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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    2 Abraham
    Chapter 37

    2 Abraham 37

    The three angels visit Lot's house in Sodom. The Sodomites are condemned and struck blind. Lot tries to persuade his family to leave.

    1. This is the account which Lot told me, Abraham, concerning the coming of the three messengers unto him in Sodom. For Lot was sitting in the door of his house in the city of Sodom conversing with two of his sons-in-law who were Sodomites, when he saw three men approaching down the street of the city.

    2. And the Spirit of Yahweh whispered unto Lot, saying: Behold, these are My messengers who bring tidings of salvation. Lot therefore rose up to meet them and bowing down before them, said: Behold, my lords, turn in I pray you into your servant's house and tarry all night that I may wash your feet and anoint your heads and feed you, and in the morning ye may go on leaving only a blessing upon the head of your servant.

    3. And they said: Nay, but we will abide in the street tonight for we have heard that it is not safe to enter into the house of a Sodomite lest we be abused and tortured and killed and our property stolen from us. But Lot replied: Not so, my lords, for I am no Sodomite, but a true worshipper of Yahweh-Elohim, and I know that ye are His messengers for His Spirit hath shown me this thing.

    4. Then, when Lot had confessed his faith in Yahweh-Elohim, the angels entered with him into his house. And he did set before them a feast with unleavened bread and new wine. And they blessed it and partook thereof; and Lot's family also partook and were filled.

    5. Now when Lot's two sons-in-law saw him take the strangers into his home, they went straightway unto the magistrates of the city, for it was unlawful in the City of Sodom to entertain a stranger in your home. Wherefore the people of Sodom surrounded Lot's house, both young and old, even all the people of the city.

    6. And one of them called to Lot and said: Where are the men whom thou tookest into thy house tonight? Behold, thou knowest that it is contrary to our laws to thus entertain strangers. Nevertheless, we will forgive thee, for thou art a mighty prince among us; therefore bring forth the men unto us that we may lie with them and do unto them according to all the desires of our hearts.

    7. But Lot went out the door to the front of his house and securing the door behind him, he confronted the Sodomites. And Lot said to them: I pray you, my brethren. do not these wicked things, for it is contrary to the Law of El Elyon who is king over all, to force anyone to lie with another. Repent now, therefore, that the wrath of El Elyon fall not upon you, and ye with your city be destroyed.

    8. But they were angry with Lot, and they cried unto him: Stand away from the door lest we take thee also. Thou hast come among us and partaken of the good of our land, and we have treated thee with honour although thou wast a stranger. Dost thou now make thyself a judge over us?

    9. And their anger increased against Lot and they said unto him: Behold, we will deal worse with thee than with them. Wherefore we shall take thee and thy daughters and the men who have come in unto thee, and any others in thy household who shall please us, and we will do with you according to all our desires.

    10. But Lot replied: Behold now, I have two daughters who have not lain with man. Let me, I pray, plead with you that ye take them not according to this wickedness and abuse them according to your abominations, for El Elyon will surely destroy this city if ye repent not. Wherefore ye shall do nothing unto me nor my daughters nor the strangers that are within my gate, nor any of my household, for Elohim will smite you in the attempt.

    11. And their anger increased yet more against Lot, and they came near to break down the door. But the messengers of Elohim, who were angels, put forth their hands, pulled Lot into the house, and shut the door behind him. Then they smote the people of Sodom with blindness so that they could not find the door.

    12. And one of these holy men said unto Lot: Take now all that appertaineth unto thee, whether persons or goods, out of this city, for the wrath of Elohim is upon this place. And tomorrow it shall be destroyed because the cries of those who have been abused here have risen unto the ears of Yahweh Sabaoth; and the abominations of the Sodomites have come up before His face.

    13. Wherefore surely upon the morrow the vengeance of Yahweh shall fall upon Sodom, that neither root nor branch shall be left here, for the fullness of their iniquity hath come upon them, and in the fullness thereof they shall be cut off.

    14. Therefore Lot went forth at that time and spake unto his sons-in-law and his married daughters, and all who had gone forth with him from our camp, saying: Up, get ye out of this place for on the morrow Yahweh will destroy this city. But his words were as foolishness unto them and they mocked him. And Lot returned unto his house in sorrow.

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