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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    2 Abraham
    Chapter 22

    2 Abraham 22

    Abram takes his family into Canaan. Elohim appears to him at Moreh. He journeys into Egypt. The dream of the cedar and the palm tree.

    1. Therefore I took Sarai and Lot and all my family, and all Lot's family, and all the souls who had joined us in Ur and in Haran who would come, and we departed out of the land of Haran unto the land of Canaan.

    2. But my father had departed not from his idolatry; wherefore he remained in the land of Haran, and Nahor also remained with some others who departed not from the truth of the living Elohim.

    3. When we had come into the land of Canaan, I built an altar in the plains of Moreh and offered sacrifice unto Yahweh. And Yahweh appeared unto me and said: This is the land which I will give unto thee and to thy seed after thee forever.

    4. I will make thy seed like the stars of Heaven and will give unto them for an inheritance all the land which belongeth unto the Canaanites, for surely I will destroy them from off the face of the land when their wickedness is full.

    5. Wherefore I praised Yahweh for His mercy and we departed from that place and journeyed toward Bethel.

    6. And when I reached Hebron, I tarried there for two years, but the famine again waxed great in the land. Hearing that there was no famine in Egypt, I determined to journey into that land, remembering the Word of Yahweh unto me in Ur, that I should declare the mysteries of my Elohim in the land of Egypt.

    7. And behold, Yahweh blessed us on our journey that it was made light unto us. And we journeyed until we reached the Kirmyon, one of the branches of the river of Egypt, where we rested from our journey for a season, for here the famine was not so severe.

    8. But remembering the Word of Yahweh my Elohim unto me, when we were recovered from our journey, I determined to move across the seven branches of the river of Egypt into the heart of the country of the Egyptians.

    9. But on the night before I entered into Egypt I dreamed a dream. And behold, in my dream I saw a cedar and a palm tree. And the branches of the palm tree were wrapped around the cedar. Suddenly, a group of men approached, seeking to cut down the cedar and leave the palm tree to stand alone.

    10. But the palm tree cried out, saying: Cut not down the cedar, for whosoever seeketh to fell it shall find the curse of Elohim resting upon him. So the men desisted and the cedar was spared by the act of the palm tree.

    11. When the dream was ended, I awoke from my sleep and wondered at it. Wherefore I went before Yahweh in prayer and besought Him, saying: O Yah, show me the interpretation of this dream which I have had this night.

    12. And Yahweh said unto me: Behold, Sarai thy wife is a beautiful woman to look upon above all the women of the earth. Therefore it shall come to pass that when the Egyptians shall see her, they will say: She is his wife, and they will seek to slay thee for the sake of obtaining thy wife.

    13. Let Sarai thy wife, therefore, say unto them: He is my kinsman, and thy soul shall live. For thou art the cedar, O Abram, and Sarai is the palm tree. And this is the interpretation of the dream. For through the act of thy wife thou shalt be saved, and the way will be opened for thee to preach the mysteries of godliness in the court of Pharaoh, king of Egypt. For these Egyptians are thy kindred of the seed of Eber, and it is My will that the truths of the everlasting Word should be brought to them.

    14. Now I had heard while I dwelt in Haran that some of the seed of Eber had entered into Egypt and driven the seed of Ham to the south, and taken possession of the land. But these followed not after the Elohim of their father Eber but worshipped idol-gods, even as did my father Terah, but they followed not after the abominations of Nimrod.

    15. Now these Hebrews were of the seed of Hadoram, the son of Joktan, the son of Eber [from whom comes the name 'Hebrew']. And Joktan was the brother of Peleg. And Eber was the son of Salah, the son of Arphaxad, the son of Shem. Wherefore Yahweh had sent me to preach the Word unto these who had departed from the Elohim of their fathers.

    16. Wherefore I awakened my wife Sarai and I said unto her: I have had a dream of Yahweh. She said unto me: Tell it to me, that I may know what it is. Therefore I related unto her the dream and all that Yahweh had said to me concerning it. And I said unto her: When the men of the land shall enquire of thee, saying: Who is this who accompanyeth thee, say unto them simply: He is my kinsman.

    17. Thus shall my soul live and Yahweh will use their love for thee as a woman as a means whereby the Word shall be preached amongst them. Fear not to do this thing for they will neither defile thee contrary to the covenants nor slay me, but all shall come to pass to the glory of our Elohim.

    18. But Sarai, my wife, was fearful when she heard of the danger through which we must pass. And she wept that night before Yahweh. But she placed her trust in Him and was comforted by His Holy Spirit.

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    Authors: JB, LThE, SBSK et al

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