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Month 3:22, Week 3:7 (Shibi'i/Sukkot), Year:Day 5937:082 AM
SHABBAT 3:3, Omer Count: 7 Sabbaths + Day #14
Gregorian Calendar: Sunday 30 June 2013
A Word from England
Preparing for the Second Coming


    Shabbat shalom kol beit Yisra'el and may the grace of our Master Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) be upon us all. We are on the last cycle of the Omer Count, seven sabbaths having passed and we are now into the 14th day of the final 50 day count to Shavu'ot (click here for more details).

    Back from England and a Funeral

    It is good to be back after a 9 day leave of absence in England to say our final farewells to my mother. It has been wonderful to be reunited with British, Greek and Norwegian family members, and with old and dear friends after 10 long years, one of the highlights being a reunion with my brother who disappeared without a trace from my life about 50 years ago. Two amazing 'coincidences' brought us together that showed the unmistakable hand of Elohim (God) at work. And they weren't the only 'coincidences' during my trip.

    When Your Past Dies

    If I were to tell you that everything changes following the death of both parents, I would be stating a truth that every living soul experiences in mortality. It is rightly said, in my opinion, that when your parents die, your past dies with them. Returning to England bore out the truth of that claim for me. An important chapter in my life is over.

    Preparing for the 'Big Change'

    But that isn't what I wanted to share with you today, because I knew that Yahweh was preparing me for a 'big change' inwardly before I left Sweden. For the past few weeks I have been shown vision upon vision to prepare me for this change (you can read some of the last sermons for background information), and not just for myself - indeed I was shown a vision I have already been shown once before that this change would surprise, disorient and frighten those not fully prepared for it. I know that some of you know what I am saying because you too have been experiencing 'something' going on but you're not sure what, as you are forced to face difficult issues or problems and are offered a helping heavenly hand to climb over them and to better things beyond.

    A Prophetic Dream of the Current Evil and Destruction

    By way of illustration, I want to share a dream with you that my wife had yesterday morning before I share with you what I was told in England and early this morning. In my wife's dream, there was great panic, fear and chaos. People were literally running for their lives, trampling whoever was in their way. She was with me and family and we were not fleeing, but avoiding the destruction. I want you to remember this key.

    The Earth Was Under Demonic Siege

    She relates:

      The entire earth was under siege by a great and wicked force. It made me think of the latest version of the movie, War of the Worlds, when the Martian machines came up out of the ground and people were fleeing in panic and being killed while doing so.

      "Millions around the globe were dying and not by some alien machine but by the wicked machine called the 'Government'. I saw people in far off places, many different types of tribes of people who seldom if ever had any other outside contact with the world, being destroyed and it was so horrible to know that tribes most of the world wasn't even aware of, tribes that had little if any impact on, or consequence to, the world were being slaughtered nonetheless.

      "I was beside myself seeing all this and asking Yahweh, 'Why?? Why all this suffering and dying?' I kept saying to Him, 'Yahweh, the enemy has won. This is so powerful and huge, the earth cannot survive it'. I was in tears, weeping for all these people. But Yahweh spoke to me and told me that this 'thing', this power that seemed so undefeatable was actually already defeated. He had already defeated it. I have to say that while that was great news, it raised so many more questions, like why? Why allow all this suffering? I cannot put it into words but it was like I understood that it had to happen, but in all of this, just as He knows when a sparrow falls from the nest, how much more He knew of all the suffering and dying. He knew each person not only by name, but He knows the number of hairs on their head. He knows and loves us. I wish I had an answer that explained it all, but I do not, but I know that He is in control and that He is very much aware of our suffering, and I know that the enemy does not triumph, that it was defeated at Calvary."

    You Must Be Where Yahweh Wants You

    Now I find this interesting for many reasons, not least because Yahweh has told me many times not to flee or move from where we are living but to remain in the place appointed by Him and so avoid the destruction in this way. It does not have to be some remote place (though I very much doubt it will be in any city or town) but it does have to be the place chosen by Yahweh for you, wherever that may be. That means that you have got to devote much prayer to hearing His will for you and your families.

