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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 56

    3 ABRAHAM 56
    or Judith 48

    Abram is commanded to leave the Holy City. He is summonsed to return many years later in a night vision.

    1. Now in my lord's fiftieth year we were bidden by El Elyon to depart from the Holy City and unto the City of Ur.

    2. And this account is written in the other books of Abraham, therefore I write them not here.

    3. Now there was much heart-ache in the days before our departure, for no-one desired to leave Salem.

    4. But we were busy in our preparations, yea, all fifty-eight souls, for we laboured tirelessly making tents and gathering provisions.

    5. Therefore our whole family departed, with many who came with us.

    6. Now we were not to see any of the inhabitants of the Holy City again for many years;

    7. And behold, we were reunited with our father Shem when my lord brought him tithes after the great battle of the kings.

    8. Now after we had been in the world many years we returned unto the Holy City once more.

    9. And, O, how great was our joy!

    10. And those who were not of the Seven, namely Sarai, Kehah, Darash, Dea, Sabea, and Kannah greatly marvelled.

    11. And those wives who were not of the Chavurat Bekorot camped outside its walls.

    12. And it came to pass that we of the Seven left our daughters therein and their children;

    13. And they did not return with us into the world again.

    14. And therefore we were sorrowful to depart from them;

    15. Nevertheless we rejoiced that they would be spared the further trials and sufferings of the world.

    16. Now we had come up unto the Holy City because of a night-vision which my lord Abram received.

    17. And Noah appeared unto him, saying:

    18. "Abraham, my son; return thou with thy family unto the Holy City for Yahweh our Elohim shall take it away from the earth unto Himself."

    19. Therefore the next morning our lord Abram commanded us to take up our tents and provisions, for we were to return unto the City of Salem.

    20. Now we of the Seven could not contain our joy for we wrongly supposed that we were being called to depart from this mortal sphere into a far better one.

    21. But Abram said unto us: "My beloved ones, it is not as ye suppose.

    22. "For the Great Elohim of Heaven hath declared that the Holy City is to be taken from the earth and be received into His bosom, for it is altogether too pure to remain in this sphere.

    23. "Nevertheless my work is not complete, for I must yet bring forth the seed of the Messiah, whom Satan seeketh to prevent or destroy.

    24. "Therefore we depart unto the Holy City that I may receive all the authority of the High Priesthood and bid farewell unto my kinsmen."

    25. Therefore our hearts grew heavy within us;

    26. Nevertheless we longed to see our old home again.

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