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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    2 Abraham
    Chapter 42

    2 Abraham 42

    Abraham and Isaac depart for Moriah, the place of sacrifice. Satan tries to tempt them both and then sends a flood to destroy them. The flood is turned back by Yahweh.

    1. Thus, taking provisions for our journey, we started out; and Sarah and others of our people accompanied us upon the road. And when the time of parting had arrived, Sarah wept bitterly; and I also wept with her as did Isaac our son, and those who accompanied her.

    2. And Sarah caught hold of Isaac and held him in her arms, and embraced him, and kissed him, and wept over him. And Sarah said unto him: Who knoweth if after this day I shall ever see thee again? Nevertheless, our hope is in Yahweh Yahweh in whom is life. Therefore, if I see thee not again in this vale of tears, yet surely we shall again embrace before the Throne of Elohim.

    3. Elohim bless thee, my son, and keep thee secure in His ways; and I will be close to thee all thy days. So saying, Sarah kissed Isaac again and turned back to the camp with all who had accompanied us.

    4. As we proceeded upon our journey, Satan came to me in the form of an aged man, humble and contrite, who said unto me: How canst thou think to do so unto thy son? Did not Elohim not give thee this son, and visit thy wife in her old age as He promised, and dost thou think so little of this precious gift that thou wilt take his life as thou wouldst slaughter a dumb beast, and thus cut off thine only hope of a royal posterity upon the earth?

    5. What evil hath He done unto thee that thou shouldst do this thing? Dost thou not understand that this thing cannot be from Yahweh? Behold, Yahweh delighteth not in human sacrifice. Did He not smite the priest of Nimrod for seeking to take thy life in like manner? Surely thou shouldst repent of this thy purpose and return thy son unto the bed of his mother Sarah.

    6. But I knew that this was the word of Satan seeking to prevent my obeying the Word of Yahweh; wherefore I commanded him to depart in the Name of Yahweh and in the Anointing that was in me; and he departed from me in haste.

    7. A short time later Satan came again, appearing to Isaac in the form of a handsome and pleasing young man. And he said unto Isaac: Dost thou not understand that thine old father in his foolishness bringeth thee to be slain today for no purpose? Now therefore, my brother, go not with him, for it is the foolishness of his old age that doeth this.

    8. Therefore let not thy precious life and thy beautiful body be lost from the earth in such a manner, but come with me and I will introduce thee to the pleasures of the earth; and thou shalt take pleasure therein all the days of thy life.

    9. When Isaac heard this, he said unto me: My father, surely this is Satan come to dissuade me from obeying the Word of Yahweh, for thus doth he appear and thus doth he say unto me. Wherefore, my father, rebuke him in the Name of Yahweh, that he shall cease from troubling me, for I know that thou art a servant of El Elyon, and that it is to fulfil the will of Yahweh that we are come to this place.

    10. Wherefore I, Abraham, rebuked Satan in the Name of Yahweh, the Elohim of Noah and Shem; and he departed from us in fear.

    11. As we continued our journey, we entered a narrow ravine with high walls. When we were in the midst of it, we heard a mighty rumbling, and the earth shook beneath our feet. Looking back, we saw a great wall of water coming down upon us bearing trees and boulders in a mighty flood.

    12. My heart was moved within me for my son Isaac, and he sought also to protect me. But, raising my hands to Heaven, I called upon the Name of Yahweh; and Yahweh heard me out of Heaven, and stopped the flood until we had ascended from the ravine.

    13. Thus did Satan seek to destroy us that we might not offer an acceptable sacrifice unto Yahweh our Elohim; but the power of Elohim is mightier than that of Satan. Wherefore Satan can do no harm unto the children of men except Yahweh-Elohim alloweth him to do it.

    14. Therefore all things, whether they be good or evil, work together for the good of the set-apart ones of Elohim who serve Him and keep His commandments.

    15. And on the third day we saw the place afar off which Yahweh had appointed for the sacrifice of my beloved son Isaac. And I knew the place because the glory of Yahweh was there as a pillar of fire and a glorious cloud.

    16. And when I saw the place, I said unto my son Isaac: My son, dost thou see aught upon yonder mountain? And Isaac replied: Yea, my father, for the glory of Yahweh resteth upon it as a pillar of fire and a glorious cloud.

    17. Then I rejoiced that my son was found worthy to see this sign also; and we bowed down there and worshipped Yahweh our Elohim.

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    Authors: JB, LThE, SBSK et al

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