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Month 2:7, Week 1:6 (Sheshi/Kippur), Year:Day 5939:37 AM
Jericho March 7/7, Van Staden Count 7/14
2Exodus 2/40, Omer Count Sabbath #2/5
Gregorian Calendar Saturday 25 April 2015
Jericho VII
Are You Now Ready to Die?

    Continued from Part 27

    Introduction: Jericho of Oxford

    In the city of Oxford where I went to college and lived for many years before emigrating to Scandinavia there is a small suburb with narrow streets called Jericho. Once heavily industrialised, it is now the home of mostly professional people. Those of you who are familiar with the Inspector Morse TV detective series starring John Thaw may also remember how some episodes centred around that same place. I suppose I will chiefly remember it for having fallen in the Oxford Canal there whilst out rowing on it with a Greek Cypriot friend and fellow Biochemist. Somewhere there's an album with a photograph of a clothes line with £1 and £5 notes pegged out drying in the summer sun. It always struck me as rather unusual that the suburb of an English city should be so named after a Biblical fortress but apparently it was so named because it was remote, being outside the ancient city's walls. It was here that travellers would rest if they arrived too late to enter the city for in those days the city gates would be bolted after a certain hour. I suspect a reason it may have been called Jericho was because it at one-time the 'red light' district of Oxford but that explanation is disputed.

    Jericho and Moon-Worship in the Middle East

    Jericho may possibly be the oldest continuously occupied city in the world which would have given it an extra mystical aura to the Israelites encircling it. It's name in the ancient Canaanite comes from a root word meaning 'fragrant' though another theory proposes it means 'moon' and was a centre of moon deities. This is especially interesting to us as the location of Israel's desert wandering, which took place in Sinai, may have been named after the ancient moon god Sin (pronounced 'seen'). Interestingly, because of its greater astronomical size (not its brilliance) as viewed with the naked eye, it was regarded as the chief deity of the Babylonians, greater than even the sun. The Assyrians and Chaledeans, from whence came Abram (later renamed Abraham), regarded the moon as the supreme deity, and was known variously as Artemis (the virgin huntress), Aphrodite (the goddess of love), Selene (the mystic), Hera (mother nature), Isis, Hathor and Seshat (in Egypt), Morgana (amongst the Celts) and Allah (of the pagan Arabs, adopted into Islam) by which name it is chiefly known today. The destruction of Jericho therefore, in my view, was symbolically the humiliation and conquest of the counterfeit deity in the vast part of the fertile crescent region, just as the 10 plagues were Yahweh's way of humiliating the Egyptian chief 'gods' and 'goddesses'. Its reduction to rubble therefore represented the final defeat and imprisonment both of Satan by Yahweh and of his modern counterfeit religion, Islam.

    Moon-god worship in the ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur as Abram night have witnessed it

    A Prophetic Encirclement of the Modern Moon-God

    It is no accident, therefore, that we are circling the oldest citadel of this ancient moon-god at this time of the Judgment of the Nations, a false deity which has risen to prominence and is even now seeking to eradicate Christians and Jews alike. It seems likely to me that the destruction of this wicked religion will take place before Yah'shua (Jesus) returns and most likely will be accomplished in some way by the returning Twelve Tribes to the Promised Land. We therefore spiritually circle this city seven times today to prophetically declare an end of this evil system at the end of the current age was well as to petition Yahweh to halt its progress and reverse its current fortunes in the form of ISIS. I certainly believe that the Western world is in for a long, protracted civil war with this moon-god religion if it does not stop its indiscriminate suicidal immigration policies.

