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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 46

    3 ABRAHAM 46
    or Judith 38

    There are many kinds of patriarchs. Abram the only true patriarch after the departure of the Holy City. Few true patriarchs in the last days.

    1. Now it came to pass that in the City of Salem there were many true patriarchs after the Chavurat Bekorot of Elohim, for only in such an environment is it possible for the heavenly society to flourish.

    2. But in the world it is more difficult on account of the darkness and unholiness everywhere.

    3. And behold, after that the Holy City of Salem was taken into heaven, our family was the only family upon the whole face of the earth living the fullness of this Order;

    4. And though there were a few who lived lesser degrees of this Order, none came up unto the fullness.

    5. And it hath been made known by Yahweh unto my husband Abram that after he shall be taken from the earth in death, that there shall not be a true patriarch upon the whole face of the earth for an exceeding great number of generations, until Messiah cometh and establisheth the same.

    6. And he hath also made known unto me that the generations of true patriarchs after the Messiah shall be persecuted and destroyed, that the earth shall once again be barren of the true Order.

    7. And not until the end times, before the return of Messiah and the re-establishment of the Holy City upon the earth in great power and glory, shall true patriarchs be known again.

    8. And before Messiah cometh again they shall be so few that they will be numbered on the fingers of one hand.

    9. Nevertheless from these few shall the Light of Messiah shine forth in all its glory and become a blessing unto multitudes.

    10. Therefore many of the daughters of Elohim shall come up unto them and desire to be one with them, even as we are one with our lord Abram.

    11. And behold, they must begin even as father Noah began before the great and terrible flood;

    12. And the earth shall be deluged again, but not by the seas, but by fire.

    13. And the ark of safety shall be the Light of the Chavurat Bekorot, which is the Light of Messiah.

    14. Therefore blessed shall they be who come up unto this Order and partake of the fruits of sacrifice made by the first patriarchs.....

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