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    A Danger and a Disease

    I am of the opinion that at heart the Gospel of Yah'shua (Jesus) is so simple that it can be comprehended by the simplest and that the solutions to nearly every question of the heart are likewise simple. It therefore bothers me that our Western society has become so introspective and absorbed with the travails of the self that it can no longer see beyond self and to others.

    All of us in this life get hurt, and sometimes very badly. The causes can be many but not uncommonly it is other people riding roughshod over us. It is the chief hazzard or 'occupation earth life'. Because we are such complex and fragile creations we also easily damage. One approach, that of psychoanalysis, offers us a pathway of introspection and of liberation. Unfortunately the paths are invariably man-made and the patients end up with the psychoses of their psychoanalysts whom we are asked to believe are 'normal'. The problem is that the fleshy Adam nature is itself psychotic.

    There is no more easy way to become hurt and damaged than in human relationships, more so in that most intimate of relationships called marriage, and multiply so in multiple marriage or polygamy. What is the solution to the psychoses engendered by failed relationships and most especially marriage?

    Yah'shua (Jesus) says that if a person wishes to find his life - and by implication, life itself - the simplest and most effective remedy is to lose it. This mean to avert our attention away from our psychoses and get it fixed on Christ the Redeemer who is the source of all life, renewal and healing. Once our gaze is thus affixed, our next duty is to get involved in the troubles of others and minister to them as friends and brethren in Christ.

    In marriage - and particularly in polygamy - I know of no better remedy. That does not mean that all marriage issues should be brushed aside and our energies exclusively occupied in serving others because others will attempt to minister to us of the brotherhood. The perspective of others, prophetically walking in the Spirit, and especially in multiple witness, is always better than that of the one wallowing in a whirpool of contrary emotions and disjunctive thoughts. Multiple wives working concertly in love to help a faltering sister-wive is one of the best spiritual panaceas that I have witnessed in my life as a polygamist, and as a result of their deep heart committments and interactions have proven themselves worthy ministers to the wider Body of Christ. And their secret? Forgetting self, zooming in on Christ, and serving one another.

    For those of you who are lonely and hurting, may I suggest you go to your fellowship and seek out others who are likewise struggling with a view to ministering to them? But first be sure to check in at Headquarters - look upwards.

    Author: SBSK

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