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Month 8:1, Week 1:1 (Rishon/Pesach), Year:Day 5940:208 AM
2Exodus 3/40, Yovel - Year 50/50
Gregorian Calendar: Tuesday 1 November 2016
The World System II
A Vision of Government Luxury

    Continued from Part 1

    Time for a Break?

    I told myself yesterday, 'I'm going to take a break. I've been in intercession now for three weeks. I've been writing solidly practically every day now for weeks (which I don't normally do), I've got 'flu on top of all my other medical problems. The visions have not been so frequent so probably there isn't much to share. So I'll have a rest.'

    Servants of the Most High

    If you think 'it' works like that, think again. We are servants of the Most High, He provides what is needed and permits what He permits for a reason; and if its adversarial (like ill health) there's usually a reason for that too, foremost of which is to keep 'dead-keen' souls in check, humble and attentive. The methodology has never met with the approval of my flesh (I had a dream about that which perhaps I'll share another time) but the spirit knows better than to argue. This morning I had a vision and I felt better afterwards - not recovered but energised enough to do what is required.

    The Nature of Visions

    I did want to say that 99 per cent of the visions Yahweh shows me are not in answer to questions that I have (many of which I consider pressing) and though sometimes they relate to topics I have had on my mind, usually they don't. I mention that because this is my personal experience. Also, a good many of the messages in the visions I receive are not necessarily news in the sense that they have been given to me before though often in a different way and from a different perspective.

    Truth Must Be Repeated Often

    The reason for this was, I believe, gleaned by the German philosopher Goethe who rightly observed:

      "The truth must be repeated again and again because error is constantly being preached around us. And not by isolated individuals, but by the majority" (1828).

    Instructions from Elohim

    Though Yahweh rarely repeats a personal instruction to His servants more than once (and almost never more than three times - if they're not responding after three whacks on the head they're usually not prepared to obey), but general truths - as any preacher, evangelist, missionary, and navi (prophet) will tell you, usually has to be repeated again and again and again...for the reason that Goethe gave. That's awfully tedious at times for the message-bearer for it invariable provokes rage from those in error who don't want to hear the truth. And let's not forget that these 'enraged ones' can be life-threatening to the messenger at times.

    Repetition Necessary

    But repetition is, I have learned from personal experience, absolutely necessary. If parents have to do it with their children, then why does it come as a surprise to some that servants of Yahweh must do the same to their congregations? We are slow, stubborn and resistant...thanks to the flesh. And when we think that this response is OK or even desirable, then we are ready for another heavenly whack on the head. The world is getting ready for a major head-whacking season, is it not?

    The Class System

    Traditionally there have been the semi-idle and super-rich ruling classes (the upper class or aristocracy), the hard-working middle classes who create enterprises and generate wealth for the nation, and the often (though in these days of self-entitlement, not nearly so much) harder-working lower classes (proletariat) whose labour actually makes things happen. As you will learn from today's vision, and as truthers who research the world system largely already know, the middle class is rapidly disappearing leaving what is essentially a modern kind of feudal system with a super-rich upper class of plundering banksters, corporate exploiters and sycophantic politicians (the 'New Aristicracy') and one giant class of super-poor. In this new system no real wealth is being generated for the working classes at all - they are simply slave labour. Even communism perpetuated this system, but instead of banksters and corporations draining and plundering the ordinary man and woman, it was the politicians (on the highest rung) and the apparatchiks (on the next one down from the top).

    Vision of the Government Building

    This morning I saw a vision of a government building. From the outside it looked very plain and non-descript like so many soulless government constructions. There was a group of people, mostly women, who worked there and were on their way into the building. Immediately outside the big glass doors (symbolising the illusion of 'transparency' or 'openness') was a large mat on the pavement (sidewalk) and sticking out of it was a huge, living human hand. These government workers had to trample over the hand to get inside the building, crushing it underfoot.

    Going Inside

    I followed them inside in the vision. The inside the building on the ground floor was very plain and concrete stairs with metal railings went up to the next floor. There was one tiny rug but otherwise the floor was concrete. The furniture was plain and utilitarian. I followed them as they went up to the next floor and there everything was exactly the same - very plain and inexpensive. Then they went through a pair of swinging doors and as we crossed they suddenly started speaking another language which I did not recongise. Up to now they had been speaking English.

