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Month 1:8 (Aviv8), Week 1:7 (Shibi'i/Sukkot), Year:Day 5940:8 AM
2Exodus 2/40, Yovel - Year 50/50
Gregorian Calendar: Friday 15 April 2016
No Battle Too Big,
No Detail Too Small

      Introduction to the Revelation

      Shabbat shalom kol beit Yisra'el [1] as I deliver to you this morning what was given me not two hours ago, words from Yahweh's own mouth in the form of an engaging couplet, heard as I awoke, spoken deep to my soul, which lingered as though demanding further attention and unpacking. These are the devarim (words) that I heard, addressed to me and to all who claim to be of the Remnant, its valiant and humble standard-bearers:


      The Fate of Two Nations Settled in a Great Miracle

      Every Exodus - and this is the second and last of its kind...what a privilege is that to be a part of it!...is led by valiant warriors in the Ruach (Spirit). The first was led by Moses (with his spokesman, Aaron), Joshua and Caleb, and the second will be led by similar characters. We remember Moses - as we shall again be doing this coming Pesach (Passover) next week - as divinely anointed leader, miracle-worker and revelator. It cannot have escaped your attention that the parting of the Red Sea (Yam Suf, Sea of Reeds) was a miracle on a very great scale with consequences for two nations - deliverance for one (Israel) and destruction of another (Egypt). This was a 'big battle' in which an entire army of the greatest nation of the earth at that time was wiped out in minutes, along with its Pharaoh. This parting of an obstacle, deliverance of a people, and swallowing up of an oppressor is the archetype of all of Yahweh's doings with His people. And its final unfolding is in the deliverance of sinful man by the blood of the Redeemer, our Messiah, Yah'shua (Jesus).

      Leaders of the First Exodus: Moses, Aaron, Joshua and Caleb

      Israelites Turning into Egyptians

      There will always be those who are drawn to such things. They believe in, and seek for, miracles; and indeed there is absolutely nothing wrong with this because the Christian life is absolutely supposed to be a life of miracles. However, this quest alone, isolated from the bigger picture of Besorah (Gospel) life, has tripped up so many believers and led them into disasaterous counterfeits and thence to destruction. It is no difficult thing for an Israelite to turn into an Egyptian by taking cumulative wrong turns at critical junctures. It happens all the time. We have just, only the other day, been witness to yet another false charismatic wonder-worker, Todd Bentley, declare his allegiance to Rome.

      The Cost of Neglect

      However, as this couplet Yahweh branded into my mind and heart this morning reminds us, the 'big' things must be balanced by the small. You will recall that Yah'shua (Jesus) testified that the "jots and tittles" (Mt.5:18, KJV) - the smallest letter and pen stroke in the Hebrew writing system, like the little apparently mundane things in day-to-day life and like the the smallest details in Scripture...all of these things matter very much too. But if we get bogged down in one at the expense of the other - losing sight of the big battles because of our pre-occupation with the minutae (smallest details) of Torah, for example, or if we start neglecting the minutae of Torah because we are so focussed on the 'big' and 'dramatic' things, then I'm afraid we are going to lose our way; and Israelites will, unconsciously, by small increments become converted into becoming Egyptians, all the while wearing the garb of an Israelites! Like the frog in the pan of water being slowly cooked, he will not be aware of his conversion to the dark side.

      The Lover and Fighter

      There is only one kind of Remnant Believer and he combines the qualities of valiant warrior - fighting big battles in the Ruach (Spirit) to overcome enemies both invisible and visible - with qualities of one who gives attention to detail - small acts of kindness, regularly and consistently, diligently searching the Scriptures for every last morsel of light and emet (truth) which he then translates into loving and fighting. In order to do both of these things - fight big battles and attend to the details required to fight big battles (remember the story of the horse-shoe nail) - the Remnent Believer must ever be alert whilst simultaneously dwelling in Yahweh's shalom (peace). Failure to be alert, sensitive and obedient has led to the Great Apostacy which we see in our midst today.

