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Month 1:12, Week 2:4 (Revee/Shavuot), Year:Day 5939:12 AM
2Exodus 1/40, Messianic Countdown 72/18
Gregorian Calendar Tuesday 31 March 2015
The Great 2015 Dedication XII
The Peace Offering IV:
Anointing the Right Side

    Continued from Part 11

    AVIV 12


    Shalom kol beit Yisra'el and may the grace of our Master Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) truly be your revelation as we daily come before Him. Welcome to this 12th and very important day of Assembly.

    First NCAY Online Conference

    Before I share my message with you this morning may I first say how glad we were to be able to conference online with brethren from South Africa and Ireland in the evening session yesterday. In spite of the bad connection and the difficulty of sometims hearing one another, it was truly wonderful to see you 'in the electronic flesh', as it were. It was the next best thing to actually having you here with us.

    Dedication Reports

    And finally, for those wondering about the gaps in the reports of this 16 day-long assembly, it has simply been too much for me to report all that has been going on, with illness on top of everything else. Two of us have been making copious notes of all the meetings and, Yah willing, and so long as He does not have other more pressing things for me to do, I will try to publish all of these on-line after the Dedication both that you, the members abroad, investigators hungry to know what Yahweh is doing here, can be edified - and last, but not least, so the last generation have a record of what went before them to encourage them when their 16 days of Dedication of the Twelve End-time Communities takes place on the eve of the Great Tribulation.

    Do Not Be Afraid

    That said, let us get into the message I have for you today. Did you know that the Bible says, at least 69 times, and probably in excess of 100 times if you consider rephrasings, "Do not be afraid"? And do you remember when Yah'shua (Jesus) said:

      "I tell you the emet (truth), if you have emunah (faith) and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and it will be done. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer" (Matt.21:21-22, NIV).

    We Entered the Sanctuary

    Brethren and sisters - you the witnesses gathered here and abroad - do you not know you have been at the Altar of Incense and are inside the Sanctuary, and have been there ever since, save at those moments when we doubted, not least of all, when I did two days ago? And the reason we doubted was that we expected this or that to happen as far as an anointing was concerned? How do I know this? Because of a vision I had this morning. That presence of the Ruach (Spirit) that was present at that meeting was the spiritual bathing of the Holy Place. That is why Sister Pomeroy received the spirit of intercession back in her life after having lost it. It is why Brother Ljungstrand could proclaim that this was the greatest sense of holiness he had ever experienced in his life, and why Sister Hayden was able to bear witness of the Ruach's (Spirit's) presence and why she was told that the Ruach (Spirit) could not take her hand and take her in but that she had to enter alone. If you sensed that great manifestation of the Ruach (Spirit), you were there, and so long as you do not doubt and fall back into the domain of the flesh, you are there, by the continual exercising of your emunah (faith).

    The Reality in the Sanctuary

    I suppose I knew it back then but I doubted it because not all the giftings I had wanted came at once. They will come when they are needed - they aren't given for our benefit, to consume upon our lusts, but for the benefit of the Body as a whole, and NCAY in particular, for the glory of Yahweh and not ourselves. To be sure, all of us are at separate places of sanctification still, and that is acceptable, for we must all grow in our own emunah (faith) and learn to overcome by the choices we make. But the door has opened to those who will stay and not be deceived by the flesh, and an echadness (oness) was experienced by all and can, and should, remain. There is no guarantee to those who doubt and turn away, however. The seal is conditional upon remaining in Messiah, and no longer looking at, or listening to, or responding to the demands of the flesh.

    To the Very End of the Age

    When Yah'shua (Jesus) said, "Therefore go and make talmidim (disciples) of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit)" (Matt.28:19, NIV), He went on to do two things. Firstly, He made a promise. He said, "And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." (v.20b). There was, however, a condition, and this is the linchpin, this is what makes the difference: "and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you" (v.20a.). He will be there with us so long as we are there with Him in the Sanctuary, so long as we are trusting Him, obeying His Torah of Mitzvot (Commandments), so lonf as we are refusing to yield to fleshy temptation. Then we are washed completely by the blood of the Lamb - we are in a state of juristiductional washing as Yah'shua (Jesus) waits for us to admit it to our souls for actual as well as jurisdictional cleansing.