    The Second Area

    The group of government workers began to relax as soon as they got inside this area and I was immediately struck by how much more luxurious it was. They were laughing and joking with one another now, whereas before they had been reserved and putting on a façade. We passed through room after room and the deeper we got into the building the more luxuirious it got until by the time the vision closed the luxury was really outrageous. These people were really living in style.

    A Decadent and Unmeritorious Lifestyle

    I knew exactly what everything meant symbolically. I was being shown the replacement 'middle class', a group of people who generate no wealth for a country (unlike the authentic middle classes) because they were bureaucrats. The new middle class in this system is the bureaucracy of the ruling aristocratic class. They speak the same language as the masses outside but inside they speak their own. Outside, and on the ground floor, they appear as you and me but inside they are something quite different. I wondered, at first, what the giant hand meant but quickly cottoned on that it represented the 'giving' of the public, through high taxation, which they exploited (trampling on the hand) in order to finance their decadent and unmeritorious lifestyle.

    Evolution of the New World Order

    If you've ever seen public buildings in Scandinavia you will know that inside they are luxurious, but nothing like what I saw in the vision, which progressively got more oppulent the deeper you got in. The ruling class depends on its bureaucracy to run the system outside, which is essentially a socialistic one, that gives the illusion of egalitarianism and equality until you compare it to the way the élites and their bureaucract live, which is an autocratic fascist system. The bureaucracy is a tiered system so nobody really knows exactly how those who are 'above' them actually live. They're almost totally superfluous and grow in proportion to how socialistic a society is. But this is how the emerging New World Order (NWO) will operate and is already operating. Occasionally the newspapers report a scandal of how some bureaucrat is living like a municipal officer on a salary that would never allow for such an opulent lifestyle. It's a privileged class, as we know from the European Union where the bureaucrats (or 'eurocrats' as they're now called) pay far less tax than us 'proles' and have all kinds of perks with the job. It's a grand life for the boot-lickers.

    State Worship Blinds

    None of this was new to me but I guess, as Goethe saw, there is a need to keep repeating the truth so that the public finally 'gets it'. Most, of course, won't because they have been taught to worship the state or are otherwise a part of the system which is rewarding them to shut up. Those of you who may possibly be aware what the globalist strategy has been since 1945 might like to study the table I created a few years ago to explain the three-stage transformation of former Christian societies into the NWO:


    Old Paradigm




    New Paradigm

    & VALUES
    The Bible reveals reality Science alone explains reality  Feelings and experience prove reality (existentialism, feminism)
    Yahweh (God) is personal (loves us) and greater than His creation Religion is a crutch, an illusion, the opium of the people (atheism/fascism/ communism/liberalism) An impersonal universal god (pantheism = occultism) makes all things one (monism = satanism)
    Teach personal responsibility (accountability to Truth who is Yah'shua the Messiah/ Jesus Christ and Torah) Teach human rights
    (you are your own truth
    = self-worship and
    Teach collective duties, responsibilities or obligations
    (the state is Truth = Totalitarianism = no accountability = dictatorship)
    Don't tolerate sin
    (but love sinners)
    Tolerate all lifestyles
    (moral anarchism)
    Don't tolerate dissenters
    (zero tolerance = persecution = prison, torture and murder)
    Trust Yahweh (God/Elohim) Trust self (self as god) Trust the state (state as god)

    The Story of a Young Afro-American

    We had a very promising young investigator who was awaiting his baptism a few years ago, a very bright and intelligent Afro-American from a stable and prosperous middle class Christian family background. We liked him a lot. At the time he was looking for new work and for something that would, understandably, match his talents and qualifications. Along the way he was offered a cushy job in a very prestigious government agency that required him to sign all sorts of confidentiality papers. The salary was excellent, there were many perks and the vaccation quota was very generous indeed. It appeared, in every way, to be ideal, from a financial point-of-view.

    Lost to a Black Israelite Group

    My counsel to him was to seek Yahweh's will and to be careful. But he wanted the job so badly that I don't think he really ever heard Yahweh's will. He joined the government service and then progressiovely over time he grew more and more distant. The red flags started popping up in my mind when he started getting interested in a black supremacist messianic organisation known as 'Yisraylite Heritage' and it was not long before he started looking down on us because we many of us were white and would not acknowledge that the original Hebrews were black. (Later I created Black Hebrew - Israelite Heritage website as a warning to those who are getting sucked up into this cult). He eventually disappeared out of our lives, fully entrenched into the government system (which is itself a supremacist organisation).