      Fifteen Main Heresies of the Church

      As you look around at Christendom you see the evil fruits of cowardice on the battlefield and the consequences of negligence of the details. You need to be aware of these signs so that you are not seduced and deceived to either be negatively leavened or converted by the chief apostacies of our age. Let me quickly run through fifteen of the most obvious signs of the Israelite who has become an Egyptian without him being aware of it and what he has embraced to become thus lost to the emet (truth):

      • 1. The Prosperity and Word of Faith False Gospel where 'money' and 'me' are the chief focus instead of the Ruach (Spirit) and Yah'shua (Jesus);

      • 2. Pagan-Influenced False Christianity and Messianism where seeking out evil spirits through divination, linking to new age ideals such as releasing demon-mediated kundalini psychic energy, pursuing idolatry through statues- and self-worship, chasing after the mysticism of kabbalah, and so on, take place;

      • 3. The False Once Saved, Always Saved (OSAS) Doctrine wherein a person believes that once they are saved, they are always saved, even if there is willful unbridled sin in their lives - people can and do lose their salvation, their security being tied into their remaining in Messiah and bringing forth the fruits of the Ruach (Spirit) through love-driven and salvation-mediated obedience to the mitzvot (commandments);

      • 4. False Gender Rôles and Tavnith-Breaking such as teaching coheadship in marriage, ordaining women as sole pastors over assemblies and overturning patriarchy - men must preside over congregations, and though they may be assisted by female ministers, these female ministers must operate under the exclusive authority of their husbands. Equally, men may not preside over other men's wives and children;

      • 5. The Failure to Evangelise, the Great Commission being relegated to an unimportant place in a congregation's agenda where instead programs replace the Ruach (Spirit);

      • 6. Ungodly Leadership where men act like CEO's and Celebrities instead of humble servants of the Most High;

      • 7. The Failure to Disciple Converts after initial conversion - there no call to discipleship, holy living, commandment-keeping, deliverance or Torah-obedience;

      • 8. Failure to Baptise by Full Submersion - sprinkling or no baptism at all, which is a symbolic rejection of complete immersion in, and submission to, Messiah;

      • 9. Easy-Believism and Easy-Escapism - believe-only replaces repentance, submission and obedience to the Master and rapture replaces overcoming;

      • 10. A Lack of Congregational Fellowship, replaced instead with social club-like activities;

      • 11. False Calendars, Sabbaths and Observances like Saturday and Sunday worship, celebration of pagan Christmas, Easter, Lent, Halloween, St.Valentines Day, etc., instead of the weekly Luni-Solar Sabbath, monthly new moon, seven annual festivals from Pesach (Passover) to Sukkot (Tabernacles), the seven-yearly Sabbatical Year and the fifty-yearly Jubilee Year;

      • 12. Big Business Gospel where the Messianic Assembly or Church becomes a big business where there is more concern for wealth-generation for the ministers and growth in numbers than in personal growth;

      • 13. Personal Closet Prayer Neglected which is seen as either optional or unimportant;

      • 14. Ecumenicalism replaces the True Gospel for the sake of an imagined unity of all religion;

      • 15. Showy Gifts like tongues and prophecy, usually false because of the their disconnectedness to Torah-obedience, in preference to the more important gifts of love, humility and service.

      The need for Prophets and Torah-Teachers

      Now you could add to this list, of course. Each and every one of these errors has come about because of an imbalance between the 'big' and the 'small', between fighting the good fight of overcoming the flesh and waging spiritual warfare, and the details of the minute-by-minute humble and loving life. When you major in the minor facets of the Besorah (Gospel), major disasters follow. When you neglect the minor facets, you head off in another dangerous direction where the boundaries between right and wrong, emet (truth) and falsehood, become blurred. This is why the Body must have nevi'im (prophets) as well as Torah-teachers, pastors as well as missioners. Evangelism is the life-blood of the local fellowship. Without it, it stagnates and dies.

      The Devoted Bride

      Yahweh said to the House of Israel anciently through the navi (prophet) Jeremiah, and He says it again today to New Covenant Israel:

        "Go and proclaim in the hearing (assembly) .... 'I remember the devotion of your youth, how as a bride you loved Me and followed me through the desert, through a land not sown. Israel was qadosh (holy, set-apart) to Yahweh, the bikkurim (firstfruits) of His harvest [of mankind]; all who devoured her were held guilty, and disaster overtook them,' declares Yahweh. Hear the Davar (Word) of Yahweh, O house of Jacob, all you clans of the house of Israel" (Jer.2:1-4, NIV).

