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Month 8:5, Week 1:4 (Revee/Shavu'ot), Year:Day 5940:211 AM
2Exodus 3/40, Yovel - Year 50/50
Gregorian Calendar: Friday 3 November 2016
The Tsunami of Lies
Why Historical Truth Matters

    The Origin of All Lies

    Lies. I hate them with a passion. Speaking about Satan to the Pharisees, Yah'shua (Jesus) said:

      "He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the emet (truth), for there is no emet (truth) in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. Yet because I tell the emet (truth) truth, you do not believe Me!" (John 8:44-46, NIV).

    Truth is Life

    Lies. Our world is so saturated with them that searching for emet (truth) is rather like searching for diamonds in pig swill. It is in such short supply that were we to substitute our need for it with regular food, we would die of starvation. The soul needs emet (truth) to have chayim (life) because chayim (life) does not abide in lies. It cannot. It would be an oxymoron - a total contradiction - for it to do so.

    Speaking Truth is a Commandment

    Human beings have been lied to for so long and so extensively that it is a wonder the emet (truth) can be found anywhere at all. Yet it can be. But like all precious commodities, it will cost you to find it and it will cost you even more to share and propagate it. It will cost you your reputation, your friends and sometimes your very life. And I am not just talking about spiritual emet (truth) - I am talking about all kinds of emet (truth). As Believers we are commanded to "speak[] the emet (truth) in ahavah (love)" (Eph.4:15, NKJV). That includes every kind of emet (truth) - religious, scientific, political, and moral. Walking in lies is always unacceptable. Indeed, if you don't passionately love emet (truth), how can you ever be fully delivered? How can you be free? Believers are to have a "love of the emet (truth), that they might be saved" (2 Thess.2:10, NKJV).

    Salvation Depends on Historical Truth

    There is, of course, a difference between salvational emet (truth) - who Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) is and what we have to do to be saved out of sin and receive eternal chayim (life) - and other kinds of emet (truth), like historical emet (truth). However, as believers, we have an obligation to embrace all emet (truth) and reject all lies, even if it challenges cherished beliefs and world views. Christianty is arguably the only historical emunah (faith) so the emet (truth) of history is very important. The fact of Yah'shua's (Jesus') birth, life, death and physical resurrection is not only vitally important but salvational. Your eternal security depends on it. Therefore there is a very real sense in which historical emet (truth) saves.

    Elements of Scriptural Truth

    If you are serious student of the Bible, the emet (truth) about theology, history, the scriptural languages (Hebrew, Aramaic and to Greek) and a knowledge of cultural setting are very important for an accurate understanding of spiritual emet (truth). Context is everything when it comes to Scripture which means having a certain level of knowledge of all of these four things is important...and arguably knowing some science to deal with the sceptics of the witness of special creation.

    My Pursuit of History and Languages

    I have been really blessed for having a passionate interest in history since I was a teenager and then to become a scientist which paved my way to becoming equally passionate about theology. My one big, big regret was that I turneed down an offer at school to learn Classical Greek - I'm afraid Latin had turned me off languages. But I have worked hard in trying to pick up as much Hebrew as I could and of course, living in the Far East and Scandinavia means I have learned (with great difficulty, I hasten to add, since language is not a gifting of mine) to speak Norwegian, some Swedish and a smattering of other languages like German, Danish, French and Malay. After I became a believer I forced myself to join a Classical Hebrew Class at Oxford in my spare time. I definitekly do not regret that even if it was tough going.

    Most Popular History is Myth

    I mention all of this because I want to talk about history today. Since writing a book on modern European history when I was young and continuing my interest in worldwide history ever since, I have been forced by the overwhelming weight of evidence to reject mauch of the 'official' historical narrative that we are propagandised into accepting at school, university and in the media. There is a dark agenda [1] that drives the engine of popular history - it is not the emet (truth). History, like practically everying else on this wicked planet, basically serves the agenda of the satanic élites that drives our society. And when you criticise this 'official history' you are accused of propagating 'hate' speech. Why?

      "Because during times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" (George Orwell).

