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    Our Course of Action
    in the Aftermath of
    the US Bombings

    I suppose it is inevitable that some statement be issued by this ministry in the aftermath of the Islamic terror bombings [1] of New York and Washington particularly as it relates to this ministry and our goals. As many have already rightly pointed out, our world has been irretrievably changed by what happened. No longer can we look at the world scene with the same eyes as before.

    As Christians/Messianics and as polygamists nothing has, of course, changed, except that these events have made us realise that we are on that slipperly slope towards the consummation of world history, a slope that has suddenly become steeper. If anyone was previously complacent that, hopefully, will have altered.

    Without wishing to minimise the tragedy and horror of what happened - for those with any humanity are both shocked and outraged even if we may not be Americans - we must also see the long-term good that is going to come out of this. As far as the Christian/Messianic polygamy movement is concerned, this tragedy can only have the effect of waking more Christians up and forcing them to stop looking at the world and its imposed religious traditions through the distorted lenses of Rome. By that I mean, quite simply, that the Reformation, which was never remotely completed by Luther, Zwingli, Calvin and Knox, must now more rapidly shed itself of its Catholic vestiges and become fully Messianic and Torah-observant.

    I think many more, who have hesitated up to now, may well rethink their position as a result of the smouldering rubble of the World Trade Center, the hulks of burned-out passenger liners, the débris of a large part of the Pentegon, not to mention the charred bodies of thousands of innocent civilians. The institutions they so heavily leaned on - the old Protestant alliance of Church and culture - will now, rightly, in the eyes of many, be seen to have failed. The hand of Omnipotence will be found to have left. And if they can see that this is so, then they must of necessity ask themselves: why? Why is the 'God in whom we have trusted' not sustaining this system with which we have allied ourselves in this crusade for Christ? And when will they learn - perhaps painfully - that what they regarded as the divine imprimatur on the alliance of Church and political-social system - was only a winking in the time of ignorance, a permissive acceptance by a merciful Elohim (God) on an understanding which has, in recent times, been exposed in the full light of the Word.

    The old premises on which Christian/Messianic religion has been constructed for 15 or more centuries are now no longer acceptable. Yahweh wants His people to return to the Old Path - the Sure Way - the Patriatchal-Messianic rendez-vous with eternity.

    It was perhaps unrealistic of all of us who have Christian/Messianic polygamy ministries to ever believe that we could surgically remove Patriarchal Marriage and promote it as an independent Gospel principle without reference to the whole of the Gospel. In the movement of the Ruach (Spirit) which is happening, we can no longer realistically claim to be 'trans-denominational' because the denominations themselves are on the way out. Oh yes, tens of thousands of churches (assemblies) still stand proudly displaying signboards advertising their denominational label, and tens of thousands of men and women claim allegiance to this denomination or that. But in the invisible world of spirit divine tolerance of such divisions is, I suggest, practically - if not actually - at an end. And since the denominations will never accept polygamy, and since there never wasn't a 'Church of God' (Assembly of Yahweh), to which family of Christians will Messianic polygamists actually belong?

    The answer, like it or, not is either:

    • (a) to the end-time Church (Messianic Community); or
    • (b) to no Church at all.

    And if the latter, they will, at this time, remain unattached as single polygamous families waiting for a clear sign from Yahweh - assuming they are looking for this - as to where they should now go for fellowship.

    Since it beginning, this ministry has attracted all kinds of people - Messianic Jews, Messianic Israelites, Baptists, Presbyterians, Campbellites, Independents, Quakers, Adventists, and others, each clinging on to one or more denominational positions. Understandbly, they have been reluctant to part with these, and we at here have made no attempt to persuade them to, embracing them in the love of Christ as brethren and sisters all seeking after the fullness that polygamy has alerted us exists. And as we have probed the more deeply into what it actually means to accept the polygamy paradigm, we have slowly - some more quickly - realised that many of our other beliefs were also false.

