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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 20

    3 ABRAHAM 20
    or Judith 12

    The Temple Ordinance of Betrothal, Part I.

    1. Now it came to pass that after we had done these things I asked Kadar if she had brought forth her whole spirit as an offering unto our lord.

    2. And I questioned her again, and asked if she were prepared.

    3. And when she had said that she was prepared, we departed from the bathing room and went unto the veil of the Bridal Room.

    4. Now our lord and my husband had likewise prepared himself for he also had bathed in another place.

    5. And he clothed himself with the robes of the Patriarchal Priesthood.....

    7. Therefore when we had come up unto the veil of the Bridal Room, we took each other by the hand, and I called out: "Abram!"

    8. And Abram said across the veil: "Who calleth?"

    9. And I said unto him: "Judith and Kadar."

    10. And Abram said: "Why hast thou come, Judith?"

    11. And I said unto him: "I have come to bring thee Kadar, that she may be betrothed unto thee, my lord."

    12. "And Abram said: "Why hast thou come, Kadar?"

    13. And she replied unto him: "I have come to be betrothed unto thee, my lord."

    14. And we heard the voice of Abram saying: "Enter ye into my presence."

    15. And thus we crossed the veil and stood before our lord Abram.

    16. Now my husband Abram stood tall and erect before us, and my heart quickened as I gazed upon him, for the Spirit of El Elyon rested upon him.

    17. And I was glad that Kadar would partake of this Spirit as I had.

    18. And Kadar gazed upon him also, and rejoiced in her heart that she was permitted to enter into our mystery.

    19. And we held each others' hands.

    20. Abram came up unto us; and he took hold of the hem of my veil and lifted it over my head that he might behold my face....

    21. And he laid his hands upon my shoulders and kissed me upon the mouth.

    22. And when he had kissed me upon the mouth, he likewise lifted the veil of Kadar by the hem thereof, and laying his hands upon her shoulders, kissed her upon the mouth also.

    23. And then he spake as he was moved by the Spirit of Elohim, and blessed us.

    24. And his face was as crystal waters.

    25. We gazed at him and were one with him.

    26. And these are the words that he spake unto us:

    27. "O my beloved ones, my fair ones, great is the desire in my heart for you, for ye are daughters of El Elyon whom I love and serve.

    28. "I love you with an everlasting love, and desire to clothe you with that love, which is the pure love of Messiah, the Son of Elohim, who shall come upon the earth and save all flesh.

    29. "I am yours forever, and I covenant before you, and before El Elyon and all His angels, that I will give you my whole mind, my whole heart, and my whole spirit.

    30. "Will ye in turn, my beloved ones, give unto me your whole mind, your whole heart, and your whole spirit?"

    31. And we said unto him as one voice: "Yea, my lord, and we will give unto thee even our very lives."

    32. And Abram said unto us: "My heart is pained, my soul yearneth for our reunion; return unto me, my ribs, that I may be whole again."....

    41. And Abram said unto Kadar: "I embrace thee in the Light of the Messiah, my love.

    42. "Never depart from me nor the Light of the Father."

    43. And Kadar said unto him: "I embrace thee in the Light of the Messiah, my love. I will remain with thee forever, rib of thy rib."

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