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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 67

    3 ABRAHAM 67
    or Judith 59

    The record of Judith to be brought forth in the last days.

    1. Now I, Judith, have become old in years, but I desire to complete this record.

    2. And I know not if my record shall be preserved in the world, but [I know] it shall be preserved in the Light.

    3. And I desire that it shall be brought forth as a psalm of praise in the last days when men and women shall again seek the Chavurat Bekorot.

    4. Therefore I set my soul in light that it may be received.

    5. And who shall receive it I know not, save that he shall comprehend our mystery and be one with us in Messiah.

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    Author: LThE

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