    One person who came to this ministry was, in the space of about two weeks, not only accepting polygamy, but had a totally different vision of the Godhead and the Sabbath, was eating a new diet, saw the gifts of the Ruach (Spirit) totally differently, and much else besides. This person's spiritual world was revolutionised in a very short space of time. Expect to see much of the same in your life as you yield to the truth of polygamy, because acceptance of one truth leads to acceptance - inevitably - to all of the rest.

    I say this not to be smug because in truth my own family has been turned around more than once as a result of the revelation of polygamy. In 1999 our family, together with the whole of our Church/Assembly, became Sabbatarian after having insisted for decades that we had been right in our previous position. With that decision has come a flood of revelation and the literal opening of the portals of heaven to new and exciting vistas of understanding.

    Yesterday my family gathered together with our spiritual community and covenanted with Yahweh that we would open ourselves to whatever Yahweh had in mind for us on a daily basis. We would, we declared, let go of our expectations and simply let Him be Lord and tell us what to do, casting ourselves into His tender care.

    This morning I woke up seeing a vision. Before me I saw my favourite mug, the one I use to drink my evening herbal tea. I was looking down at it from above at a slight angle. What I saw was, at first sight, weird - the whole cup was moving - undulating - as though it was alive. There was no danger of the drink being spilled but it looked, to the carnal eye, to be unstable because of our expectation of solidity to represent stability.

    The revelation to me was simplicity itself - the Body of Christ (Messianic Community) is not an institution but a living organism, something we all know in theory and yet, in practice, often deny. There is a fossilising tendency in us to impose structures on any move of Yahweh because we fear it will otherwise dissipate and be lost. It is no wonder, then, that the first biologists right the way until about 40 years ago, viewed the cell as an essentially solid object like a football or a cube of sugar with liquid inside. The amazing discovery of electron miscroscopy was that the cell wall was itself a liquid in a constant state of motion, itself containing a more viscous liquid in the form of cytoplasm.

    For the end-time polygamous Church or Assembly to be viable it has to be in constant motion. It must be liquid and flexible to the daily commands of its Lord. We must overcome our fear of dissolving tendencies caused by this fluidity because just as one might be tempted to think the living cell would disintegrate like a globule of water striking a solid surface after a free fall, so we must resist the temptation to believe that a fellowship without tight restraining walls will lead to disintegration. It won't. The cell wall, though highly fluid, is yet one of the most complex structures in the universe, and beautifully holds together because it contains the right ingredients.

    A living cell is not solid but in constant motion

    And this is the secret of the end-time Church (Messianic Community). Unlike false or incomplete churches (assemblies) which must be held together by constititions, creeds, and human power, the remnant church (community) - so long as it has all the Gospel ingredients present - will hold itself together through the agency of the active presence of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). In essence, mix together all the right doctrinal components and the Ruach (Spirit) will do the rest.

    In our humanness we want solid ground under our feet all the time. And when we do, we become - naturally - earth-bound. But this is not the way the end-time fellowship of the redeemed must walk. Quite the opposite, in fact - we must learn to float ... in our Heavenly Father, Yahweh.

    When Yah'shua (Jesus) walked on the surface of the Sea of Galillee He was not only demonstrating His divine power but showing us, through Peter who tried the same exercise, that we must walk in a totally new way with our gaze fixed not merely on natural laws but on the cosmic Law-Maker. Though we are beings of flesh and blood obliged to deal with the realities around us - whether it be the law of gravity, the process of ageing, or the necessity of eating to continue living - we are also spiritual beings who ought, as professing Christians/Messianics, be abiding another set of laws too, laws that transcend those which keep us physically-bound. That is not to say we ought to be rushing off to practice Yoga or some other oriental occultic art that will enable us with the aid of demons to levitate, suspend the natural living processes in a state of inanimation, or other useless endeavours, but it is to say that in our daily movements towards a realisation of what we are supposed to be we should, on balance, be more heavenwardly-pointing than earthly. In short, whilst our bodies must of necessity continue to be bound by natural laws, we must in the meantime be training ourselves to live as we shall spend eternity.

