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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 52

    3 ABRAHAM 52
    or Judith 44

    Abram marries Kamar. The Psalm of Kamar.

    1. Now Kamar was the last wife which our lord and husband Abram took in the Holy City.

    2. And this was in my lord's fourty-first year.....

    5. And thus she is known as Kamar, which meaneth Yearning.

    6. And before she became a part of our union she wrote a psalm also, in her fourteenth year;

    7. And these are the words of her song:

    8. "Dare I love thee, Abram, son of Shem?

    9. "As dust loveth the sun in all its lowly longing, I love thee.

    10. "As the small field lily looketh up unto the sun, I look up unto thee.

    11. "Though I be bruised, though I be torn within, though I be covered with dust, Messiah healeth me, and comforteth me, and saith I shall be thine.

    12. "Yea, and though I be smitten and all broken before thee, yet I dare to love thee, to look upon thy face.

    13. "Indeed, my lovely one, where else can I look?"

    14. And she treasured these words in her heart.

    15. But, being too afraid to say them unto my lord, she wrote them upon parchment, and gave it unto him at the door of the Temple.

    16. For seven days she waited with a trembling heart until Abram summonsed her into his presence.....

    18. Therefore she dared not look up into his eyes.

    19. But when Abram spake her name, in the softness and tenderness of the love of the patriarchal light, her fear began to dissipate, and she lifted up her eyes into his loving face.

    20. And he stretched for his arms and embraced her;

    21. And she was, as it were, in Paradise.

    22. And after she had remained with him some minutes, he blessed her, saying:

    23. "Sweet Kamar, young flower of the gardens of Salem:

    24. "El Elyon bless thee and keep thee.

    25. "Go unto thy father Shem and take counsel from him."

    26. Therefore she straight way hurried unto the Temple and conversed with Shem, and he consented that she should become Abram's wife.

    27. Therefore was she betrothed and married unto Abram according to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel.

    28. And she waxed strong in holiness.

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