    The Dull Beat from Under the Earth

    When I was in England, and when I was still, I kept hearing this dull beat that went on and on and never stopped. It seemed to be coming from under the earth. It wasn't my own heart-beat, which was faster, and it wasn't machinery or anything else like that. I thought nothing about it at the time but when I got back to Sweden and was lying with my good ear toward the ground, I heard it again - incessantly. And once again it was not my heart beat. This made me thing of my wife's dream about the darkness coming up from under the ground.

    Fukushima, Nuclear Contamination, Canada and a Son

    I don't know if you have seen the latest radiation maps of the Pacific Ocean (see below) but the whole Pacific rim, and everything inbetween, is contaminated with high levels of radiation from Fukushima. And it's still pouring into the sea and air. Babies are being born with genetic deformities along the west coast of Canada and the USA and radiation levels are orders of magnitude above safe levels, even though the government has 'altered' these so as not to cause panic. Civilians are being lied to, and the lies will cost so many of them their health and lives. And yet one of my sons was determined to go and study at a prestigious college in Vancouver on the west coast of Canada, because he did not believe what I was telling him (and probably still doesn't) and flew out there last year. I warned him of the dangers but he would not listen and my prayers seemed to make no difference. But Yahweh did hear my prayers and intervened: my son was so lonely in an unfamiliar Canadian cultural environment away from all he knew and loved, that he abandoned his course after only a very short time and is now safe back in Europe. It was good to see him a few days ago in England at my mother's Memorial Service knowing that he would not have to contend with all the terrible side-effects of nuclear radiation poisoning. Yahweh brought him to the place where he is supposed to be...for now. So Yahweh will often move those we love who do not listen to Him if we will intercede on their behalf, and by whatever means that will get them 'moving'.

    A Warning to West Coast Americans and Canadians

    I have been trying to warn American and Canadian friends who live on the Pacific rim but they have not been listening. Most are in denial and pretending the danger does not exist. If they eat plenty of Iodine and plants that mop up radiation they might be OK but it's a terrible risk they are taking. Were I living in Alaska, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington or California I would have moved inland long ago. I published a couple of maps a few months ago for our North American friends recommending safe areas not just contamination-free (or low) but showing areas that will be safest in case of a collapse. What is coming to the USA in particular is not good as it is the Enemy's special target right now. I am reproducing one of them (the one showing potential flooding areas too) for those of you who may have missed the devotional in question. And of course the same warning applies to west coast Central American countries and those South American nations on the Pacific sea board like Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile.

    Relocate to the Place Chosen for You

    I have been urging you all for some years now to relocate to the place Yahweh wants you to be at. I believe He has stepped in on behalf of the Syrian people because of the prayers of many and postponed the Illuminati agenda by anything up to 1-2 years. We may have a little more time to get ready but not much - I'm sure that many of you, like me, could do with it!

    A Couple of Latent Prophetic Words

    In that connection I want to share a couple of experiences I had early this morning. It's early days for me to say precisely what they point to so I don't want to be dogmatic, but at the same time I want others who have the prophetic gift to present them to Yahweh for confirmation or clarification. It is always wise to have two or three independent witnesses if you can. In the first of these words, Yahweh kept impressing the year 1975 on my mind again and again when I was 21. Quite a lot of things happened in that year - Watergate, Margaret Thatcher taking over from Edward Heath as Conservative Party leader in the UK, the final North Vietnamese offensive that would defeat the South and the USA, the Suez Canal reopened after the 6 Day War, the Helsinki Accords were signed recognising Europe's boundaries, and Angola, East Timor and Suriname became independent. More importantly, Yahweh impressed on my mind that 2015 would mark 40 years since 1975.

    The second item that He kept impressing on my mind was the number '145' and I am wondering if this is the number of days we are being granted before the collapse (taking is to 22 November) or whether this pertains to something else. Again, I believe the intervention of Russia in Syria has put back the globalist take-over plan as the factions within the globalists fight for control. Or it could mean something completely different. I present these as prophetic 'grist for the mill'.