      Not Forsaking Our First Love

      We must not lose or forsake our first love (Rev.2:4) - that passionate love and devotion for Yah'shua (Jesus) nor the willingness to journey through the tribulations of life for His sake, for this is a quality of the bikkurim or firstfruits, the bekorot or firstborn of the Father. When we hold on to these things, when we thereby retain this identity and living power of the Ruach (Spirit), then disaster overtakes our enemies! Have we not seen this time and time again?

      Firstfruits of the World and Firstfruits of the Body

      We are soon to celebrate Yom haBikkurim, the Day of Firstfruits, at which time we first and foremost celebrate the firstfruits of the Resurrection, Yah'shua our Messiah (Jesus Christ). However, this is also the time when Yah'shua (Jesus) draws His bikkurim (firstfruits) from among me, and especially from Messianic Israel, which are the firstfruits of the Remnant. This is calling-time. He is calling those for whom "no battle is too big" and for whom "no detail is too small".

      The Year for Seeking and Deciding is Over

      Brethren and sisters, both those who were once a part of us as well as those who are seeking to be a part of us again (in whatever form Yahweh chooses to remake us): you have had a year to find out Yahweh's will for your lives and to decide what He has called you too. The old New Covenant Assemblies of Yahweh (NCAY) were laid down so that Yahweh could raise up a new people, a consecrated and dedicated people, willing to fight the 'big battles' and give attention to the 'small details'. Last year I invited those who wanted to be a part of us this year to join an online Cathechumens Group and some have. Others have not. We can only assume they have made their decision to seek elsewhere and in that quest we bless them find and prosper in whatever place Yahweh would have them be. We are chasing after no-one.

      Unfolding Judgments

      The Judgments are unfolding before our eyes. It is plain that economic collapse is could happen any time in the next few weeks and that it will certainly happen this year. I spent years warning people and they have either listened and responded or they have not. We are at peace with whatever people will choose for we want none amongst us against their will.

      Vision of the Vials of Yahweh's Wrath Over the Three Illuminati Capitals

      The other day Yahweh showed me a vision of the Vatican, London and washington DC set side by side (I am not sure in which order), the three Illuminati capitals of the world, and above each of them was a vial - "a vial full of wrath" (Rev.5:7; 16:1) - that was being poured over them.

      Vision of 1-2-3 October - Judgments?

      Then there was a pause and a second vision opened up and I saw in large characters before me:

      1-2-3 OCTOBER

      More than that I do not know at this stage but clearly 1-3 October are portentious days for the world, and especially for the USA, UK and Italy where these iniquitous capitals are to be found.

      The Vision, Yom Teruah and Yom haKippurim

      It should be noted that 1 October 2016 corresponds this year with Yom Teruah or the Day of Trumpets (Shouting) which on the prophetic timetable represents the Day of the Second Coming of Messiah, and though Messiah will not be returning this year, this particular day is an announcement of IMMINENT JUDGMENT which follows on Yom haKippurim or Day of Judgments which this year, in Sweden, is on 9-10 October 2016. Therefore I would be taking this period of time especially seriously.

      The Unrolling Judgments on the World

      In the meantime the judgments go on - individually, of the Body and of the nations. They will not ease but rather intensify until the work of Yahweh has been accomplished in this Year of Yovel (Jubilee).

      Bolting Down the Hatches

      Brethren and sisters, there is so much yet to do and time is so very, very short. Your physical preparations should have been finished long ago. The value of your paper money is soon to be wiped out, state belefits will likely cease totally or be radically slashed and every man and family will have to survive alone for a season in the place Yahweh has appointed for it. Not only will he have to contend with an anarchic native population which has not repented or prepared but he will have to deal with murderous unemployed mobs of immigrants whose state benefits will also have dried up. Ugly and dangerous times lie ahead. It is time, as I said recently, to start bolting down the hatches and to arise and fight.