    The Poor Scholarship of the Supremacists

    The rich pickings of the system are a very real temptation to those who manage to 'graduate' out of the slave class and and get baited into the privileged status it offers. People don't realise that the kind of government that is evolving is a giant cult all of its own. (See my Vision of the World System). So it was 'natural' that our friend should find a religious group that paralleled such attitudes. There are white supremacist groups which appeal to pride and arrogance in exactly the same way. The ministers of both tend not to be biblical scholars and have little idea about exegesis. They are best described as eisegetical 'meme experts and YouTube scholars', to quote a sister from Ireland. Their 'theology' consists of superficial concepts, catch-phrases and media pieces which is then mimicked by others and then spreads from person to person on the internet. Put them in front of proper biblical scholarship and their theology falls apart [1].

    A Separate Language

    The bureaucrats in the vision spoke their own 'language', and if you have had anything to do with the bureaucratic system, it itself has its own memes which form an incomprehensible 'language' to outsiders which only lawyers and the bureaucarts themselves can understand. It's a kind of Orwellian 'Newspeak', the insane and illogical language of 'political correctness', the philosophy of the muddled and confused with autocratic tendencies which makes them feel important and powerful. It blinds them to the emet (truth) and (disasterously) shields them from the Besorah (Gospel)....or otherwise distorts the Besorah (Gospel) out of shape.

    The Social Services Example

    It shocked me to learn that some of the Social Service (SS) workers (Child Protection Services agents) involved in the kidnapping of children here in Sweden (when I was investigating their abuses) was conducted by professing 'Christians' though it turned out they were usually always very liberal and humanistic. One SS woman I checked into from Gotland was a Methodist, a church the Wesley brothers would no longer recognise and one they would roundly condemn as apostate were they to come back from the dead.

    The Over-Qualified

    There are many like our Afro-American friend who are highly qualified and talented who are lured into the system which progressively destroys their emunah (faith) and leads them into an alternative reality isolated from the masses where the Besorah (Gospel) lives. They rapidly become élitist in their mentality and start looking down on the 'plebs' outside. The system becomes their god which is why I am of the firm belief that the Remnant can never be a part of it. We have an Afro-American sister in the USA who, like myself and other brethren, have university degrees and are 'over-qualified' for most work on the 'outside'. We could get well-paying, comfortable jobs on the 'inside' if we wanted to but it would be at an unacceptable price. I once tried to get a job in Arizona years ago and was refused because I too was 'over-qualified'. We simply have be where Yahweh wants us to be doing what He wants us to do. The apostle Paul was one such 'over-qualified' early believer.

    Learning Self-Reliance in Yahweh

    To those of you who are well educated and may have good paying jobs, you need to understand that to follow the Master you may called upon to sacrifice privilege and advantage in the world. If Yahweh has seen to it that we have been well educated it is because He has a use for that education in the Kingdom work. To be realistic, the Remnant, in order to escape the slave class, survive and prosper, in 99.99 per cent of cases, will have to be self-employed, home-schooled and self-suffient. We have to get out of the system which is closing in on liberty. Once again, we must learn to be self-reliant in Elohim (God). The alternative is to be swallowed by the system in an unhealthy co-dependency.

    False Security

    This is what today's vision is pointing us to...once more. The temptation to be a part of the system is very great. I've been offered good jobs. In the end I became a simple school teacher but even that was only temporary. It gave me the security I thought I needed for my family and I didn't quit when Yahweh told me to...many times and with many visions. I was disobedient because I was scared that I would not be able to pay off my mortgages (that's why we should not get into debt) and that my family would starve -- and I was afraid I would be too old to find another job.

    Don't Delay Quitting the System

    In the end He whacked my head and here I am today. My original standard of living has dropped by two-thirds but He has always provided, even if we have lived on the edge of survival sometimes. He has enabled me, latterly, to educate my own children and give them a healthy home environment, and He has freed me up for the Kingdom work. My eldest children, who were born to me and raised by me while I was s slave of the system, have not fared so well spiritually, which is a source of much distress to me, for I wonder if things might have gone better for them had I obeyed Yahweh's command to quit when He told me to. So I pray you do not make the same mistake I did but trust Him as I ought to have.


    May He lead you out of slavery and into prosperity in Him.


    [1] There are many YouTube videos with these people debating scholars like James R. White, a Reformed Baptist. Unfortunately White, who is a typical Calvinist Protestant, not only demolishes their erronesous meme-theology but unfortunately attacks their messianic Torah-obedience too. So you have to be discerning.

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