    Canaan and the West Today

    Jericho is an archetype of the self: self-serving, self-sure and self-deceived and therefore Yahweh-defying and idolatrous to the core. It was also technologically advanced for its time. When the Israelites came into the Promised Land they found a well-established, productive and successful agricultural system. In so many ways the Canaan of that days was just like ours - technologically advanced and utterly depraved. When the 12 spies reconnoitred the land 40 years previously they weren't just surprised by the size of the inhabitants (which terrifed them) but also the size of the fruits and vegetables (which must have made them boggle-eyed with desire and hope). Repulsion and attraction combined - repulsion and fear because they seemed like grasshoppers compared to the Anakim-giants there, attraction and lust because of all the goodies in a land "flowing with milk and honey" (Ex.3:8, NIV). And Jericho itself, as you know, was rich - laden with gold and other precious things. Yahweh meant the Israelites to have the advanced agriculture but not the gold. Achan went for the gold (Josh.7).

    Food Not Gold for Israel

    The flesh always presents us with a mixed bag of gifts if we will yield to it - food and gold. Yahweh meant the Israelites to have the food but not the gold, and for good reason. He wants good food to be our 'gold', that which we value above the spiritual canker that mammon inevitably leads to. Peter Hitchens, one of my favourite journalists (one of the few who is a Christian in the UK), said that "affluence encourages independence and weakens the sense of mutual obligation." Ironically, we could have a paradise of good food and feed the whole world if we wanted to but when 'gold' (money) takes charge it feeds us poison masquerading as food. That's a reason why Yahweh didn't want the Israelites to have the gold. When Israel subseqently had the wealth to acquire gold and silver in abundance, as it did under Solomon, it corrupted him and the entire nation and attracted the lusty eyes of neighbouring pagan nations.

    The Spirituality of Jericho

    Jericho is 'gold', with the imagined security that it brings, ahead of food. It represents trusting in material things before trusting in spiritual things. Not that Jericho wasn't 'spiritual'. It most certainly acknowledged the supernatural/spiritual just as our modern world does, but all the wrong kind of spirituality - the spirituality which exalts self and turns the heart away from the Creator to the worship of futile, created things, astronomically as well as earthly.

    Canaanite Moloch Worship and Modern Infanticide

    We have seen that the Jerichoites, like most of the Middle East, were moon-worshippers. But they also worshipped Moloch, the extreme satanic deity that demanded the sacrifice of infants for appeasement and supposed blessings. And that is no different today. The West in particular (but also now the East) is drenched in the blood of infants. Neo-natal child murder, disguised as 'abortion', is Moloch-worship, another god of the self - a god of brutal and violent 'self-convenience'. And it won't stop there. Plans are afoot in America under the Obama régime to make the murder of children up to the age of four years old, who have a range of congentical diseases, legal. It's the thin edge of the wedge. For they will not stop there - next it will be pseudo-scientific psychiatry 'mental illnesses' that will qualify for further state-sanctioned murder of children. Then they will 'up' the age, and so the creeping wickedness will become a stampede of blood-lust to remove everything inconvenient to the self-saturated, egocentric human soul.

    Moloch-Worship in the West is Just More Sophisticated

    Does anyone doubt the modern West is any different from ancient Canaan, at least in the direction it's going? It's more carefully hidden in the modern West - at least the Caananites were more honest in their blatancy. By the time the second generation have come to maturity, the gross sins of Moloch-worship will have come to full fruition and it will be time for jusgment, total destruction and the Second Coming of Messiah. ISIS is but a foretaste of much worse to come.

    Becoming Smallholder farmers

    Now praise Yahweh none of us are moon-god- or Moloch-worshippers but we are still attracted by the 'gold' or wealth of Jericho which Moloch uses to bribe the flesh, and that has to die. We must stop seeing our wealth in terms of creature comforts but in terms of knowing the true Elohim (God) and providing safe and nutritious food for our families. We are required to change our whole outlook and become self-sufficient small farmers. I am already planning to have a Permaculture expert visit us this summer and counsel us on how we can best put our land to use. The ancient Israelites were agricultural smallholders and no prophetic Scripture pointing to the Millennium has any place for the concrete jungle of today's Babylonian system with its crowded crime-ridden cities - remember it was the anti-Messiah (antichrist) Nimrod who invented the city with the help of the fallen malakim (angels). The prophetic picture of paradise remains true today as it was true then:

      "Every man will sit under his own vine and under his own fig tree" (Mic.4:4, NIV).