    Preparing for the Second Coming

    But back to finding where we need to be or go to. Staying put or moving to some preordained place is not, however, all we have to do. We have to be spiritually ready. The fact that Yahweh may be holding back the destructive hand of the enemy in certain places now does not mean that He will do so indefinitely. A believer with the prophetic gift who I am in contact with to provide a second independent witness with whom I share my visions, has said that what have I have been shown over the past weeks ass point, in the bigger picture to preparation for the Second Coming, even if this is still many years off, for as you know I absolutely do not believe we are entering the Great Tribulation yet (however events may seem to be pointing to it) nor do I believe Yah'shua (Jesus) is coming in the next decade.

    Once You Have Found the Place, Then What?

    Once you know where you are supposed to be, you have got to dedicate and sanctify that chosen place so that it is truely Yahweh's...so that He is truly in charge of it, not you. Part of that preparation is removing the blinkers of your eyes so that you can see and accept the emet (truth) however uncomfortable, disorientating and frightening it may initially be. Preparing is finally yielding all areas of your life to the sovereign rule of Messiah. Everything must be about Him, not us and our desires, fears or perceptions. We're at war, we're Heaven's soldiers, who are simply passing through this world. This domain, which is run (with Yahweh's permission) by Satan, is not where we are supposed to 'settle'. We are supposed to be on constant alert whilst at the same time resting in Yah'shua's (Jesus') shalom (peace). But to live in this shalom (peace) means full surrender to the Master and to His Davar (Word), the Bible.

    Times of Restoration and Reorientation

    We often read scripture and say, "this doesn't apply to me", don't we? If you do this, you can no longer do so if it is your desire to survive and prosper in the chaos and destruction that is coming over the next decade or two as we get ready for the Second Coming. You have to be totally reorientated to a completely new way of life - a fuller life in Messiah, if you are a believer, and a more obedient life in Messiah if you are still a Torah-rejecter. This is "the times of restoration of all things, which Elohim (God) has spoken by the mouth of all His qodesh (holy, set-apart) nevi'im (prophets) since the world began" (Acts 3:21, NKJV), not just of the things you have longed for but also of the things you have feared because you have not understood them - because you are too much in love with the secular culture that is crumbling. Now is the time to overcome those fears and prejudices of the Divine Derech (Way) and to be prepared to embrace them...completely. If you are wondering what I am talking about specifically, take a look at the third and fourth chapters of Isaiah. It is time now to think in the dimensions of Yahweh's latter-day restoration of all tov (good) things which He has prepared beforehand for us, and get out of our little church, synagogue and cultural boxes. It is the time for a full awakening. Two thousand years of restoration, reformation and yet more restoration are coming to a head now!

    English Experiences

    But let me backtrack a little and share a little of what Yahweh has been doing with me in England that in part leads me to be sharing this message with you today...

    A Very Quiet Time

    My trip to England after 10 years of absence was unlike any other and not because I was coming to place my mother's ashes next to my father's, important though that was symbolically of one particular change for me. When I arrived 10 years ago I was so swamped with spiritual impressions and visions that I was unable to write the smallest fraction of them down. You can read some of these in my earlier devotionals series. There was virtually none of that this time. Spiritually-speaking, it was very quiet indeed.

    A Visit to Avebury

    There had been a lot of spiritual activity (from the enemy) the night before I left Scandinavia, but that was virtually all. Since it was the summer solstice on my first night in the United Kingdom and since there was a 4,500 year old neolithic stonehenge at Avebury not 10 minutes away from me which filled with hundreds of New Agers, Wiccans, Druids and others come to worship the 'gods' or forces of nature, I was expecting a spiritual siege. But there was absolutely nothing. All was quiet just as Yahweh had told me in several visions of the invisible spiritual wall being held back by His Hand. We visited this pagan site with my cousin the following day (see picture) where there were a few stragglers from the night before hanging on before leaving and a few wary policemen watching to make sure they got up to no trouble. A woman dressed in white rang a little bell as she climbed a nearby hill and a couple reverentially put some 'sacred oak' on top of one of the stones presumably to 'charge it up' or something like that as these places are renowned for their psychic energy concentration.

