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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    2 Abraham
    Chapter 30

    2 Abraham 30

    The King of Sodom meets with Abraham. Melchizedek administers bread and wine to Abraham and blesses him.

    1. When the king of Sodom heard that I had returned from the conquest of Amraphel son of Nimrod king of Shinar, he came forth to meet me at the valley of Shaveh which is west of the city of Salem where Noah and Melchizedek [Shem] dwelt. And Melchizedek [Shem] brought forth bread and new wine from the city of Salem unto the valley of Shaveh where we were encamped.

    2. And he [Melchizedek/Shem] being the High Priest after the Order of El Elyon brake the bread and blessed it. And he blessed the wine also and distributed them unto me and to those who were with me. And we partook and were filled.

    3. And Melchizedek lifted up his hands to Heaven and blessed me, and said: Blessed Abraham: thou art a man of El Elyon, possessor of Heaven and of earth, wherefore His Name and Anointing shall not depart from thee and thy seed after thee while the earth shall stand. And even in eternity shall it remain with thee. And blessed is the Name of El Elyon, and almighty His power which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand.

    4. And I, Abraham, gave unto the hand of Melchizedek tithes of all I had taken, for he was the High Priest after the Order of El Elyon, the first of the fathers unto me. And he reigned under his father Noah.

    5. And when the king of Sodom had come unto me, he said unto me; my lord Abraham, give me the persons who are not thine but who are with thee whom thou hast rescued from the hand of Amraphel son of Nimrod king of Shinar, but let all the property be left with thee.

    6. But I said unto him: This day do I, Abraham, lift up my hands before El Elyon, before His holy angels and before these witnesses who are with us, and declare that I will not take even so much as a thread of a shoe's latchet which is not mine, lest thou shouldst say that all Abraham's wealth cometh readily from thy possessions.

    7. Only that which the young men who are with me have eaten and that which Aneram, Eshcol and Mamre -- these three stalworts who went with me -- have received as their share shall be excepted of all that I took from Amraphel son of Nimrod king of Shinar that was thine. The rest I return freely unto thee. Now go thy way in peace.

    8. Thereupon I returned all the possessions and all the spoil and gave them unto the king of Sodom, and I released all the captives and sent them away rejoicing.

    9. And when I had done this Melchizedek again lifted up his voice and blessed me, saying: Blessed art thou, Abraham, for the Most High shall visit thee and shall bestow upon thee riches and honour and lands for an everlasting possession because thou hast been true and faithful to the covenants which thou hast entered into before Him.

    10. Wherefore thou shalt continue to increase and the glory of Yahweh shall never depart from thee. The blessings of thy fathers shall rest upon thee and thou shalt stand at the head. And in thee and in thy seed after thee -- those who shall bear thine Anointing , which is the Priesthood of the Father -- shall all the nations of the earth be blessed. Therefore depart in peace.

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    Authors: JB, LThE, SBSK et al

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