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The 12 Books of Abraham

    Kryztina's Corner 5

    Wives and Power
    Translated into English by Kasia Merezhkovska Królewieca

    I read the following account in Readers Digest and for the moment it is my favourite.

      "Once there was a rich man who died and when he approached St. Peter he was carrying a very heavy suitcase. St. Peter stopped him and said that he could not carry anything with him through the pearl gate. The man was very upset about that and asked if it was possible to bend the rules just this once as he simply couldn't leave all his wealth behind, he was very determined. After having failed to persuade the man to let go of the suitcase, St. Peter said he would ask God himself. The man's face lit up and he waited impatiently for St. Peter's return.

      "Finally he came and said: "God said you could bring it after all" and then he added "but I'd like to see what you have which is so important that you can't leave it behind, may I?" The man beamed and proudly opened the suitcase which contained dosens of shining gold bars.. St Peter exclaimed: "Oh my, it is PAVEMENT!!!!""

    I, and almost certainly many like me, have had - or are having - many problems with those scriptures which state that the husband is the wife's head.

    Whilst I stood hanging up laundry during a lovely fresh breeze one day, I started thinking about what it is we women are afraid of losing. In particular, we are afraid of becoming powerless or abused, I thought to myself. And so I began to think about where power actually resides.

    We pray, "Thine (Yahweh) is the power and the glory for ever and ever. Amen".

    So Yah'shua (Jesus) Himself had no power, but had responsibility for, and served, His disciples (and has responsibility, and serves us now) as a genuine Head. Likewise the husband is the wife's head, but all power belongs to Yahweh.

    What this means is that all power which is not of Yahweh is stolen - a lie - or doesn't exist - just like the power that the devil tempted Yah'shua (Jesus) with.

    What remains is perhaps not a very pleasant task for the one who is a head if one views it as the world sees since it then often feels wonderful to 'have power' but never good enough to serve or take responsibility. But what we believe is important is often not important to Yahweh (who looks at the heart).

    For example, I may believe that it is vitally important for me to be able to use my money as I please or to dye my hair or to spend my time as I wish - at least some of the time, at other times I am able to give the 'power' to Yahweh who takes care of every little detail for me. He gives me what I need, not necesarily what I wish, but in Him I am happy. What we consider to be unimportant may be of greater importance.

    Surprising emphases were made by our Master, like the command: "Let the small children come to me" - I sometimes get tired of them.

    And similarly John being the greatest amongst men - he was rather different because he was lead by the Spirit. Also, what you do to one of the least .. shows how the least are loved and have importance.

    Then think of Paul getting all those captives from the sinking ship as a present from Yahweh - I am not sure I would have been very appreciative ...

    It is easy to forget how little overview we have and that Yahweh loves us perfectly and will give us all good things down to the minutest detail. He also cares for my hair, time and money and makes the best of everything.

    So a real 'husband head' is his Father's slave who serves his body to the best of his ability, without conditions and is worthy of a head's respect. A real wife is her Father's slave who upholds her head to the best of her ability, and actually independent of him (viz. the opholding), it is her pride. Together they are a married couple who take pride in being slaves to or are overjoyed to be able to be part of the society of the Wise One and the All Seeing One. For what is the greatest, to be slave, servant or friend of the Highest One, Yahweh?

    So let Yahweh take care of the pavement material, because all power belongs to Him!

    Author: KCK

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