    What if I Fall?

    If you find yourself back in the Courtyard at any time, it is only because we have failed to carry out these simple instructions. And if that happens, all you have to do is go back to that Brazen Laver and apply the washing of the Davar Elohim (Word of God). And, Yah forbid, should you go and willfully sin, and turn away from Him deliberately, and find yourself cast out of the Courtyard too, then you have to get face down in the dust and crawl back into the Courtyard in humility, contrition and repentance, and go the Brazen Altar again. Just pray that the Enemy does not overtake you there and cause you to pass through unnecessary tribulation - unnecessary in the sense that you had a choice, and you chose woe rather than shalom (peace).

    The Dream

    Now this morning something special happened to me and is in part why I am able to give you this message this morning. I had a long dream which I gradually realised was demonic theatre while I was dreaming, and then knew for sure when I woke up. After that Yahweh showed me a vision. But first the dream. The details are not as important as the overall message, and since the details are personal, I will focus on the overall message. In short, the Enemy arrived at this place, my home, with maybe a dozen accusers from the local authorities. As they could not get into the house this time, they assembled around a very long wooden table stationed outside our garrage at the side of the house, having arrived in a fleet of cars. And there they accused me, presenting scraps of paper on which I had at one time scribled notes. I think they knew they didn't have much of a case and were hoping I would say something to incriminate myself. It was actually rather farsical and I was starting to laugh inside at the comedy of it all. All the actors were the enemy, and as the dream progressed I began to have brought back to my memory other dreams I had had (while all of this judgment was going on) in which things did not exist in real life like chicken pens and things I would have liked to have had. In short, the whole dream theatre was unravelling (for the Enemy) and at length my judges from the world simply got up and left. I didn't care what they said and was by now laughing at the ridiculousness of Satan's ploys to get me to believe the accusations about myself. Before the dream had ended, the actors had begun to shift-shape and it was plain to see who they actually were.

    Angel Presentations

    We read in the book of Job:

      "One day the malakim (angels) came to present (yatsav) themselves before Yahweh, and Satan also came with them" (Job 1:6, NIV).

    We Must Learn How to Present Ourselves

    Though fallen, Satan and his malakim (angels) can present themselves before Yahweh in order to accuse, because of their station. All malakim (angels) can do so, and so can all human beings, the saved and the unsaved. Whether Yahweh listens or responds is up to the Supreme Judge Himself. We have been gathering now for 12 days, presenting ourselves before Yahweh. As human beings we can yatsav or present ourselves with submissive reference or with arrogant pride. Needless to say, the way we present ourself will determine the outcome, that stems from motivation, important.

    Moses Before Yahweh

    Yahweh told Moses:

      "Be ready in the morning, and then come up on Mount Sinai. Present (natsav) yourself to Me there on top of the mountain" (Ex.34:2, NIV).

    This is a human presentation (natsav) and implies preparation too. Indeed there was a stipulation:

      "No one is to come with you or be seen anywhere on the mountain; not even the flocks and herds may graze in front of the mountain" (Ex.34:3, NIV).

    When such a presentation made, everything of the world has to be left behind, lawful as well as unlawful. A full presentation is when you come alone without any distractions of any kind. You are not even to be 'seen' by man so that you will not be self-conscious about your presentation. Your eyes are to be wholly on the One you are presenting yourself to, in this case Yahweh [1].

    The Blue Altar

    Having said all that I have said, I would not wish to be understood to be saying that we are 'done'. Clearly we have been distracted at least once for which I bear the responsibility. There may yet be personal doubts not all have addressed, which cause us to be shuffled between the Court and the Qadosh (Holy) Place. If you need a visual aid, then just as Daniel turned to face the Temple in Jerusalem, so we too have an altar, which we call the 'Blue Altar', in this place at MLT. It is, however, no more than a visual aid for the altar of the temple today which is in living people. This blue altar, incidentally, has been used by Yahweh to teach us important things, and you will recall that important Vision of the Blue Altar received not so many years ago that speaks of this ministry's three tasks within the Remnant.

