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    The Eye That Sins:
    Dressing Responsibily

    The art of seduction belongs to marriage and marriage alone and, moreover, in those places where the only observers are the husband and wife/wives. Though in an ideal world this would not be necessary, in this world of sin we not only have no choice but a moral obligation not to set stumbling blocks before the weaker sex which in this instance is the MEN! This means dressing circumspectly and unsuggestively, using modesty and propriety in a way that does not highlight bodily features in ways known by the worldly to excite sexual passion. Personally I like the way Orthodox Jewish women dress (see example above).

    Of course, what excites and stimulates will vary between cultures and times - in the Victorian age a woman's ankles were enough to turn a man on because little else was ever visible. In some parts of the Third World, where women go topless, wearing no more than loin cloths, being bare-breasted is not an issue at all.

    We must therefore be sensitive to the times and the evil dispositions of people, and consider our responsibility not to put stumbling blocks before those who are weak in the flesh or disposed towards evil. That necessarily entails some sacrifices. In the West in particular, tight-fitting clothes should, I believe, be avoided, and our presentation should be such to draw an observer to character and not to our curvilinear coordinates.

    Also see Zipporah Warner's article, Unisexual Clothing: Is It Right?

    Author: SBSK

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