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    Bearing the Name:
    A Prophetic Dream
    About Polygamy

    A few months ago my wife Isabel had a fascinating prophetic dream or vision. She was together with her sister-wives, who numbered far more than there are presently today, all of whom were waiting for me to return to them as I had gone to the Throne of Yahweh, our Heavenly Father, to present myself to Him. She was told that I could not return to my wives until I had first come before Yahweh. She supposed that I was going for judgment.

    What was interesting about this dream was that it confirmed what we had already believed about marriage continuing beyond the grave but it also suggested a new and radical concept, viz. that when a plural family is judged in terms of their admission to, and inheritance in, heaven, the husband was judged in behalf of all his wives. Not a few eyebrows were raised in the patriatchal Christian community when I shared Isabel's experience.

    Then this morning I had a fascinating experience of my own. The previous evening we had had our hour-long Bible study and had been discussing James chapter 3 in great depth and particularly rejoiced in the keys which this apostle gives for identifying those who possess the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) and those who do not. My wives and I together with another patriarchal family were discussing this chaper with great eagerness and grateful that Martin Luther had not managed to get this epistle thrown out of the canon.

    It was therefore in this fame of mind that I retired to bed. A little after 6 a.m. the following morning I had a powerful dream, the kind you don't easily forget and which leaves a lasting impression on you. The scene was our large home. I was in the large dining hall right outside our family chapel, known by us as our 'temple', which had changed. All the furniture had gone and the room seemed to have been painted up afresh. Usually uncarpeted, it now possessed a luxurious wine-red wall-to-wall carpet much like the one inside the temple. The large light on the ceiling had been removed and was, to all intents and purposes, sealed off, yet the room was lit by a bright light that seemed to have no obvious source. I then found myself on the floor playing with one of my young sons who, before he was born, received a prophetic call to one day build a temple in one of the twelve colonies of Zion. His being outside the temple room in the hall which now seemed to be an extension of the temple as a kind of 'courtyard' seemed to confirm the symbolic setting. Moreoever, the room had no natural light, which was a requriement of the Holy of Holies in the Hebrew Temple.

    I wandered to the back of the house to what was then a large storeroom presumably to get something. It was then I noticed it was very dark outside though very brilliant inside, which is unusual because we do not have much lighting. When I tuned the storeroom light on there was the groan of one whose sleep was being disturbed. I was surprised because no-one lived in that room. I reflexly went out and turned the light off, paused because I was still baffled that there could be anyone in there, and once more turned the light on again. The person inside the room stirred again and I was convinced that there really was someone living there, so I turned the light off and left whoever it was in peace.

    As I left I dropped by a smaller store room and picked up a large sword which I placed in my belt. This particular sword I have dreamed about before and its symbolic meaning is known to me, for it represents the 'Sword of the Judgment of the Word of Yahweh'. Though it seemed unusual to be wearing it at the beginning I soon forgot it was there. I returned to the hall and noticed once again how bright the light in it was and how inky black it was outside.

    The dream then suddenly changed. I suppose I was still in that hall which was also our dining room though I was not specifically aware of the room at all this time. Rather, there were about eight tables all joined together in a long line and covered with white tablecloths prepared for a feast. Around the table were sat about twenty or so women and though I am sure they were beautifully dressed I was not aware of their clothing at all but merely their presence. There was a gap in the centre of the table which was my place. They were all engaged in eager and excited conversation. I found myself at one end of the table and immediately recognised two of my present wives, Isabel and Kryztina. What surprised me was that there were two other wives of mine, who had been betrothed to me, but who had abandoned the marriage. One was now married to a Mormon and the other had married a Muslim, the latter having two children. It did not seem to concern me at all that they were there and that they were my wives for I had written them off for this life, at any rate, because of the choices they had made. But they were very eagerly engaged in conversation and were clearly a part of the family. I paused at that end of the table mostly out of surprise to find them there, and yet I was not really surprised at all.

    I returned to the centre of the table to my place without really looking at any of the other women. I know the one to my left was dark-haired and the one to my right was blonde and in her 40's, I would guess. I did not recognise her. A nice meal had been prepared and everyone was eating enthusiastically. It was then I noticed that my rice was a little cold, as though it had not been defrosted properly. It was edible but not too pleasant, being cold and gritty. I was at once concerned that the others would have the same unpalatable food and mentally prepared myself to make some more rice, but upon asking them how their rice was I could see that it was perfectly in order, so I sat down again.