    Food and Energy Production of the Future

    There will be no corrupt giant multinational corporations, no more overcrowded cities, no more apartment blocks, no more pollution and no more greedy captitalism or wealth-consuming and freedom-robbing socialism. Every man, globally, will have his own plot of land sufficient to feed his family. He, and his family, will be responsible to make it productive...or starve. In our time Yahweh is showing us how this can be done with permaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics and many other wonderful innovations that eliminate land erosion and the need for vast amount of water for irrigation. There will be clean energy - polluting fossil fuels and dangerous nuclear power will be gone unless they can find a way to make thorium reactors in place of uranium, but it is my own view that most power will likely be generated at home so that the countryside doesn't have to be spoiled with eyesore factoriesand under- and overground cable networks. We shall see. The picture is, in any case, crystal clear as far as it goes:

      "The Torah (Law) will go out from Zion,
      the Davar yahweh (Word of Yahweh) from [New] Jerusalem.
      He will judge between many peoples
      and will settle disputes for strong nations far and wide.
      They will beat their swords into plowshares
      and their spears into pruning hooks.
      Nation will not take up sword against nation,
      nor will they train for war anymore.
      Every man will sit under his own vine
      and under his own fig tree,
      and no one will make them afraid,
      for Yahweh-Elohim has spoken"
      (Mic.4:2-4, NIV).

    The Basic Unit of the Millennial Society-to-Come

    Modern 'Canaan' has the know-how to turn the world into an Eden again but we can't live the ancient Jerichoite way. Our wealth has to be in our families, in our own food production for personal consumption and local trade, and in our Elohim (God). That doesn't mean there will be no advanced technology in the age to come, or that we should forfeit technology and return to the Middle Ages or to the steam-age. The Millennium will be an age of clean, personally-owed technology not dependent on big government because there won't be any big government save to administer Torah from the New Jerusalem. There will be nations, yes, but government will mostly be local and patriarchal/familial. Once more the family, with its own plot of land, its own "vine and...and fig tree" and detatched house, will be the basic unit of society - the global society ruled by Messianic Israel with Yah'shua (Jesus) as Sovereign. And there is absolutely no reason why we should not be preparing to learn the skills to live that way now because it's definitely the divine tavnith (pattern). My family certainly is. And the last generation will 100% have to live this way before and during the Great Terror or Tribulation in the 12 end-time cities of refuge they will build.

    An End to Dysfunctionality

    There will be no more dysfunctional people because Yah'shua (Jesus) will heal them all. "Dysfunctional people," Henry Mackow says, "prefer to change the world rather than heal themselves." They never succeed because they always end up making the world in the image of their own dysfunctional image. The healing must start with the self choosing to 'die to self' and allowing Yah'shua (Jesus) full sovereignty. By this means the world changes in the heavenly order and tavnith (pattern). Jericho is the antithesis of this - it is man taking charge in his own pagan, fleshy dysfunctionality and convincing himself that he is the master because of his high tech and wealth. But high tech and wealth have not brought salvation to the world. Instead of creating modern "plowshares" 'Babylon' builds sophisticated and expensive "spears" for war. The Babylonian world system depends on war - the two are synonymous.

    A Tribal Affair

    As I have been saying over the past few days, this Jericho march is primarily for us. It's about bringing down the carnal man under the supernatural power of Yahweh-Elohim through Yah'shua our Messiah (Jesus) - we and our saved as well as unsaved families. This is a family affair, biological and spiritual. It's tribal. It's Israelite and it must be done the Israelite way. It must be done the Torah Way.

    Facing the Carnal Man

    I can say personally that some of these last few days have been hell for me as I have come face-to-face with the carnal man. Last night was one of the worst as I saw just what kind of a 'character' he is. Indeed I was so appalled that I told him to his face (for I saw him in a prophetic dream) that he was a scoundrel. We have to be appalled by that Adamic man or woman if we are ever to have a death-wish for it, but first we have to see him (or her) for what he (or she) really is: a scoundrel, a bitch, a monster. (I could use stronger words but I will not). We need to be sick of heart when we see that satanic man or woman, the man or woman Satan wants us to become, aided, abbetted by, and infused with, those filthy 'familiar spirits' admitted because of our sinning. We have to be revolted and disgusted or those walls will never come down no matter how many times we march around that stronghold, for our theology will not save us, nor our cleverness.

