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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 24

    3 ABRAHAM 24
    or Judith 16

    The Temple Ordinance of Betrothal, Part V.

    3. And he said unto her: "Give me thy right hand, Kadar, my love."

    4. Therefore she gave him her right hand, and he placed a ring upon the third finger, saying:

    5. This is a token of our betrothal, for a ring is a circle, having neither beginning nor end. Therefore is our marriage eternal."

    6. Now the ring was made of gold, which is emblematical of purity, even the holiness of Elohim.

    7. And upon the ring was stamped the emblem of the Firstborn.

    8. And the Firstborn is Messiah who shall bind together the righteous and scatter the wicked.

    9. Therefore is Messiah the seal of our marriage, for He is the centre thereof.

    10. And when Abram had placed the ring on the finger of Kadar, we fell to our knees, and began to pray to El Elyon, and to offer up the praises of our hearts.

    11. And we knelt in a circle, with arms around each other, praising our Elohim in the Name of His Son.

    12. Thereafter we arose and sang praises and rejoiced again in the abundance of love and grace that He had given us.

    13. And our husband Abram kissed us on our mouth again, and led us from the Temple of El Elyon, and unto our home.

    14. And our home was a temple also; therefore we had not left the Temple, for the Spirit of Yahweh's House was continually with us.

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