    I then awoke. As I did, I was suddenly aware of something very profound -- all the women there possessed my NAME and that was the main reason they were there - not the Królewiec name, though they certainly wished to possess that, but the Name of CHRIST: As this thought entered my head, Isaiah 4:1 flashed before me:

      "In that day [the millennial Zion] seven women will take hold of one man and say, 'We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called BY YOUR NAME. Take away our disgrace"'".

    Everything then suddenly fitted together. A woman cannot enter into the millenial Zion or Heaven without a husband who possesses the Name of Christ. They cannot enter heaven alone! They obtain their own spiritual nourishment from the Word ('provide our own food') and obtain salvation through their own faith ('provide our own clothes') but yet they remain in disgrace - they are alone and single with no Adam to return to, and cannot therefore return to Eden (Heaven). The rest of the fourth chapter of Isaiah goes on to describe the Israelite Zion, which is the Messianic Kingdom.

    This explains Isabel's dream - my wives' entry into heaven was dependent on being married to a man in Christ notwithstanding they were saved and had been nourished by the Word. In order to return to the Garden of Eden and the presence of Elohim (God), Eve must return, and be reconciled, to Adam. Though men and women are individually saved on the basis of their own faith, they cannot return to Paradise alone, because man was not made to be alone.

    I had confirmed to me that a marriage is eternal based only on the sanctifying presence of Christ in the persons concerned, and especially the husband who is the marriage head. I understood why two previous wives were now reunited with me - their Mormon and Muslim 'husbands' could not give them the Name of Christ, so they found themselves single, alone and in disgrace, and chose to return. Presumably this was in heaven for whilst in the flesh they remain under the law of their unbelieving 'husbands', unless those 'husbands' should desert them or commit adultery and not reconcile.

    The whole scene of Isaiah 4 depicts a holy temple. Mount Zion, the type of Heaven and of Eden, is covered by smoke by day and there is a pillar of fire by night. Yahweh is there amongst His people. His glory is a canopy over His people Israel.

    My own home in the dream was a type of this shelter or covering. There were my twenty or so wives who had sought shelter under the Name which I bore, the Name above all Names, Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) - "The Salvation of Yahweh" - and it was that Name which principally drew them to me, and not my own.

    I am utterly convinced that this is the order that obtains in Heaven, and that it is the order that we are supposed to be building here on earth. There are many who see plural mariage as something temporary and only earth-bound and with a rôle little more than a prophetic and symbolic one. But I know for sure, as do my wives, that marriage not only began before the Fall but that it shall continue after Edenic conditions have been restored by Christ. There are those who say that there is no marriage after death, and in a way I agree with them, especially when it is the earthly institution they are talking about. But this does not take into account the mariage that Yahweh created, in the presence of the pre-existent Word, in the Garden of Eden, which has throughout history been a symbol of Yahweh's polygamous relationship to Israel and Christ's to the Church/Messianic Community, which are one and the same, a relationship which will continue in Heaven as a great multitude of patriarchal families gather for the great Marriage Feast of the Lamb, with the Christ who was present at the first marriage of all, Adam and Eve, the prototype and prophetic symbol of that final allegorical event - a marriage containing all the other marriages that would yet be.

    A final word. There were no children in either Isabel's or my dreams, which is as it should be, because children are not 'sealed' to us as they supposedly are, for example, in the false Mormon system. They have their own family-marriages. The only children that are to be found in heaven are the whole human race, the children of Yahweh - not babes in swaddling clothes, but adults living in the holy estate of matrimony. Why else would women wish their shame to be removed by being married? There were so few men that they were obliged to marry polygamously. I conclude therefore that there are not only no single men and women in heaven but that all the redeemed are married polygamously. Something to think about!


    There are some who have misunderstood my conclusions to mean that unless you are married in this life you don't go to heaven! This I have never stated and certainly do not believe in. All I have stated is that those who willfully avoid or deny marriage, for whatever reasons, may be jeapordising their salvation, but for entirely different reasons ... like the polygamy-rejecting Christian woman who, because she cannot find a godly Christian husband monogamously because of a shortage of husbands (as is true nowadays), turns instead to a non-believer to marry as her husband who may influence her to move away and reject Christ. In that way she is most definitely risking her salvation for breaking the commandment not to be yoked unequally to unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6:14). If being a wife in a Christian polygamist family is Yahweh's will, and she turns to marry a pagan and loses her faith, then does not - in this instance - polygamy become a saving issue in her life? See, Is Polygamy a Salvational issue?

    Author: SBSK

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