    Silbury Hill

    Not far from this place Silbury Hill, the tallest prehistoric human-made mound in Europe made of chalk rising 40 meters (131 feet) and of similar age to the Avebury stonehenge. Nobody is entirely sure why this place was made by the ancients though many have speculated it is a neolithic burial site for ancient royalty, even though it has been excavated and no human remains have ever been found. In fact, very little of anything has been found except chalk. This is an area of Britain known for its mystically aligned ley lines where there has been a lot of UFO activity for decades so it is literally saturated with occult forces. I had not known for sure whether I would be visiting these sites before I came, had forgotten the solstice would be while I was there, and yet for the last two months I have felt strongly led to learn all about the megalithic yard and early astronomical measurements of the ancients in Britain and Brittany as part of my quest to understand how the moon was created and why Yahweh aligned it the way He did for His creation calendar. I have been wanting to write a large essay on this topic but haven't got around to it yet.

    Pray for Endurance

    Moving on from Wiltshire to West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, I got to spend a lot of time in meditation and prayer in the midst of a busy schedule. The entire 'theme' of my communications with Elohim (God), if I can call it that, was about the meaning and place of suffering in these difficult times. Those of the 'Kingdom Now' persuasion, who believe the Kingdom of Elohim (God) will gradually triumph, are going to be sorely disappointed. Though there may be lulls in the fight, moments of respite and even major set-backs for the Enemy, overall things are going to get worse for people, not better, as we head toward the Grand Finale of this devilish world system. Anyone who does not prepare his or her mind in this way is going to have great difficulties. So the 'Kingdom Now' and 'Health-and-Wealth' preachers are going to be doing great damage to their flocks. As Roy Clements once remarked, "great men and women of Elohim (God) do not pray for Daimlers; they pray for endurance".

    Signs of Yahweh's People

    Let us be under no illusions. As Alison Mackay once said, in life the important thing is not to be rich or happy: it's holiness or set-apartness. When Christian preachers combine the Gospel with humanism they end up setting false goals for people - happiness is a byproduct of holiness and not the goal! Indeed, as Gary Benfold once said, "the greatest evidence of the power of God (Elohim) in the world is to be found in the saints (qodeshim, set-apart ones, holy ones) who have suffered and triumphed". So when we are looking for a vocabulary to describe abundant Christian/Messianic living - the evidence of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) is invariably and inevitably "toil, stress, pressure [and] weakness" (Dick Lucas).

    A Conscience Toward Yahweh

    I am not, of course, saying we should pursue or cultivate these things - if we are dedicated to Yah'shua (Jesus), trusting in Him, obeying His mitzvot (commandments) and sharing the Good News, these things will come all on their own without our ever having seek them. Indeed, only a lunatic would seek them, but the regenerated accept them when they come. Nobody comes to "rejoice" in "suffering" (Col.1:24) until they see its fruits - masochists rejoice in suffering for itself, but godly souls rejoice in it when they see souls being saved and transformed into the likeness of Messiah. Indeed, as Peter pointed out, we endure grief and suffering at the hand of sinners and evil people for one reason only: "because of [a] conscience toward Elohim (God)" (1 Peter 2:19, NKJV).

    Beware of Appeasement

    Winston Churchill, speaking to the appeasers of Hitler and other tyrants for the sake of an illusiory peace, once said:

      "Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last."

    Feeding the flesh in the hope it will leave you alone is no different than appeasing radical Muslims and other evil people. In the end, the flesh will destroy your peace of soul and the fundamentalist Muslims will enslave you in Sharia Law, as they are already doing. So stop feeding the crocodiles! Stop compromising with the world and get on board the Ark! Don't focus on "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" and all the terrible things that are happening to you or the world, because you'll never figure it all out. That is one of the truths that was driven home to me in England. Rather, focus on Yah'shua (Jesus) and on becoming one of the qodeshim or saints of El Elyon, the Most High One. Stop trying to do things in your own strength, get self of the throne of your lev (heart), for as the humerous British addage goes, in speaking of such people: "he was a self-made man who worshipped his creator". In other words, the self-made man worships himself. Though he doesn't know it, he's a budding Satanist following Satan's core philosophy.


    This is the message I bring back from England to you where we worshipped with High Anglicans in what was for us a very unfamiliar surroundings but which was an experience for my son who had never been to Britain before. There is much more I could say but I wanted to distill the core out for you. There will be time to speak more another time. May Yahweh give you a blessed sabbath rest and may you lay down the flesh, fears, and all that stands in the way of a full relationship with Him as we get ready for great things ahead! Amen.

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