    The Remnant are Passionate Truthers

    Historical emet (truth) has been suppressed by every political régime on earth. The world system does not like emet (truth). Period. Why? Because emet (truth) exposes sin there are very few (including the majority of believers) who want their sin unmasked. The flesh likes the status quo and the 'official narrative' because it is lazy by nature and unsympathetic to change...except to the kind of change that leads away from emet (truth). Thus 'truthers', of every persuasion, are always - and will always - be in a miniscule minority. So it won't come as any surprise if I insist that the Remnant is passionate about emet (truth) - all kinds of emet (truth).

    Three Corrupt Philanthropic Organisations

    Who doesn't like to read an idealised account of one's own country or of an organisation to which one belongs or is an avid supporter of? Who even wants to know, for example, that such 'noble' philanthropic and chariotable organisations like UNESCO, the Red Cross or - yes, even the darling of nature conservationists - the World Wild Life Fund (WWF) are utterly corrupt? [2] The WWF is of special interest to me because a close family friend (now deceased) was a senior officer in that organisation in Malaysia. As for UNESCO, one of my favourite actors, the late Peter Ustinov (of fascinatingly mixed ancestry that included Russian, French, German and Ethiopian) was a life-long and passionate champion of that wing of the United Nations (UN). Never mind that the UN is itself a totally corrupt communistic and anti-Christian organisation - I mean, what could be more laughable (or outrageous) than Saudi Arabia holding the presidency of the Human Rights Commission?

    No Longer a Monarchist or Zionist

    Over the years I have had so many illusions cracked by the emet (truth) that I am not sure I have ever really recovered. As once a fervent British monarchist, I eventually discovered where that family's loyalties lie. Then as a once fervent Zionist, I discovered that whole lie out. Nothing is as it appears to be in this world - absolutely nothing. Even my former hero Churchill has had to go.

    David Irving and Wikipedia

    In recent times I have had to revise a whole lot of historical belief I had when I stumbled across British historian David Irving [3] who has been falsely villified and even imprisoned as an anti-semite and a pro-nazi for challenging the official narrative about the holocaust. He is neither. He has even been accused of being a holocaust-denier, which he absolutely is not. He's just not a blind conformist...unlike Wikipedia which (I'm sorry to say to those of you who love it) has a heaveily slanted leftist and anti-Christian agenda. I had my own bout with that website a few years ago and discovered just how dishonest it is. You're a dozen times safer with Wikileaks.

    More Historians - N.T.Wright and Martin Gilbert

    Most historians don't do original research work, or if they do, it is minimal. Mostly they are regurgitating, uncritically, the publications of other historians. That's one reason I am such a fan of Anglican historian N.T.Wright whose work is original even if I don't agree with his every conclusion. Martin Gilbert was one of my great heroes as an amateur writer of historical atlases until I discovered just how biased and unreliable he was in certain areas of history, notably when it came to the history of his own tribe.

    Jung Chang, Jon Halliday and the History of Communist China

    I praise Yahweh for great historians like Jung Chang and Jon Halliday whose seminal work revealed the true horror and depravity that was the communist revolution in China [4]. The Chinese nation is living a huge lie, thanks to the sanitisation of its history by the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC). And the sanitised version of that nation's history which we have in the West is nothing compared to the actual horror.

    Communism and the Sanitisation of Russian History

    The same is true of Russia. People don't realise how murderous communism really is and more than on par with nazism. The only problem is Soviet Communism won the Second World War so Soviet crimes have not only been glossed over it is now illegal, even in post-communist Russia, to bring up Soviet attrocities. The myth is the armed forced did no wrong.

    Putin and the Obama-Clinton Syndicate

    Putin is no angel and neither is his régime [5] - he's simply the lesser of two evils...and the gap is so large between him and the Obama-Clinton syndicate that he really does look like an angel in comparison [6]. For sure, Putin's Russia is far freer than Obama's America and its puppet the European Union even if I absolutely do not trust his ally, the People's Republic of China, which continues to be guilty of a whole string of human rights abuses. Russia too must deal with the emet (truth) of its history in which it is currently in denial.