    Railing Against Yah's Altar

    Let us not deceive ourselves into thinking that we have not, at some time ourselves, railed against the altar of Yahweh. Let us pray for those who do so today, that per chance they may be broken on it and saved. Since we have access to the Golden Altar now, let us use it as never before in intercession!

    The Proper Pattern of Presenting Oneself Before Yahweh

    There is an interesting ordinance from the Old Covenant Temple that I feel led to share with you today in closing for this morning session, and that concerns learning to take up our proper positions according to sacred tavnith (pattern). There is still a great deal for us to learn, more than we have time to teach in the remaining five days left to us.It concerns the nature of the application of the blood for the shalom or peace offering to Yahweh. The blood of this sacrifice was applied to the right ear, right hand and right foot of Aaron and his sons. No blood was ever applid to the left side. Why was this?

    Sanctifying the Right Side of the Bride

    As I have taught so many times over the years, emphasising it to the point of perhaps being thought of by some as making a gospel hobby horse out of it, the principles and tavnith pattern of marriage are built into the very fabric of Creation. When a couple are married, then the bride always stands to the left of the bridegroom. This is important. For a woman to be joined to a man in matrimony, her right side must be sanctified and prepared so that she may be grafted into him in the proper way. When the rib was removed from Adam it was therefore from his left side, and it is to that place Eve must return. In our own Western marriage ceremonies we have retained the concept of a woman being 'joined' to a man. This is a surgical operation of sorts, the reinsertion of the rib back into Adam's side, and to do that safely and in the proper order, the woman must present herself correctly, being prepared by a spiritual anointing of the blood on her right ear (lobe), right hand (thumb) and right foot (big toe) (Lev.14:14,17,25,28) . Why these parts? Because for the grafting to be effective and permanent she must learn to lisen to her husband's instructions, use her hands in the service that he commands and use her feet to go where he goes.

    Submission and Joining

    We see in this ordinance a type of the blood of Yah'shua (Jesus) and of the joining of the Bride to the Bridegroom, of the Messianic Community to our Messiah. This is one reason we wash hands and feet in the Brazen Laver. The blood is for cleansing - that we may cease listening to the flesh and listen to Him, that we may cease serving self-interest and instead offer ourselves up for service in the Kingdom, and that we shall cease going about doing what we want to do but rather to go where the Bridegroom sends us. Until we have learned this threefold obedience we cannot be properly joined to Him as the Mystical Bride. As we present ourselves, taking our place at his left side to be joined to Him in echad union, so He will cleanse and anoint our ears with the resurrection life that is to be found in the Sanctuary, so that our ears may be in tune with His - that they may be clean to hear and receive the many precious truths in His Davar (Word), both written and living.

    Humbled on Head's Left, Exalted on Head's Right

    The Bride, because she is willing to humble herself on the her right side, is then entitled to exaltation at her Husband's right side (Eph.1:2), even as Messiah is seated at the right hand of the Father (Col.3:1; Lk.22:69).

    The Sanctification of the Mind

    It is obvious to the Remnant, but not to the rest, that far too many of Yahweh's children are living on a very carnal and dead plane of living indeed, their ears saturated with sloughs of garbage. The ear points inwards to the brain and our seat of memory so the cleansing of the ears also implies the cleansing of memories. What is our head filled with? What thoughts dominate our thinking and our recollections? To be sanctified, our thoughts must always be linked in divine tavnith (pattern) to the Bridegoom. Since marriage is so closely tied to proper positioning and relationship with Yah'shua (Jesus), then whatever we are thinking or feeling or desiring or doing in our marriage relationships should always be in the same tavnith (pattern) as our thinking, feeling, desiring or going about, for, or in, Messiah.

    The Mystical and the Earthly Marriage

    The two should be walking in parallel so that to all intents and purposes they cannot be distinguished. And once you are that, your priorities change, so that the most important things in the world to you are always Yah'shua (Jesus) followed by your marriages and children, with your local congregation and the Body of Messiah following close behind, remembering that the local assembly and the whole Body of Messiah are also marriage unions. Once you are in this tavnith (pattern), nothimg really matters.

