in circles. One man has been coming to me on and off for the last ten or more years. He asks for help but always refuses counsel because he thinks he knows best. Every time he turns up he thinks he has discovered something 'new' or has now got a new 'gifting' from Yahweh even though he is as lost as ever. But the only way to get out of that demonic mess is for such souls to die to self - offering complete surrender and reliquishing control - because they won't figure it out on their own. If they could, they would not be in need of help in the first place, nor their lives so completely off the rails. That is why Yahweh provides ministers in the Body to help them.


    Demons are supernatural beings and highly intelligent. They know how to mess with you with their mirrors, smoke screens, and revolving doors to keep you confused and lost. Yah'shua (Jesus) offers you a way out. It's not complicated but it's hard. It's not complicated because all you have to do is yield control and sovereignty to Him. It's hard because you have to die to self-will and most don't which is why so few are saved. Most wanting deliverance don't want to lose their sovereignty - they want unconditional control of their lives after deliverance too. It doesn't work - it never works. The good news is that dying to self is actually an enormous advantage - it takes you out of the demonic realm into the beauty, ahavah (love) and freedom of the heavenly one. Why would anyone not want that? Because the Enemy has lied to people about the latter and they have chosen to believe it.

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    Last updated on 1 December 2017

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