    What we term 'miracles' in the New Testament (or even the Old, for that matter) will become so matter-of-fact, natural and undisturbing to those who live in the Ruach (Spirit) that when they occur amongst us we shall think nothing of them.

    I know men with the prophetic mantle who are experiencing such things on a regular basis. At first they were in awe of such things - like food multiplying on their table, of their bank accounts suddenly filling, of heavy metal objects floating on water, of instant healing, of the aging process actually being slowed down, and the like - who now look upon them as normal. They are the vanguard of a type of Christian/Messianic who will be common place in the end-time Church (Messianic Community). Indeed, what Yahweh now wants to build in the aftermath of the World Trade Center and Pentagon fiascos and of a rapidly changing world, apostacising Church, and slide into anarchy and dictatorship, is a little band of men and women who are living the miraculous life all the time. The fact that they will be polygamists, or supportative of polygamy, will only be one facet of that which distinguishes them from the token, false 'Christians' - for they will be walking in all the commandments, be united by a common hope and purpose, and be preaching the SAME GOSPEL.

    A little group of disciples seeking the fullness

    The changing world that is now upon us will force the elect to abandon their pet doctrines - the traditions of their Catholic and Protestant forefathers - and to seek a new spiritual reality. Labels don't frankly mean much to these people. When someone says, 'I'm a Baptist', or 'I'm a Messianic Jew', or 'I'm a Pentecostal', my reply is, 'What are these? No-one called themselves by these names in the days of Christ or the apostles, let alone subscribed to their funny doctrines and practices, so what is that supposed to mean to me?'

    At this ministry we have dispensed with such labels. They are an obstacle, belonging to the days of solid-walled cells. That biological model was wrong, just as those ecclesiatical ones are. Now we must move into the realm of dynamic walls - fluid yet solid ones, if you like. You'll never define it because it's impossible, no more than you will ever be able to say: 'this is the structure of a cell wall' because you can't. You can say what the ingredients are but unless you take a continuous movie picture of a cell wall, you'll never be able to define it because you quite simply don't have enough video tape - only Yahweh has that omniscient perspective.

    That vision of the undulating mug I saw this morning reminded me that the Body of Christ (Messianic Community) is all about movement. Yahweh isn't interested in machine-gun posts defending entrenched positions of theology and practice crystalised out in bygone years to supposedly root out heresy. As we all know, the most vigilant witch-hunters end up doing more harm than good, because they subvert the whole machinery of the church (community) by making it into a prison. Both nations and churches (assemblies) have, in any case, ultimately been destroyed from within.

    Complex undulations that can never be fully mapped

    If you're trying to prop up this creed or that denominion, flee, because the Wind of God is going to blow them all away. What Yahweh wants is simple trusting souls obedient to Scripture and obedient to the move of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) EVERY DAY.

    I am indebted to a Canadian brother and good friend who reminded me yesterday when we talked of the need to focus primarily on the latter (the error of the non-charismatics) - not to ignore the former (the error of the charismatics) but to make sure both are perfected but with the Ruach (Spirit) in the driving-seat.

    This is probably one of the most exciting times for those of us in the vanguard of the polygamy movement. What's coming next - at the right moment when Yahweh gives the word - is a fully endowed remnant CHURCH (Messianic Community). This ministry, and all others, will then disappear [2] because there won't be a need for it anymore.

    The tragedy of New York and Washington will, you will see, become the catalyst of much good, even though it may ussher in the overture of the end of the world system as we know it [3]. As the world becomes polarised, so will the Church (Messianic Community), for the salvation of the elect and the destruction of the rebellious and wicked [4].

    Endnotes (2016)

    [1] Few who are awake now believe that Islamists were actually responsible but that it was an inside job by the ruling élites to bring about totalitarian change, or which the Patriot Act was the first of many downward political changes.

    [2] Literally fulfilled two years later in 2013. Though our old website is 'back' the old FICP ministry is gone, we are now (2016) fully integrated in the new move of the Ruach (Spirit) in the end-time gathering of the Remnant.

    [3] The world has been spiralling into chaos ever since.

    [4] See Mishpatim Yahweh.

    Author: SBSK

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