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    Answering a
    by Zipporah Warner

    Hi, I would like to say that polygamy is very un-Christian! My impression of polygamy is that is seems as if there are men there who go out and pick a few homely women who may have self-confidence problems which is exaclty why they allow them selves to be brainwashed and subjected to polygamy. These polygamist men are taking advantage of these women who could potentially grow up to be bold, successful women full of self confidence, which is now taken away because they are now controled by a man. Also my impression of marriage, is that when you marry someone you are supposed to dedicate every day of your life to that man or women. You are supposed to love them and do many things for them. I don't see how a man with 5 wives can honestly find the time every day to devote himself to these wives and do many things for them. Polygamy is ridiculous and a mockory of women. All polygamy is, is a man getting many women to do his cooking, cleaning, childrearing and lovemaking. You are abusing the rights of women and I feel teribbly sorry for all of those brainwashed women who are sujected to polygamy. I totaly agree with all men and women who disagree with polygamy." (Email received by HEM).

    It is hard to say much to a person that so blindly accuses without knowing much on the subject. Most of the comments made were out of meaness rather than a real definitive argument. There are no Biblical statements to back their belief. It is just ranting.

    My personal opinion is quite different. I am currently not living polygyny, but the way I see it is the women living Biblical Polygyny aren't brainwashed at all. They are stronger for it. How much more strength does it take to share one's husband that to keep him all for yourself? How much more strength does it take to risk everything to live what you believe? How much more strength does it take to go away from the 'brainwashing' of society and follow Yahweh's word?

    Polygamist women are not weak, they are strong. And as for time spent with their husband being divided...well sure there might be less sex, but if you are following Levitical cleanliness law then it actually fits into polygyny beautifully. Thus you would still be having sex as much as normal. (Providing you are following that law, that is). Besides marriage, whether monogamous or polygynous. DOES NOT revolve around sex! How much greater is the time spent with multiple wives and the husband strengthening and encouraging each other to grow spiritually?! For example...How much more deeply challenging Bible discussions and studies would be? As a poly wife you may not have a ton of individual time, but then again...I would think the other wives would also free up time too.

    As for whether the female rights are being abused....in my personal case I am the one who brought the subject up to my husband a few months ago. I had encountered a friend online who encouraged the study. I studied it and was shocked to find myself agreeing with it. Then I told my dh [dearest heart]. Before that he didn't know anything about it and was hesitant for a time to even study about it. Now we agree, and our marriage has changed DRAMATICALLY for the better. Hopefully one day we will be living polygyny as well, Yahweh willing that is.

    Anyway I would caution that person not 'down' polygyny without even looking at it with open eyes...without even looking at the Bible for answers.... It is hard to disagree with something you know nothing about. Anyway, just my rambling thoughts.

    In Yah'shua (Jesus),


    Author: ZW

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    First created on 25 December 2002
    Updated on 2 August 2016

    Copyright © 2002 Zipporah Warner
    Not all the views expressed in this article are necessarily those of HEM.