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Month 8:20, Week 3:5 (Chamashee/teruah), Year:Day 5940:226 AM
2Exodus 3/40, Yovel - Year 50/50
Gregorian Calendar: Saturday 19 November 2016
The Present Cleansing
Deal With the Surfacing Dross Now

    Big Changes

    Leaving one kind of life for another is not as easy as we might think. Whether it be as a believer to an unbeliever, unmarried to married or one career to another, a huge upheavel is experienced by the soul which is accustomed to small incremental changes, building little by little on what was before. Part of the message of the divinely assigned festivals and other moedim (appointments) is to acclimatise and habitualise the idea of stages in life and of maturing in general.

    The Many parts of Man

    Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life all move at different paces and change gears in different ways. One of the greatest problems we have as individuals, families and societies is the failure to recognise that all these parts must move together. Some people get stuck in the past. Some adults never mature emotionally or mentally. Others are so stuck in, say, the spiritual, that they become no earthly good to anyone. Everything has to be together in harmony. We have the unfortunate tendency, if we are not careful, to compartmentalise and fragment ourselves. And we all do it.

    Marriage and Salvation Illustrated

    A man and a woman marry. Each leaves their parents' home and yet as we all know sometimes they haven't really 'left'. Some part of them yearns for what they left physically and they want to go back. Marriage is a particularly good illustration of our spiritual journey because in process it is identical, probably the reason why Yahweh uses it throughout the Scriptures as a metaphor for our relationship to Him. When we come to Him, accepting the offer of salvation through His Son, we're supposed to leave the old, dead life behind and start an entirely new one. When a woman leaves home she's supposed to 'forsake' father and mother and start an entirely new life with her husband, fitting in to his ways. When a man leaves home he's supposed to 'forsake' father and mother in a parallel way too and start an entirely new home based not on his father's model (which is based on his calling and destiny) but on the one Yahweh has assigned to him. So both have to make breaks and new starts.

    My Own Career Story

    I wish I could come to you and say, 'Folks, this is what I have done too,' but it would be untruthful. I have had major struggles leaving the past behind me and moving on to the place where Yahweh wanted me to be. I used to be a school teacher, as I think many of you know, and quitting that for full-time ministry was very hard. In the end, Yahweh had to force me out of my profession through ill health and even though latterly I did not enjoy the job (Yahweh ensured that) it had become a kind of idol for a variety of reasons.

    Forced to Quit My Job

    It was my security for taking care of my family and it was my security in a personal sense of achievement. Leaving it felt like condemning my family to a lower standard of living and possibly not being able to make ends meet (to be a full-time minister...I was a pastor before I left teaching too) as well as feeling a failure for not having fulfilled my parents' constant drumming into me of the need to provide financial stability until retirement. Doubtless there were other things that 'kept' me there inside long after I had physically been forced to leave and this wes reflected by literally hundreds of dreams over the years in which I was constantly returning to my place of employment looking to start a new academic year.


    One of those 'things' was a sense of guilt that I would not have lived up to my own preaching and teaching that ministers should not depend on their congregations for support but earn an honest living doing regular work like everyone else. (See, Minister or Parasite?). I still absolutely believe that but I did not feel prepared or competent in quitting regular employment to become self-sufficient and therefore self-employed which I think is going to be absolutely essential for those of the Remmant at some point in order to be free to fully live the life Yahweh has ordained for us apart from the Babylonian system. So I still struggle with that...or did until this morning.

    Yahweh Has Other Plans

    As many of you know I also struggle with several health issues, in part, I suspect, caused by my refusal to leave regular teching because of the fears I have already outlined. What I did not realise, nor accept, was that my job, which seemed it would be pretty secure all the way to retirement, was that Yahweh had other plans for me. But I trusted in myself more than I did Him in that area to provide for my family.

    A Physical Cleanse

    Yesterday and the evening before I set about a drastic inner body cleanse to address the most pressing of my current health problems. The first attempt some weeks before failed and I waited until I felt strong enough to try again. During the cleanse, when I was feeling abominably ill through having Magnesium sulphide and other 'nasties' running around my alimentary tract, Yahweh opened up vision after vision to me showing my spiritual state.

    An Awful Realisation

    I was shocked, appalled, disgusted and resigned at what I was shown. There was more 'flesh' in control than I realised, a lot more dying to self to do. I felt like a rat not to mention a hypocrite as a minister. These are not nice feelings but I did not seek to run from them. I simply admitted the emet (truth) and surrendered myself to Him, not knowing what else to do, since clearly by my own efforts at righteousness in certain areas I had dismally failed. I realised in my deepest part things which I had flippantly acknowledged in my brain where the least sacrifices are made.

    Giving Assent With the Whole Soul

    Changing thinking, though not necerssarily simple, is in actual fact the easiest part. The Besorah (Gospel) isn't merely of the mind, though. It also demands your heart and your body - in short, your all. You cannot give assent with one part of yourself and ignore His demands with the rest. That is a sure recipe for inner civil war and ill-health.

    A Scripture to Think On

    Something an African brother had said to me the day before remained with me during that dark night, a scripture I have much quoted but which needed to sink deeper into parts of me:

      "Husbands, love your wives, just as Messiah loved the Body (Church) and gave Himself up for her to make her qadosh (holy, set-apart), cleansing her by the washing with water through the Davar (Word), and to present her to Himself as a radiant Body (Church), without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but qadosh (holy, set-apart) and blameless" (Eph.5:27, NIV).