      Getting the Mark

      Now it is a question of getting the inner man cleansed out so that the Enemy has no holds on us as the Invasion of the Courtyard intensifies claiming its lazy and wicked inhabitants wearing the designation 'Christian' or 'Messianic'. You do not want to be one of those who misses receiving the mark of protection because you refused to make teshuvah (repent) and get under proper spiritual covering.

      A Prophetic Dream

      I want to end today's message with a prophetic dream my wife had a couple of days ago. It beautifully illustrates what it is Yahweh is doing amongst us right now and what it is He continues to want to do in order to bring His Remnant under complete toqef (authority) and covering:

        "I had a dream two nights ago and in this dream my husband and I were standing together as if we had been talking and we then starting walking forward, walking toward something. We were on a path of sorts and ahead the path narrowed and that is where we would have to come close together in order to fit through it. And so we wrapped our arms around one another and proceeded to walk through. However as we got closer and closer, I saw that we were busy with our thoughts and fears and hoping that things would be ok, but we were determined to give it our best effort, and so we went forward. The only problem was, we couldn't fit through the opening.

        "So we stopped, backed up a bit and we both got on our knees and began praying. As we were praying the whole area around us was flooded with a bright light, a warm light, inviting even while it exposed every hidden thing. I saw myself trying so hard at life, trying so hard to love my husband, to love others and desperately trying to know and love Yahweh, and always falling short, always held back by what seemed some invisible force that I have many times concluded to be either the enemy or my lot in life. However now I was seeing myself picking up these old, dirty, worn clothes and putting them, one shirt on top of the other until I was weighed down with all these filthy, stinking clothes.

        "It was then that I got it, I understood what I had been doing all this time, why it had been so hard for me to break through this fog I had always felt trapped in. I was believing many many lies. I believed that I was all the things that had happened to me, the abuse, the betrayal, the losses, all were my fault and I had to wear them all, carry them all, they were a part of me. But Yahweh showed me that all that was a lie. I do not have to put on all these things as if putting on clothes, they are not who I am and I am not the cause or blame for them.

        "WE DO NOT HAVE TO WEAR OUR FAILURES! The truth is, all these ragged clothes are full of holes and we are left exposed and so we continue to put on more and more in hopes of feeling safe and covered, but only HE can be our covering, only HE can cleanse us and clothe our nakedness.

        "The past is behind us, we are made new in Yah'shua and HE gives us permission to know and to live in joy! If we want to enter in, we must toss aside everything that would hold us back. That means letting go of hurts, letting go of all the lies we believed about who we are and letting go of pride that would have us think we need to hold on to battle scars as trophies.

        "We CAN be free! We CAN know peace and love! We simply have to throw off the filthy rags of our past, the filthy lies that we will never know anything better and the filthy, ugly pride that says we can control any of it.

        "There is a song called The Robe, by Wes King. It is a beautiful song, one I listened to many years ago before coming to Yah'shua. I would sit and cry and cry because I so longed for someone to love me and cover my nakedness, and I am so grateful that He did!"

        The Robe

          Anyone whose heart is cold and lonely
          Anyone who can't believe
          And anyone whose hands are worn and empty
          Come as you are

          Anyone whose feet are tired of walking
          And even lost their will to run
          There is a place of rest for your aching soul
          Come as you are

          For the robe is of God (Elohim)
          That will clothe your nakedness
          And the robe is His grace
          It's all you need
          Come as you are

          Anyone who feels that they're unworthy
          Anyone whose just afraid
          Come sinner, come and receive His mercy
          Come, come as you are

          For the robe is of God (Elohim)
          That will clothe your nakedness
          And the robe is His grace
          It's all you need
          Come as you are


      Yah'shua (Jesus) calls you to let go of all the old rags and simply come to Him and be clothed anew. The Remnant cannot cover itself, not in any part. It must be pure and purified for the Battle. Then it will triumph and bring much glory to Elohim (God). Let us therefore assemble with cleansed and renewed hearts and minds for the Passover Season next week and prepare ourselves to be sent out and be about the King's business in earnest. Amen.


      [1] Sabbath peace to all the House of Israel

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