    To Clever By Half and Too Busy

    The Caananites were clever. Today's modern 'Babylonians' and 'Egyptians' are clever. Our cleverness - our intelligence - is in the way more often than not, because there is heavenly intelligence and there is demonic intelligence. Our busy-ness gets in the way too. I've noticed how my carnal man fills my head with music to keep me distracted, even good music, it doesn't matter what kind, because idolatry can be anything good or bad, kosher or unkosher, that we give our time, attention and passion to in preference to Yahweh.

    My Confession

    So I'll confess it - my carnal man is a scoundrel, a bastard, and I am ashamed of him. And with that disgust and shame I make my public apology to anyone and everyone I may have hurt or injured or wronged over the years when I have not been facing Yah'shua (Jesus) and have let it get the better of me. I see how much it has been fed and strengthened over the decades by all the stupid choices, little and large, I have made. I, and only I, allowed that and am fully responsible for it. I cannot blame the cultures I have lived in or the people around me who may have provoked or triggered that carnal man to anger, icy-cold indifference or sarcasm. I make that apology first of all to my immediate family, and then to my spiritual family in Messiah at NCAY, and then to all others I know or have known, and finally, but not least, to my Elohim (God) whom I am supposed to be representing. I am not proud of my record. I freely acknowledge that I am a Rahab and that I bring no merit of my own to the salvational table. That's simply the plain emet (truth). Most of this behaviour, when it has manifested, has admittedly been in ignorance and immaturity but some of it was deliberate and uncalled for and totally unbecoming a cohen (priest) in Messianic Israel.

      "All of us have become like one who is unclean,
      and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags (lit. 'menstrual cloths');
      we all shrivel up like a leaf,
      and like the wind our sins sweep us away"
      (Isa.64:6, NIV).

    Demolishing Jericho

    I want this carnal baggage gone forever. I want this Jericho-of-the-soul demolished into a heap of uninhabitable dust. I don't want to keep falling back into the Courtyard of the Tabernacle but to remain in the Sanctuary. Sad to say it has required the breaking of my health to break me - I wish it could have been otherwise but I live in tiqveh (hope) that Yahweh will restore when only the spiritual man has voice and when only the spiritual man is directing my will in Yah'shua (Jesus).

    Vision of the Eagle's Talons

    So here we are, on the seventh and final day of this march which falls at such a critical and propitious time for the righteous but such a terrible time for the wicked. In three days' time we have to assemble to board the ark of deliverance and none of us wants to miss that appointment. Satan has his own major 'assembly' for wickedness (Walpurgis) two days after that and the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones) must have their spiritual armour on, or like a ravenous eagle he will swoop down and with talons take them by the head across their face. How do I know? Because I saw this very image in a vision yesterday and the target was 'yours truly'.

    Ready to Die

    So I am ready to die as I pray you are - not according to the physical but according to the carnal man and woman. This morning I heard Yahweh speak to me and the substance was that of the witness of Peter who said:

      "Yahweh is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance" (2 Peter 3:9, NKJV).

    Repentance Demanded

    Yes, He is longsuffering, but don't forget the 'catch' - "all should come to repentance". And that's the main thing. He wants repentance of the whole inner man or woman. he doesn't just want to hear the words, because if the soul is insincere, He will be deaf to those words anyway.


    I am now going to wash some feet, engage in some prayer and have a rest. May the Master of the Derech (Way) be with you as you make the life-saving choice to march seven times around your carnal man (or woman) and be finally done with him (or her). Turn your eye away from the glittering gold booty, it's Yahweh's - it's His fruit, the reward for His Son's suffering, not ours. Amen.

    Continied in Part 29 (Complete Jericho Marches)

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