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The 12 Books of Abraham

    Letters from our Readers

    1. Accelerated Learning

    I am well into [Bouquet of Roses] and am getting so much out of it I feel it was written just for me - a testimony to [your] skill and willingness to give so much of yourselves to it...

    Did you ever see the movie, The Matrix? One science fiction thing they had was a device you could wear and you would get super fast training on anything you needed. They had to escape in a helicopter at one point so they quickly "downloaded" a training program into the girl and she flew it away. That is how I feel as I am reading the book and the website. Accelerated learning...

    I am finished reading the Bouquet of Roses Vol.1 and 2 and must tell you how impressed I was with the whole thing: excellent writing (just some typos), great story, and very didactic - just what is needed. I hope you are able to format it and make it into a regular book for sale someday. It has everything needed to be a big seller except, thankfully, political correctness of any kind.

    WMcG, USA / 31 May & 12 June 2001

    2. Mesmerized in Canada

    I was mesmerized reading [Bouquet of Roses] on my first visit to your website and visited many more times to read other postings. I enjoyed the chapters I read so much that it was one of the reasons I contacted you.

    DK, Canada / 7 May 2001

    3. Honorary PhD in Didactic Authorship

    Thank you so much for Volume 3. I am already on Chapter 4 and feel like I am on that Matrix (movie) learning curve again.

    Forget “Left Behind,” this story should be made into a movie! But first a book.

    I have always admired you for your deep understanding of Biblical polygamy and your ability to communicate and teach it, as well as your deliverance ministry. Now I must add, seeing things spiritually or seeing the spiritual realities.

    I hereby grant you an honorary PhD in Didactic Authorship.

    I am sure I will be writing more as I get through the book more. And I must blame you for throwing my schedule off as I must put off other things while I continue to read.

    WMcG, USA / 10 December 2001

    4. The Primary Authority on Polygyny

    I am beyond amazement and am truly astounded at the overall quality of this book. As another reviewer said of another great book, "it is like lightning from a clear blue sky".

    In a world of third rate writing as is so common on the Internet, this book can measure up to any recent book on any best seller list.

    It deserves a wide reading. If it gets it, I am hopeful that it will revolutionize the dismal attitude of western evangelical women toward marriage and thus toward God. I have no other hope in this regard. My mind is already scheming on how I can get it into the hands of these women.

    Bouquet of Roses makes you the primary authority on all matters relating to Biblical polygyny. There are no runner-ups either. I feel privileged to be associated with you.

    It comes none to soon either. Popular culture is sinking ever under greater demonic influence. My former pastor is looking at being imprisoned by a "Human Rights Tribunal" for speaking out against sodomy. Western civilization is committing suicide by depopulation (and in other ways as well).

    I am struck that the west is gripped by socialism (the sharing of the wealth of others) and monogamania (the not sharing of husbands) - stealing and hoarding. The spirit of Jezebel to a 't'.

    You are implementing George Gilder's wonderful maxim: Don't solve problems, pursue opportunities. Keep being creative for God is the Creator and we are made in His Image. Christendom is so much richer for having this book.

    Thank you again. I am just starting Chapter 17 - and so must continue with it. I wish it would not end.

    WMcG, USA, Web Publisher / 3 January 2002

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