    Swedish Myths

    Finally (and I could write a whole book about this) we must not forget my adopted country of Sweden which has always proudly boasted on its neutrality in World War 2 when in truth it was playing both sides and probably helped prolong the war by a year by supplying the nazis with much coveted iron ore for their war effort. This country is in hyper-denial about the emet (truth) of its situation, being one of the most politically correct countries in the world and probably the most oppressive to families (followed closely by Norway) in the whole of the West. It has always been a hotbed of communism and third-wave ultra feminism. It has yet to go through a huge emotional catharisis when it wakes up to the lies it has swallowed and how its own government has betrayed its people and culture in the name of a globalist pipedream. Like Merkel's Germany, it is being destroyed from within.

    Reaching a Climax

    As I discussed in As the Nation Unravels we are in the middle of an information war that is coming to a head. It has become so bad now that people in high places are willing to kill openly to hide the emet (truth) about the Grand Lies they have been forcing on the people. When a nation stands ready to elect a mass muderer into office then you know that not only something is seriously wrong with the nation itself but that the present state of affairs, with all its lies, cannot continue indefinitely. We know what the élites intend to do and we know, more or less, how they intend to achieve them. And we know it is in no one's interests, save those right at the top with all the wealth and power (the new feudal lords), that they succeed. What's astonishing is how gullible and stupid humanity has become - men and women are like uncritical sponges soaking up whatever political junk food is served to them. The élites have largely managed this coup by rigging the educational system [7].

    After the Election...

    The Presidential Election in the USA, which will determine not only the future of America but the whole world, is in only four days' time. The political apparatus to both rig the election and violently suppress any opposition are definitely in place. But even assuming the Syndicate don't win, this does not mean America and the world are about to enter into a new Golden Era. Quite the opposite. A preliminary, pre-Great Tribulation, Judgment of Yahweh has to be executed - there is no escaping it. Evil abounds everywhere, the nations are rapidly decending into chaos and anarchy, and Yahweh, in His great mercy, is going to buy the Body of Messiah some time of a length in proportion to its willingness to repent or not. Out of this Body, which must be judged along with the crime syndicates that run the banks and political systems, will arise the Remnant - separate from all that has gone before, separate from the semi-pagan church system, separate from semi-pagan Messianic Judaism. All is about to change.

    Freedom of the Internet

    I do not know for how much longer a free Internet will be available, a reason, I suspect, I feel pushed to share all I can while I still have the time to do so. Remember, the entire NCCG.ORG website is available on CD-ROM so that in the event of an EMP attack wiping out the internet or in the event of a totalitarian crackdown on free speech, all that has been written over 30 years will be available for the Remnant to build on. Either way, the Internet will be back in some form along with this ministry in whatever shape Yahweh deigns it to be. Hopefully, though, the lines of communication will still be open.


    May the grace and shalom (peace) of our Master Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) be with you all.


    [1] For example (and there are hundreds of books that could be cited), B.K.Eakman, Agenda Games: How Today's High-Stakes Political Combat Works (Midnight Whistler Publishers, USA: 2012)
    [2] Wilfried Huismann, Panda Leaks: The Dark Side of the WWF (Nordbook, Bremen, Germany: 2014)
    [3] David Irving is one of the best, most honest and most thorough historians of our time and even makes some of his many well-researched books available free online at his website
    [4] Jung Chang & Jon Halliday, Mao: The Unknown Story (Vintage Books, London: 2007)
    [5] See, for example, Karen Dawisha, Putin's Kleptocracy: Who owns Russia? (Simon & Shuster, NY: 2014)
    [6] See, M.S.King, The War Against Putin: What the Government-Media Complex Isn't Telling You About Russia (Amazon)
    [7] See, for example, Samuel Blumenfeld & Alex Newman, Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians are using Government Schools to Destroy America's Children (WND Books, Washington DC: 2014); B.K.Eakman, Cloning of the American Mind: Eradicating Morality Through Education (Huntington House Publications, Lafayette, Louisiana: 1998); Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (Conscience Press, Parkman, Ohio: 2011) and many othere excellent books

    Comments From Readers

    [1] "It will be interesting (and terrifying) when YHWH will lay all things vare on the Final Day of Judgment - when all the false histories and stories will be unmasked and the truth is shown to all. The weight of accountability on those who crafted those lies (to hide terrible sins and manipulate many) is great..." (DP, South Africa, 4 November 2016)

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    Last updated on 4 November 2016

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