    Fruits of the Peace Offering

    To be consecrated to the blood of Messiah applied to our right ear we must become sanctified channels of reverential listening. Too often we are quick to protest, quick to try and add our own modifications to His mitzvot (commandments) to better suit the lusts of the flesh. As we learn to listen with reverence, in quietness and meekness (1 Tim.2:11), so our house (body) becomes sanctfied, and in becoming sanctified, our presence becomes an irresistable attraction to those seeking the shalom (peace) of the Kingdom. Remember, this is the blood of the shalom or peace offering. Proper presentation and attentive listening brings shalom (peace).

    No Place for the Vile

    One who is so aligned has no place for lashon hara or gossip. They are revolted by everything that would defile their house - their temple - and as a result they cut themselves off from the talk and gossip of the unsanctified. They cut themselves off from the vile music and coarse, vulgar entertainment of the world, for the difference between the Sanctuary and the world is the difference between bright moonlight and the darkness that surrounds it. The more sanctified the soul, the sharper the distinctions. The blurred areas between disappear in an instant when the light of the full moon is shining, for there are no areas of grey in the Sanctuary - the golden menorah illuminates and fills the whole room with a bright, continually burning light.

    Outside the Sanctuary, Outside the Court

    When the world is excluded, there is an abundant life in Messiah and an overflowing of ahavah (love) in their souls which seeks release by being given to others. And in the sharing and giving, so the vessel of the house is refilled without end. Should we wonder, then, why those believers, who refuse to consecrate and present themselves for temple service at the Golden Altar of Incense, complain of having so little blessing of the Ruach (Spirit) in their lives? Should we really be surprised? But therein lies the problem: once you are outside the Sanctuary, you are in the dimly lit world of twinkling stars, not the brightly lit sky of a full moon. At length the eye grows accustomed to the twilight and to the distant sounds coming from the heavenlies and assumes that that is all there is. That is why the journey from the world to the Courtyard, and from the Courtyard to the Sanctuary, is always one of emunah (faith) propelled by self-will - the Ruach (Spirit) will not take our hand and lead us in. We must go in of our own free will and locomotion, not knowing what to expect until we are there. And if we have been there before and wandered off, then the journey will rekindle the memories of times afore when we were there. We forget when we wander away but we cannot remember until we have made a choice in the semi-darkness and have gone boldly forward, nothing doubting.

    To the Brightness of the Holy of Holies

    This may seem obvious standing in the Sanctuary but it is not so obvious when you are standing in the Court. There, with no canopy but the stars, we suppose we have gone as far as is possible. And if you are in the world, and full of scepticism and unbelief, the Tabernacle as a whole must seem like like giant religious fantasy, the dream of those in search of an absent father-figure. Its realness cannot be known until you are inside, and that goes for the Holy of Holies too. Do not get too satisfied with the lunar light of the Qadosh (Holy) Place for there is a brightness in the Most Holy Place that is as the brightness of the sun. The moon pales into near to total invisibility when the sun is at its brightest, which does not mean the moon is no longer there, just that it pales in comparison.

    A Full Threefold Sanctification

    I could say more about the right hand and right foot but you will be able to work that out for yourself knowing, as you now do, the divine tavnith (pattern) as applied to the ear. No blood needed to be applied to any other organ, be it the eyes or lips, for sanctification of these three implies all the rest, just as washing the feet implies washing the whole body.

    Governmental Perfection of the Twelfth Day

    As we enter the 12th day, representing as it does governmental perfection, let us do with a view to presenting ourselves before Yah'shua (Jesus) today as a dutiful and submitted allegorical wife. As you meditate on all these ordinances of the Tbernacle, understanding their New Covenant application, so they will enhance your spiritual life and communion with the Father. Our goal is still the last and most important chamber of the Sanctuary, wherein lies the Ark of the Covenant and Mercy Seat, though we shall not by any means leave the service of the Holy Place, and we shall come to view the two as one, rather like a husband and a wife.


    So may Yahweh bless the remainder of our day. I suggest we use the afternoon, not for assembly, but for contemplation as to what we can present to Yah'shua (Jesus) our Bridegroom this evening, and to come expectant in what we can give, with right ears, hands and feet anointed. Amen.

    Continued in Part 13


    [1] A wife should likewise present herself to her husband as the Bride of Messiah presents herself to her Messiah, and as Israel presents herself before Yahweh, with reverence and deference

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