    The Need For Total Cleansing

    That's a major calling for a man, bigger than he imagines. Now the brother, who learned that I was going to do a 'cleanse', probably didn't realise that I was talking about a chemical cleanse but he rightly picked out a passage that indirectly links the body to the spirit and every other part of the soul. We do need cleansing in every part. The agent is the Davar (Word) which most Evangelical Protestants assume is the Bible and will therefore immerse themselves in that for cleaning, a perfectly valid exegesis of that passage and spiritual activity. But there is far, far more to the Davar (Word), which as we know is first and foremost Yah'shua (Jesus) Himself:

      "In the beginning was the Davar-Miltha-Logos [1] (Word), and the Davar-Miltha-Logos (Word) was with Elohim (God), and the Davar-Miltha-Logos (Word) was God. He was with Elohim (God) in the beginning. Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. In him was chayim (life), and that chayim (life) was the light of men" (John 1:1-4, NIV).

    Yah'shua as Cleanser

    For cleaning to take place in a human life you need supernatural, 100 per cent pure, authentic chayim (life) that proceeds from the Saviour Himself. He is the cleansing agent of every part of your being or soul.

    A Curious Aramaic Description of Elohim

    Andrew Roth points out something very interesting in these opening verses of the Besorah (Gospel) of John that I feel should be inserted, namely that the Aramaic phrase B'resheet aytohi hwa miltha ("In the beginning was the Word") breaks a basic grammatical rule of Aramaic by combining a feminine noun (miltha) with two masculine verbs 'to be' (aytohi, hwa). This is simply not be found anywhere in Aramaic literature but it is not an error on the part of John (who almost certainly wrote his gospel in Aramaic) who uses it one more time in 1 John. Roth, who is a messianic kabbalist, interprets this in terms of the post-Christian occultic Jewish tradition of emanations. What the passage shows is that Elohim (God) has male and female attributes (or 'images/spirits' as Roth calls them) even though as a whole Elohim (God) remains as a 'He' [2]. This is, in the Messianic Evangelical view, because the Elohimhead (Godhead) possesses both male and female personages (the Father and Son being male and the Ruach/Spirit being female or the Mother, Herself seven personages). But because male presides over female, overall 'Elohim' ('God') is always referred to as 'He' to reflect the governing principle of Yahweh which is in all Creation).

    We Must Understand True Gender Patterns

    I mention this because we need to understand not only the true nature of Elohim (God) but the masculine and female principles involved in cleansing particularly as applied to the marriage metaphor as far as attitudes go. This is why we lay such a strong emphasis on understanding what true marriage is so as not to go down a false path of salvation and sanctification. We have to understand the true divine tavnith (pattern) of what correct biblical gender relationships are in order to get into right relationship with Elohim (God). Without that, cleansing will be haphazzard and incomplete.

    The Dream of a Final Break

    Over the years, as I said, I have dreamed of returning to my former place of employment trying to continue in, or get back, my old job which I quit 17 years ago owing to a breakdown in my health. This morning it was different. This morning I dreamed that I had returned to my old classroom and was gathering the last of my things. I removed all the teaching posters and illustrations, cleaned the chalk-board clean, made sure the drawers of my old desk were totally empty, leaving a completely bare room. Then I went and found by successor and formally handed over to him. It was a final break.

    Vision of the River

    After I woke I saw a vision. It was of a large river, an S-bend, that was flowing smoothly and strongly. It was very beautiful. I could see the current moving smoothly and uninhibited. I know that this river was my life and that whatever had blocked it was now in blocked. It was at last time to move on completely with the next phase of my life.

    Cleansing of the Remnant

    To you, the reader, this may not seem much, as I would expect, since my life is not yours, but some of you may be able to recognise some parallels in your own. Yahweh wants the junk from the past to be removed and that's part of the reason we are being funelled, with the rest of humanity, into this penultimate Judgment of Yahweh, though for us - if we're authentic Remnant - it is for the purpose of cleansing. There has to be a complete break with the past if Yahweh's people are to move into their new endowment and calling.

    All the Dross is Surfacing - Deal With It

    All dross in all people is being forced to the surface everywhere by Yahweh. It is a time of full disclosure and an end to hiding. We are witnessing it in the political sphere right now following Trump's victory, aren't we? This is the last time this is going to happen until the seven years immediately before the Second Coming a few decades down the road so I hope you're making use of it wisely. It's your choice to get rid of the dross that Yahweh, in His grace, has forced to the surface, or to reabsorb it and fall back where you were before into your old ways and take your chances in the Outer Court. You will not get away with any ambition to be a part of the Remnant while insisting on holding onto false teaching and impurity in your life.

    Not Pain-Free

    I am not saying that doing this is either easy or painless, for it is neither, but it is better to go through the pain of cleaning through making your own choice (that's called making teshuvah or repentance) than to be forced into it against your own will because in the latter there is no credit to you - no sanctification follows as it is raw judgment. Voluntary judgment of personal sin leads to joyous deliverance and cleansing. Compulsory judgment against sin where there is no authentic repentance (as opposed to sorrow and self-pity) is very, very bad news, for as it is written, all that can be expected is a "fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of Elohim (God)" (Heb.10:27, NIV).


    Let's get those river bends unblocked now. Let's finally leave home, career or whatever false security you are holding onto as an adult, and allow Yahweh to move us all on to the next phase of our lives. The world is entering a new phase - its last phase - before the consummation at the end of the age and it won't wait for us. Either you have to deal with realities or be beaten up by the illusions and sins you are still clinging to. Yah'shua (Jesus), the Davar (Word), is the supernatural Cleanser. Let Him do His job on you and be done with the old.

      "Therefore, if anyone is in Messiah, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" (2 Cor.5:17, NIV).


    [1] The Hebrew, Aramaic and Logos words meaning 'word'
    [2] Andrew Gabriel Roth, Aramaic English new Testament (Netzari Press LLC, USA: 2012), footnote #1, p.232

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